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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

the exile 1:41 Fri Nov 27
Team for Villa
For the first time in a while I would think there will be quite a bit of debate about this one. Yes, most of the team still picks itself, but with Antonio almost certainly being available, the question is whether he starts or comes off the bench - earlier if we need him, maybe just a late run-out if we're secure.

Then there's Haller. A cracking goal and an improved performance along with Moyes's penchant for not changing a winning team, makes me pretty certain that he will feature in this one.

I'm going to stick my neck out a bit and say that I think Moyes will start with both Haller and Antonio, with Fornals making way. If it doesn't work and Haller is looking ineffective, expect him to be replaced by either Fornals, Lanzini or Benrahma.

As for the formation, I don't really give a monkeys what you want to call it - it's only a set of numbers, after all. One of the things that has impressed me this season is the flexibility of the system depending on the phase of play. So having two up front doesn't necessarily mean that we have to revert to a 4-4-2, especially as with Cresswell on the left of a back 3, he's playing like a combination of a CB and a FB. Obviously, Bowen would be the most advanced of the midfielders in this set-up.

Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Coufal Bowen Rice Soucek Masuaku
Haller Antonio

Subs: Randolph, Johnson, Diop, Noble, Fornals, Lanzini, Benrahma.

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Manuel 4:46 Wed Dec 2
Re: Team for Villa
Yep, unless Moyes goes with 'best form of defence is attack', unlikely though.

fraser 3:47 Wed Dec 2
Re: Team for Villa
I'd like to see Benrahma start though not sure Saturday is the game to tinker with the formation..

Manuel 12:54 Wed Dec 2
Re: Team for Villa
I fancy the Algerian will be in for Arthur on Saturday, with Haller starting?

ironsofcanada 12:03 Wed Dec 2
Re: Team for Villa
Antonio wasn't working and we needed a different look. I don't think Masuaku played worse than anyone else considering before and after half we were not allowed to close people down without histrionics and fouls.

fraser 11:57 Wed Dec 2
Re: Team for Villa
daveyg - don't speak for me, Masuaku has been good this season and if anything we were no better second half so not quite sure how you work that out.

He was subbed to change formation, nothing else.

daveyg 11:53 Wed Dec 2
Re: Team for Villa
Well we can all see that it was Masuaku that was again the weak link not Fornals.
The sooner we adapt to that the better.

Keep dreaming 9:12 Wed Dec 2
Re: Team for Villa
Only time will tell Fraser. 😉

fraser 9:49 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
KD - Apology accepted, now don't do it again.

Keep dreaming 9:43 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
Sorry Fraser, I'm just being consistent. Just as any other member on here who keep posting over and over again.
Can't see the controversy there

LeroysBoots 9:10 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
Well he did

Haller is out

Jasnik 8:24 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
If Moyes changes the team

I suspect Aliens have abducted Moyes and replaced him with a doppelganger

Side of Ham 8:22 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
The thing is camel, what is bad about your need for change is that with an already short in depth squad we have fans like yourself almost wishing he'd have a stinker so you can get Benrahma on and possibly be proved right.

Why not hope that say Fornals has a blinding 60mins then runs out of steam and is replaced by Benrahma who then carries on that blinder?

Why does one West Ham player have to be deemed shit so another can play? Everything has Fornals down as a very good player for us why can't we be happy there is an alternative rather than direct replacement?

That will be why people will jump on your need for change at the expense of a player who is playing his role in our little run we have going. For me there has been only one game we were beaten or didn't turn up and that was the first game the other two we can argue we was cheated out of points.

ChillTheKeel 8:19 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
And what the cunt is a warm pint of ebola?

ChillTheKeel 8:18 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa

*Punches Noddy & Big Ears pillow

camel-with-3-humps 8:11 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
Side of Ham

Reverse Midas touch.

Fornals will probably have an absolute stormer tonight and play like he's possessed with the ghost of Diego Maradona.

Then I'll have you lot all over my like a cheap Burton suit.

Side of Ham 8:03 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
camel-with-3-humps 7:24 Mon Nov 30

You could have given that measured response from the start, save attacking any of our other players when they have us in a good position?

Why can't any of us say something like "I'd like to see if Benrahma offers more than Fornals as he seems to flatter to deceive"

Rather than "Fornals is shit" he's clearly not and some of us see the two of those being that plan A or B we never have.....

*Waits for....."fuck off to Kumb you sensible cunt" comment to follow....... :-)

camel-with-3-humps 7:56 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa

Why don't you fuck off.

You're about as popular on here as a warm pint of ebola.

ChillTheKeel 7:30 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
"Waaaah I don't want Fornals I want Benrahma it's so unfair"

Juvenile little prick


camel-with-3-humps 7:24 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
Fornals works a lot better when Antonio is playing.

Fornals and Haller is a truly dreadful combination.

Truly worry about tonight with those two are part of the attack.

I really hope the Moyes-siah shakes things up on 60 mins and brings on Said ... if we're looking crap, which is quite probable.

Side of Ham 7:21 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
The replacement has shown us he's very good in the championship, can disappear in your biggest game of the season, and help give away penalties.....shouldn't we hold back on playing him?

fraser 7:19 Mon Nov 30
Re: Team for Villa
Keep Dreaming - You've been banging that drum since he joined, give it a rest you're clueless.

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