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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

grasshopper 12:24 Wed Dec 2
Two assists in 3 games.

Many consider him not to be a Moyes signing.

Is there a place for him in the team?

I reckon he should be given more of a chance now, since he obviously has a great deal of creativity that we have lacked in the Fulham and Aston Villa games.

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Russ of the BML 11:28 Wed Dec 23
Re: Benrahma
Full Claret Jacket 7:43 Tue Dec 22

Agree with that.

I see Rashford the other day with his top off (for an advert or something) and he has the upper body of a 9 year old. Doesn't stop him competing at the highest level.

Full Claret Jacket 7:43 Tue Dec 22
Re: Benrahma
What tends to happen to us is we bulk players up thinking they need to be stronger and then they are slower and less agile and can't get off the ground. It's not just about muscle but how you move and anticipate what others do. Messi has never been muscle bound but seems to manage to have been exceptional and made people look stupid over a long period of time.

I think a lot has been expected of this lad. He needs time. He may not be a regular Premier League player or in time may be the next Mo Salah.
In any event, he certainly won't get better being sat on the bench, moved all over the pitch and not getting time alongside the same players in a system to build some understanding with them.

grasshopper 7:13 Tue Dec 22
Re: Benrahma
No Gilmore,

Its an obligation to buy subject to confirmation of the medical concern.

happygilmore 6:04 Tue Dec 22
Re: Benrahma
I don't think Moyes fancies him. Or, This end of season €20m permanent deal, is there something in the t&cs that allow the midgets back out out if he starts less than a certain number of games.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:41 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:39 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
gph 2:42 Wed Dec 2

'Grealish IS strong.'

I noticed on Tuesday. The bloke is built like a brick shit-house.

Lee Trundle 4:24 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
WHUDeano 3:40 Wed Dec 2

Glad I'm not the only one. I like Cresswell, and still think he has a job within our squad. Masukau, not so much.

But I was criticised the other day on a thread where posters were suggesting all 5'5" Cresswell was good enough to be starting for England at centre back.

We buy a very good left back, and we play him instead of Masuaku AND Cresswell. Stick another player in midfield as there's been quite a few games where we've been very close to being overrun there.

bell 4:18 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Loves giving away a free kick.

WHUDeano 3:40 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Lee Trundle 3:29 Wed Dec 2

I also agree on the left back, we basically don't have one anymore. Creswell is no longer a viable option in the Premier League, and Masuaku is simply not a full back.

Would go as far as saying left back should be a number 1 priority in January.

Lee Trundle 3:29 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
"Our issue remains at Left Back."

I agree.

Stubbo 3:16 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Our issue remains at Left Back.

There is room for one of Benrahma or Masuaku in the side...but for Benrahma to be in contention we need to really be playing 4 at the back.

Masuaku can't play in a 4. Cresswell is too slow.

Alternatively we play the 3-4-3 and Benrahma has to replace Fornals. I personally think there is only room for one of Fornals or Bowen who both have their faults but work very hard (and Bowen probably shades it).

AKA ERNIE 3:15 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Great assist Monday other than that constantly out of position when they attacked and gave ball away a lot

Eerie Descent 3:09 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
We need more of an attacking threat going forward, that is completely obvious going by the last 3 games. As pleasing as the wins have been, we won't keep on winning like that.

Fornals unfortunately doesn't give us enough going forward from the flank. Benrahma has to replace him.

The Fonz 3:00 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
I thought Fornals looked much better in the second half when given a free role in the centre. It definitely suits his game more.

The issue is we look suspect with a back 4 so not sure we could have both in the same starting line up. If we can work on the defence then in my mind we would have the following as our midfield/attack.

Benrahma, Fornals, Bowen
Rice, Soucek

Russ of the BML 2:46 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Fornals is for much more of an integral cog in the a currently well oiled machine and Benrahma is much more individually talented but may not do the work Fornals does for the team.

Many good teams are made up of players that compliment each other rather than being a stand out individual. Fornals for me is one of those.

It's a tough one. May be that he continues with Fornals and uses Benny off the bench if needed. Especially as we are on a run.

gph 2:42 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Grealish IS strong.

If he doesn't want to go down, it's pretty hard to put him down. But most of the time he wants to go down.

If someone swore at him, he'd probably go down because of the injury to his ears, in the hope it would increase the swearer's chance of being sent off.

Lee Trundle 2:20 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Alfs 2:26 Wed Dec 2
"That's what I noticed about Grealish, he's strong as well as skilful."

Did I read that right? The bloke falls down if the wind picks up.

goose 2:17 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma

camel-with-3-humps 2:12 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
He’s a brilliant talent and must start.

Don’t care who makes way, but leaving a £25m hotshot on the bench Is criminal.

We’re West Ham. Not Real Madrid.

Alfs 2:26 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
By the way Moyes speaks about him I'm getting the impression that he's redesigning Benrahma's physique. He probably thinks that he needs more upper body strength.

That's what I noticed about Grealish, he's strong as well as skilful.

goose 1:02 Wed Dec 2
Re: Benrahma
Or put it in the top corner ;)

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