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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

the exile 5:38 Wed Dec 2
Team for Man Utd.
A poor performance against Villa on Monday night. Personally I don't go along with those who say it's three points in the bag so they don't care. We were very lucky and can't expect to keep winning if we play like that. Yes, it's a positive sign if we can keep winning when not playing well, and maybe by some cosmic twist of fate we're making up for years of bad luck. But I would rather not rely on that kind of deranged thinking and I'm quite sure that Moyes won't either. So what's he going to do about it?

Probably not a lot in terms of team selection and formation, but I would certainly hope that a few things have been said and done in training to rectify the situation. I would think the only items for debate will be the inclusion of otherwise of Antonio, Haller, Fornals and Benrahma.

Antonio is a worry. He was well out of it against Villa and I'm not sure if that was down to a lack of fitness or maybe he was just playing within himself - if it was the latter, was he doing that because he was told to or because he felt the need to? The whole thing about Antonio is that being "full-on" in terms of pace and aggression is an essential part of his game - he is a waste of space without it. But of course, that's also why he keeps injuring his hamstring. It's a horrible dilemma. I would be inclined to have him on the bench and bring him on if needed, but only if it can be the full-on Antonio. As for Fornals, I'm torn. I have often stood up for him but I thought he was poor on
Monday - plenty of running, as we have come to expect, but very ineffective. So for me, it's time to start Benrahma, with Fornals or Lanzini standing by if it doesn't work.

Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Coufal Soucek Rice Masuaku
Bowen Haller Benrahma

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Mex Martillo 6:27 Mon Dec 7
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Masuaku has had quite a few games on form this season. I enjoy seeing him play well. It’s great when you win and have a good team performance, but I also love to see individual flashes of skill that just set a player apart from other for those for seconds.
Actually from the little I’ve seen of Benrahma, I think he is going to give me similar flashes of joy, perhaps, hopefully more.
As the team is now and as I said earlier Masuaku is the only player I’d consider dropping to start Benrahma. But it’s a difficult one, the left side is ok with Masuaku and Cresswell and I don’t think it’s a good idea to mess with that. Benrahma still has work to do to show he can start and perhaps it’ll need an injury.
Benrahma is looking a great buy though.

fraser 5:19 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
But he has stabalised the left hand side, there's no doubt of that.

His crossing was pretty good earlier on in the season and who the fuck says 'struth'

daveyg 5:03 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
So you would have a player who can't cross,defensively weak,doesn't beat the first defender WTF. All that adds upto is a shit player. You also forgot to add a player who can't shoot or scores.
He's a waste of space and he's meant to be in fine form.

Texas Iron 4:52 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Arthur is very skillful...can beat players going forward...

But...defensively weak...switches off....and MUST IMPROVE CROSSES... too often doesn’t beat the first defender..

A dilemma...has skill...but not responding to coaching...

daveyg 4:44 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
"Masuaku on form is one of our most skilled players."
Trouble is he never is. I don't know what he adds to the team,poor,poor crosser. Hardly ever beats his man and not even the best defensive player. Always looking around to see where he is as he doesn't have a clue.
Benrhama is no better defender but he does add more as an attacking player. I would drop Fornals a bit deeper and have them both contributing down that side.

threesixty 1:48 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Can you ever be fully fit from a hamstring injury without playing an actual match? Isn't it part of the recovery process? i.e. you play 20/30 mins etc.. and see how it goes? The way Antonio plays is always going to be about explosive pace and so being mentally and physically "over it" is always going to be a bit of a process I suppose.

Also, I think the problem with changing a team that hasn't lost and is doing ok is that mentally I think it f's with the players. Its like, you've done well but you've been dropped. If you do badly and get dropped its different, you know you have to improve. We dont really have the big squad problem of tons of players at similar capability so I feel like dropping anyone right now unless its for a rest may not help the mentality of the team.

diehardhammer 1:30 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
I’d argue fornals is off form if anything last 3 games

I’d stick with exile’s team start benrahma, being on fornals to defend a lead if possible

Mex Martillo 12:30 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Masuaku on form is one of our most skilled players. It’s a delight to see him so confidently doing five a side moves and tricks to go past players. Love it.
I agree Masuaku is not too bad a defender, but he has had some nightmares that I have trouble to forget.
Fornals is too good and too on form to be dropped for a Benrahma start, simple as that.

Hammer and Pickle 12:16 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Arthur seems one of those that will have a run of five or six decent games before taking a dip in form. Then he will have a mare or get himself sent off for spitting or an absurd challenge. Needs proper coaching, does Arthur. Also when it comes to wearing his socks too high.

nerd 12:14 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Fornals Big games Benrahma the smaller tighter games.

Full Claret Jacket 12:06 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Disagree, Masuakus awareness in defensive positions is not great but he is a much stronger and physical prospect than Benrahma.
Benrahma looked like a fish out of water having to try and defend. Easily brushed aside, not strong in the tackle. Arthur has to play and if Benrahma is to play it's at the expense of Bowen or Fornals for me.

Bowen is the weaker technically and currently I find him overly greedy but his pace and directness get us up the pitch and he is a decent finisher given space.
I don't think you can change too much in our side without introducing weaknesses. Just like to see some sort of understanding up front.

Mex Martillo 8:15 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
If I was put start Benrahma, it would be in Masuaku’s place. Masuaku had a poor game against Villa. Benrahma would be better going forward and not much worse than Masuaku defending.

Westham67 7:50 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Moyes will not start Benrahma against Man U he already said he going to ease him into the Premier League

Texas Iron 7:40 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Antonio should not. Have started last week...obviously too early after a hamstring injury...

Poor decision by Moyse...

Texas Iron 7:37 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Don’t rate Benrahma defensively so far...

Keep Fornals in for his pressing and defensive abilities...

Benrahma later as needed...for more creativity down the left...


JayeMPee 12:02 Sat Dec 5
Re: Team for Man Utd.
TMTY- you're forgetting the penalty they are bound to get, unless you think they'll miss!

kylay 9:57 Fri Dec 4
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Darby_ 4:20 Fri Dec 4

When has recovery from a hamstring injury ever taken less than 4 weeks.

Especially with Antonio, i don't know why you would give him any more the 15 minutes the first game back particularly when it was a relatively short recovery for him.

Oi wot u looking at? 9:09 Fri Dec 4
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Good shout Exile. That's the Team I'd like to see start. Up the 'ammmers ⚒️

Too Much Too Young 8:53 Fri Dec 4
Re: Team for Man Utd.
We will smash them into little northern bits 3-0.

Mark my words.

Sir Alf 7:36 Fri Dec 4
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Now Antonio's hamstring has frayed again ( albeit a different part of it we are led to believe?) Moyes has only one thing to decide... Start with Fornals or Benrahma.

As I mentioned in my "War and Peace" size post below, at this juncture it has to be Fornals in spite of his limitations which for me ( IMO in other words ) are down to pace ( lack of ) and strength. But as mentioned, he chases down the space ( presses ) relentlessly. I know when I used to play in some half decent teams ( Senior level football only ) and back in the Chumley Warner days, there were always worker types in the midfield. Leads by example, and whilst often looking like a headless chicken because he is not quick enough to get right close to the opposing man, he forces them to make a pass and in so doing denies them time.

Once Moyes has Benrahma doing that when out of possession and having a bit more strength when in possession, he would get the chance I would think ahead of Fornals or even Arfur.

It all comes down to those sh*t heads that own and run the club though. They have overseen some of worst spending you can imagine especially under Worzel Gummidge Pellegrini. Blew the loans ( coz they always secure against future revenues like TV money and ticket sales) via a lopsided transfer strategy which was more of Sullivan playing football manager.

What a sorry state of affairs that squad is and an indictment of Sullivan's ownership. Moyes is literally making a "silk purse from a sows ear" in terms of results.

Btw, where did the 25+ million from Diangana, Ajeti etc. sales go ? Well I guess I am asking if anyone knows the installment schedules for each of the sales? I recall someone saying that we got most of the Diangana money up front? Since we only got Coufal for installment of 8 million, Benrahma is a loan fee of 4.5? it looks to me like the window before when the Obiang and others sold were simply never replaced. Sort of asset stripping by stealth as I have no doubt in January they will say we cannot afford anything because there are no ticket sales?

New Jersey 7:22 Fri Dec 4
Re: Team for Man Utd.
Block - Agreed, I'm fucking enjoying it, yes we have been lucky last few games but who cares a toss? After the Fat Geordies who would have thought we would put a run together like we have. We've had decades of bad luck, about time it went our way!!

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