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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

kips 10:15 Fri Dec 4
East End - Born and Bled book
As One Iron (Bill) is promoting his book, thought I would just remind you all about my book on boxing in the East End.

History of boxing in East London from 1720 to 2010
I know Bill indulged in a bit of bare-knuckled. like some of the very early boys in my book.
Anyway, could make a decent Christmas present for anyone interested in boxing.
Available at all good bookshops and on Amazon.

Amberley publication: East End Born and Bled - Jeff Jones
Can be contacted on whomail for further info

keep safe everyone

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kips 9:20 Wed Dec 16
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Aalborg and Crassus. Just got in. about to watch the match. I'll sort out your book Aalborg and I'll check Amazon . On Amazon.uk site its saying in stock will arrive by Monday ?

Crassus 12:06 Wed Dec 16
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Pm sent mate, in case the flash is not working

Aalborg Hammer 10:52 Wed Dec 16
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
kips -you have mail

Northern Sold 4:34 Wed Dec 9
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
kips 7:45 Tue Dec 8

Got ya... the doc' is more regarding the psycholigical side as to why they start and keep on fighting... each story I found rivetting... heartbreaking with Bradley Stone knowing after he had been in the film he was dead... absolute tragic... the interesting one was Jimmy Flint... aka the Wapping assassin ... absolute nut job that had the boxing world at his feet by the sound of it... ended up an actor... he certainly had that 1000 yard stare.

charleyfarley 11:58 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
TLE I know mate

the last eastender 11:22 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Kips and Charley farley

Billy Williams was Bill the bomb. One and same person. RIP.

charleyfarley 10:52 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Of course the other big boxers were Olympic champion Terry Spinks, his mother had the sweet shop in New Barn St as well as the Walker brothers Billy & George Walker they had a garage down New Barn St

Briano 9:51 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
I’m working with a relative of Bombardier Billy Wells...his Lonsdale belt is decorated in solid gold and Is displayed at the Army museum in Salisbury

charleyfarley 8:35 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Mark kaylor lived in Baxter rd custom house and billy williams lived in Jenkins rd Plaistow went to faraday school

kips 7:45 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
I try not to look at too many documentaries or footage of the boxers I wrote about especially if I have interviewed them.

I like them to tell me if I am asking about specific fights. I tended to plough through newspaper reports of the day if its about boxers that are no longer around which many in the book are as it goes way back.

I interviewed about 5 boxers as part of the book.

I never boxed myself so I would not call myself an expert on the more technical stuff.

My background is more social history so those I picked to interview gave me an insight into the social conditions of their time and how boxing was part of life of that area.

Quite a bit of local and social history in the book.

Northern Sold 6:52 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book

Northern Sold 6:51 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
kips... I probably asked you before... I gather you seen the Fighters film/doc all about east End boxers. Mark kaylor, Brad Stone, Jimmy Flint, Tibbs boy, Phil Soundy etc

Real gritty fantastic viewing

kips 6:46 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Jimmy Tibbs and his son are obviously in the book, So to Terry and Glen Murphy.

Billy Williams was a West Ham lad I think but not in the book. As you say he cut his professional teeth in USA.
didn't know about The Bomb. Sounds a character.

charleyfarley 6:13 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
The Tibbs used to train in ThePeacock Freemasons Rd E16 and the Murphy's who were a boxing family used to train in the Royal Oak Barking rd.

Kips does your book include Billy Williams who went to the USA under the watch of Angelo Dundee? He was kicked out of the USA nobody could control him would have been a hell of a fighter, he broke my nose with one punch and although I was taught to stand up to bullies etc I definitely gave him a wide berth an out and out nutter

Going back a few years there used to be a hard man from the East end called Bill "the Bomb" (he was called the bomb because you never knew when he was gonna go off :lol: ), he was a very talented heavyweight boxer who was taken to the USA by legendary trainer Angelo Dundee to train and spar with the great Mohammed Ali, Dundee thought Bill the bomb was a possible title contender (yeh he was that good) but Billy Williams was a lunatic who ended up getting a mafia boss's daughter in the family way and caused havoc in the sates wherever he went and to have it on his toes back to blighty a bit lively. it was down hill after that for the bomb and he was in & out of Prison for years. In one of his books Bronson talks about a time when he was captured in his cell by a gang of terrorist (Libyans if I remember Correctly) who were going to beat the life out of him, so Bronson prepared himself for the worse, then all of a sudden he see the Bill walk through the cell door, and the two of them proceeded to beat the daylights out of terrorist and ended up taking them hostage

Hello Mrs. Jones 6:04 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
I've always thought that 2 grown men pummeling each other into a concussed state was somewhat needlessly barbarbic but then again I'm a bit of a milquetoast.

kips 5:53 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Lee and Haller
Neither Johnny Claydon or Dave Arnold made it in . Sorry
I know Claydon was East End but I checked on Dave Arnold couldn't find a lot on him although he boxed the excellent Johnny Pritchett in his day.

Johnny Claydon fought and lost to Jim Watt. No shame there.

As I said hundreds came out of the East to box. At it's height between the wars it seemed like there was a professional boxer living in every other street.


Lee Trundle 4:57 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Kips - Have you ever heard of a small time boxer called Dave Arnold (I knew him as Boxer Dave)? He was a West Ham fan and ended up moving over to Asia, which is where I met him.

Northern Sold 12:46 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Yeah I'll get the missus to order us a copy for Xmas ... sounds decent kips... had some of my family fight out of WHB's and Repton over the years...

MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:45 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Am hoping the missus is getting me a copy for Christmas. God knows I dropped enough fucking hints.

All the very best of luck with the book fella.

kips 11:39 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Thanks for your support lads.

I think it makes a decent read. It was a huge subject so I tried to cover most aspects, so you have both pro and amateur boxing covered as well as the clubs and venues. So clubs like West Ham, Repton, Eton Manor, St Georges, Arbour, Fairbairn and Peacock gym as well as Premierland, Mile End Arena and York Hall are all in there.

Hundreds of boxers, Charlie Magri is in there, as too is Jimmy Batten who I spoke to at length. What a hard, durable fighter he was!

Probably got enough info to write another 2 books such was the scale of boxing in London, particularly East London, during the last Century and before.

Some amazing stories

Russ of the BML 10:37 Tue Dec 8
Re: East End - Born and Bled book
Nice one kips. This looks good. I will get a copy.

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