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the exile 2:54 Wed Dec 9
Team for Leeds
Everyone has been saying that Moyes doesn't change a winning team. So, having lost our last match, maybe we can expect one or two changes.

I would think that the players who might be under threat of losing their places are Fornals, Masuaku and Haller. From what I've been hearing, some might want to include Coufal on that list, but I don't think he should be under threat having only had one slightly below par performance. The obvious question about Haller is who would replace him if he is dropped. One possibility is Yarmolenko. Another is that Bowen could be played centrally. Personally I think Haller will keep his place for now.

There's a lot of clamour for Benrahma to finally get his first start, and I would agree with that. The question here is whether he replaces Fornals or Masuaku. It could be that both lose their places, with Johnson coming in for Masuaku.

I expect there will be quite a bit of disagreement about this one. I'll put my team up, fwiw, but I'm probably less confident about it than any other team I have posted this season.

As for Leeds, they are probably the most inconsistent side in the PL so far this season. They can be frighteningly good going forward, so we are going to have to defend very intelligently. Our lack of pace in that department is a worry. But the Leeds defence is a bit dodgy and I believe one of their key defenders is out, so it might be a good time to play them.

Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Coufal Rice Soucek Masuaku
Bowen Haller Benrahma

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Chigwell 12:10 Sat Dec 12
Re: Team for Leeds
Well I predicted a defeat, so where's my hat? (However I did get it right about Haller).

Mex Martillo 9:38 Sat Dec 12
Re: Team for Leeds
I thought the team played excellent.
At time I saw a 4-2-3-1 formation which was interesting

Coufal Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Bowen Benrahma Fornals

Bowen, Benrahma and Fornals were all over the shop interchanging, but they definitely lined up like that a few times as Leeds started to bring the ball out of their defense.

daveyg 9:35 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
relieved to say the least. You could see he wasn't willing to stretch himself and the injury was one reason why.
On his back because to many seem to think he's a world beater. Like I said no assists or goals. Johnson has played wing back on both sides for the U23's extremely well. I'll like to see him there but hopefully Fornals will cope defensively. We'll have to wait and see if it's him playing there.

With Kind Regards 5:00 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
I would like to have as little disruption to the team as possible.

I think the back 3 have been working well together. So while I understand the argument for bringing in Diop and moving Cresswell to left wingback, this would mean moving Ogbonna from the centre of the 3 (where he has been excellent) to the left of the 3 so I would prefer to keep the back 3 as they are.

I would therefore move Fornals to left wingback and bring Benrahma into the attack where Fornals would have been.

Left wingback may not be Fornals natural position but he puts in the effort which will be needed against Leeds, he will have Cresswell behind him to help out and Fornals is familiar with the style and runs of the rest of the team.

If it is obvious that Fornals is struggling at left wingback then we can bring Johnson on.

Benrahma has looked decent in his cameos and deserves a start.

By starting Benrahma with Fornals it means there has only been one actual player change to the team and keeping the same players playing together is (generally!) a good thing.

My line up would therefore be:

Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Coufal Rice Soucek Fornals
Bowen Haller Benrahma

Finally, just my opinion and we all know about opinions...


Glenn Rodent 4:24 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Given the injuries, the best team for tonight for me would be -






With Antonio out, I would rather Yarmolenko in place of Haller. But I would imagine Yarmolenko isn't 100% fit to start the game.

fraser 4:10 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Masuaku's creativity has been non existent recently, I struggle to see how Johnson's inclusion could make it less.

Mex Martillo 3:56 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Good team Full Claret,
you may have nailed it with that one.

Ron Eff 3:38 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
If pace is the primary concern, I’d wager there is little, if anything, between Cresswell and Snodgrass. I’d also not want to move Cresswell from the position in which he has regained his form.

Fair enough if he goes with Johnson but what you gain defensively and in pace, you lose in creativity and delivery from the left.

It may prove to be a disaster, but I like the idea.

Rossal 2:48 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Snodgrass may get murdered for pace by Raphina but Raphina is left footed so will look to come inside more than run down the line. Even if he does go down the line Cresswell will be there to clear up

If he doesnt go with Johnson Snodgrass makes 100 times more sense than Fornals

Snodds deal ball delivery is also very good which would help away from home

Huffers 2:25 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Snodgrass may have a great engine in terms of durability but in terms of pace he is miles off. Would be a disaster in my opinion.

I think Cresswell is the way to go, with 3 CB behind him, I think it'll be ok. I also think we need to get Diop back up to speed and eventually replace Balbuena / Cresswell.

I do however think that as Moyes have Johnson some minutes last week that he will opt with him. The surgery was planned.

Ron Eff 2:17 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
I’ve long thought this is a role Snodgrass could play at this stage of his career. He has a great engine, is naturally left footed with excellent delivery, tackling is acceptable, and always puts a shift in. The only negative is he doesn’t have a natural defensive brain, but lets not kid ourselves that Masuaku does either!

Fornals may track and work hard, but a left wing back he is not. He often tracks without having any desire to make a tackle.

threesixty 2:06 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Cant he just put Fornals in Arthurs role and play Benrahma in the front 3?

Seems obvious. You get the "trickiness" from Benrahma and the solid defensive display of the left from Fornals.

We simply cannot go to a back 4 with the defenders we have.

fraser 1:22 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
'Probably a very unpopular opinion'

This HTH

Sajmo1 1:21 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
There's also no reason why Fredericks couldn't play there, imo as both of his feet are equally shite

Sajmo1 1:18 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Probably a very unpopular opinion but I reckon Bowen could do the job there. Would be certainly better then Arthur there defensive wise and has a good cross. It might be a waste playing him there as he offers much in attack but we need cover on that left flank against very attacking opposition and Fornals and Bowen would provide that. Obviously wouldn't waste him there our next game against Palace. Just a short term fix

Manuel 12:27 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
No reason why Johnson cannot be put in. He's been around the first team squad for a while now, so if he can't get a game now he will have to be written off as another in a long list of prospects that never made it. Holland being another one.

fraser 12:18 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Johnson would do fine in that position I reckon, I'm all for it.

the exile 12:04 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
The more I think about this LWB position the more I have nightmares. The thought of our left side being defended by slow Cresswell along with either slow Fornals or slow Snodgrass, it doesn't bear thinking about - Leeds break so quickly and would be sure to target that side. So reluctantly I would go for Johnson for his defensive qualities, though I think he offers very little going forward.

, 12:01 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Fredericks Rice Soucek Fornals Coufal
Bowen Benrahma

Full Claret Jacket 11:35 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds
Balbuena Diop Ogbonna
Coufal Rice Soucek Cresswell
Bowen Haller Benrahma

Cresswell will deliver much better balls in than Arthur did and will defend. Don't like breaking up the back 3 who seemed to have some understanding but maybe adding Diop and some pace into the back 3 is a good thing against a mobile Leeds team.

-[Rasta]- 10:23 Fri Dec 11
Re: Team for Leeds

I would like to try this

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