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Stevethehammer 3:21 Thu Dec 31
Your Kids supporting West ham
What is your take on this

Just had a full blown row with the ex missus regarding this.
My boy called Bobby has been West ham ever since he popped out, West ham bloody everything.
I've taken him to many games and he's loved it, it's allowed me to bond with my boy on the days off I get and it brought us so close together with considering I don't live with him.
Her bloke on the scene supporting the Gooners now all of a sudden Bobby does too.
An I over reacting by being hurt that my son is no apparently no longer West ham, she tries telling me there's no influence from the fella on my boy. Doesn't take a fucking Einstein to work it out though.
Do your kids support the hammers and if they don't how do you deal with it, my boy is 9.

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Eerie Descent 10:36 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Worst Case Ontario 9:33 Fri Jan 1


marty feldman 10:29 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Just threaten them with Dr Barnardo's. My brother done it with his boys works wonders.

Mace66 9:53 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Chester - bizarre reaction.

You seem to be taking offence that WHO hasn’t defended your honour when all I inferred was most women have no real interest in sport at a tribal, hardcore fan level so wouldn’t understand and not to blame his ex. That’s not ALL women which would, I agree, include you. I said MOST women, and from my experience that’s true. MOST of the women I know have absolutely no interest in football, rugby, cricket .... I would also say a fair percentage of men ( evidenced by some of the replies on this very thread) if that helps you.

You may find it difficult to believe but my post really was nothing to do with you or any other female WHU fan

peroni 9:50 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
This is a tricky one given Arsene's contribution, which as a standalone tale, needs no further embellishment - it's absolutely tragic.

However, I'm going to call that out as a very tenuous link to the original thread subject matter. It sounds like Arsenal were great and acted exactly as a classy outfit should. But there's nothing special in that, or at least there shouldn't be (I do worry our lot would act differently).

Loss, and grief aside, there is NO excuse for your own flesh and blood not supporting your team.

I really want to give it the big'un about what I'd do if one of my kids suggested supporting another team, but I can't, as it's something I just can't comprehend.

If any of your kids support a team other than West Ham, good riddance....and you should turn your support in too.

Worst Case Ontario 9:33 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
ChesterRd 5:45 Fri Jan 1

Link? (To you)

Northern Sold 7:19 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
19 year old daughter hates football... likes Rugby ... harlequins as they have a nice kit... loves NFL.... miami dolphins... same as me... bought her the 13 Marino top for christmas

WHUDeano 5:59 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
I’ve got two boys, 4 & 3, I’d be gutted if they d don’t support West Ham, but it’s so different now after the move, taking them to Upton Park would have been a rite of passage. I’ve only been once to the new ground having been a regular at the Boleyn all my life. I def want to take them to an away game though and being up in Cheltenham these days I think West Brom, Wolves or Villa would be a cracking start.

The one issue is that my eldest son is the footballer and very loyal to his favourite colour of blue. He has started watching the odd game with me on tv but tends to cheer the blue team on. This does not please me and i eventually kick him out. He will not be watching today.

Thinking about it, Villa away as his first game seems the sensible choice.

I’ve also pondered on a Cheltenham game, their stadium is proper old school and still terraces, but I can’t accept his first proper match to be anyone other than West Ham.

ChesterRd 5:45 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
I think Hallerinthemorning has the right idea. This was an important way the dad was able to be involved in the life of his son.

As for

" I don’t think most women think that way ie lifelong fan etc."

I am disappointed to see the disgusting comments of MACE66 which cast a slur on every single female West Ham have gone unchallenged. Based on one fucking example he thinks he has the right to call into question my support and other female football fans? You utter pig ignorant cunt.

michael 5:28 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Steve you’re ex probably couldn’t give a fuck who you’re son supports

But winding you up she loves it
Do something else with your boy
Don’t give her the satisfaction that it bothers you.

Sven Roeder 1:55 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Admit it Jimmy, you have been buying young Leo-Lionel Barcelona gear since he was born and have made him sleep in a box under the stairs so he doesn't grow to more than 5ft tall.
True, innit?

Eerie Descent 1:49 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Let's hope he doesn't end up as wafty as you.

JimmyT 1:46 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
“It would be great if you did support West Ham, son, but if you want to support somebody else I’m not that bothered because I’m an adult and football really isn’t as important to me as it used to be. You’ll find the same happens to you as you grow and mature. Plus, we have so much more in common than just a football team, so I’d have failed as a parent if the only way we can connect is through a football club, which let’s face it are just soulless corporate money-making machines nowadays anyway.”

There you go, you thick fuck - that’s how it should be paraphrased.

Take care. xxx

*logs out*

Eerie Descent 1:29 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
'Don't support West Ham son, we're not very good!'

*does massive wanker sign*

Happy New Year x

Steady 1:17 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
My old man supported West Ham so did his dad, there was no way my 7 year old son was gonna support anyone else. My wife was very much ‘let him support who he wants’ but most women don’t get it. He had a little interest in Liverpool a year ago but I soon stopped that. Make sure you buy him West Ham gear every birthday and Christmas, tell him all about Bobby Moore and that Arsenal are mere relegation fodder now.

JimmyT 1:17 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Happy New Year!

Eerie Descent 1:02 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
JimmyT 12:53 Fri Jan 1

That is the most unsurprising post of the year and its only just begun.

Grow a set of bollocks Jim ffs

Haz 12:53 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
My son and daughter, and my nephew are nailed-on West Ham. And all I did was to take them to a couple of games under the lights at Upton Park. I didn't have to force them at all but they were hooked from the off! I'm going to try it with my Granddaughter at the new place when she gets back from Australia (and COVID being gone). I wonder if it will have the same impression?

JimmyT 12:53 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
I’ve been thinking recently about whether I want my son (just turned 1) growing up supporting West Ham.

On the one hand, it would be great to carry on the family tradition (probably been in the family since the club was founded); on the other, supporting the club over the years has not exactly been a pleasurable experience for long periods, so not sure I want to bequeath that to him. I think I would feel very differently if I still lived in the area - I’m a big believer in supporting your local club. I also think the stadium move has made me less tribal.

In short, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ll probably get him a shirt at some point and try to take him to a few games but not worry too much if he decides to support another club. As long as he enjoys watching and playing football - that’s more important to me.

Mace66 12:29 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
Steve, to be fair to your missus I don’t think most women think that way ie lifelong fan etc.

For example, my sister in law was originally ManUnited ( as was her husband and all their 3 kids.) Then she divorced and got a new fella and was Liverpool . Since then she’s been Chelsea and now Tottenham, depending of course on who the fella she’s with supports.

When she divorced, I took 2 of her boys to Upton Park with me a few times. The eldest always remained Man United but the youngest. ( who was about the same age as your son 8-9ish ) ‘became’ West Ham for a year or so. He eventually went back to Man United though.

So don’t blame your missus, and don’t stress about it. I’d guess that your son will work it out for himself in time just like my nephew did

Ronald_antly 9:35 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
gph 2:07 Fri Jan 1


Stevethehammer 9:31 Fri Jan 1
Re: Your Kids supporting West ham
The way I see it, the bond me and my boy had over West ham was my connection with him, of course we connect with other things such as books, games, films and music but I would always make the effort to take him to matches etc and I would sometimes even just turn up on the Saturday not even tell him we were going and just surprise him with it.
Now if I was a completely absent father and this guy has come in and been there for my son all whilst I've fucked off and not cared but it's couldn't be further from the truth.
What gets me is his mum has sat there let this guy influence my son and not once thought hang on.. He's been West ham ever since he was born, why the sudden change, have a little word with him and say, come on son, your West ham, dad and you have that. Apparently there's been no influence from the arsenal supporting step dad.. Do me a favour.

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