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Come On You Irons 3:52 Thu Dec 31
Dry January
Does anyone on here do this? I'm planning to give it a proper go this year. Shouldn't be that hard to lay off the booze for 31 days, should it?!

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Alfs 4:29 Sat Jan 2
Re: Dry January
Why pack in something that you enjoy because of some sanctimonious cunt came up with the idea of Dry January?

Try to be responsible throughout the year would be better for one's health. It can also be dangerous for a heavy drinker to suddenly give it up.

I shan't be following my own advice though. Not during this shit storm.

normannomates 4:21 Sat Jan 2
Re: Dry January
Go for it pal..
Good luck.

nychammer 3:38 Sat Jan 2
Re: Dry January
For me Alcohol has to be a lifestyle type change and and not a month long spell of no alcohol followed by back to normal. I probably drink too much (don’t have a problem but it’s definitely over weekly volume guidelines). So with that I’m trying to stop drinking anything outside of weekend nights on a permanent basis.

defjam 3:21 Sat Jan 2
Re: Dry January
hammerintheorient 6:42 - Hello mate, Hope you're well.
That's good though 3 halves, especially as you don't feel shit after.

I'm usually out and about driving or theres a random photo opportunity so the drink had to go, I can make a cunt of myself sober!

New Jersey 1:14 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
Cheers Mad Dog, and Northern l hope you're going to give tennis a go this year, it's been given the ok in Tier 4. Game of tennis, followed by half a non- alcoholic lager!!

gph 7:09 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
Cheers to ADH4.

An enzyme created by a mutation event about 10 million years ago which enables us to drink alcohol without getting sick*

Alcohol is part of our common Homo** heritage

*if we don't over-indulge - it's not a cast iron defence

**and Pan, and Australopithicus (not that they care much, all being dead)

hammerintheorient 6:42 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
Good on you DefJam. I had 3 halves of Cider over New Year. I couldn't have drunk much more. The boozer was offering free food for drinkers, so what's not to like? I didn't feel too great afterwards nor too bad, so I think I am in a good place. I might have a pint and a half next time I go - I rarely go to pubs, so it's not really like I am going to get the chance to develop a habit again. Far more focused and generally feel better without it. Each to his own, though, obviously ....

Northern Sold 6:24 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
A thread about 0% beers.... fuck me I hope millwall are not onto this...

Northern Sold 6:19 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
Dry fucking January???

Do you like playing tennis and making one egg omelets?

What a fucking gaydar

Oh and happy new year of course

arsegrapes 3:12 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
Just been diagnosed with a disfunctional liver so my drinking days are over.

gph 1:37 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
It's not the precipitation I don't like about January, but the temerature

Mad Dog 1:33 Fri Jan 1
Re: Dry January
New Jersey.

Lager. Heineken 0 and becks blue are ok

Guinness non alcoholic is ok

However. Brewdog. Punk AF is a decent beer. And I really like it.

ChillTheKeel 8:21 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
As I said, I pity anyone being sober in the company of Comma, the dreary prick.

, 7:48 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
I know two people who do dry January. In both cases they are dangerously excessive alcohol consumers. And one of them by the third of February has overtaken my January consumption in total.

Grumpster 7:44 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
As with new years and people who say they're only social smokers, don't really see the point in this.

I like drinking and am more than happy to let it slowly kill me.

Piece of piss for people stopping for a month next year though, as not as if you can go anywhere!!

New Jersey 7:23 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
Mad Dog - What are the non-alcoholic ones that are ok?

Mad Dog 6:59 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
I've done dry Jan for about 20 years. Started as a need to boost my fitness and just did it every year since.

Cut drink right down this year. Went 100 days from mid August without any sauce. Found i didnt enjoy drinking as much after
the 100 days was up. Planning in cutting it right down in 2021.

Found a few non alcoholic beers which taste just as good and half the calories, so ill be having these instead.

ChillTheKeel 6:52 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
Fuck giving up my single malt Islay whiskies. But whilst I've never been a heavy drinker, I was a regular one. That'll be a thing of the past now that I've seen the health benefits.

simon.s 6:46 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
I’m gonna try and do a year, see how it goes. May decide to knock it on the head totally. My liver and one kidney seem to be enjoying the rest.

Westham67 6:34 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
I have not drunk alcohol for nearly 3 years and I know a lot of people who have stopped drinking. It's all about the company you are with that makes thing enjoyable

defjam 6:28 Thu Dec 31
Re: Dry January
Been dry few years!
I rarely drunk anyway.
Life is so much better without DRINK!

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