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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

The Stoat 12:19 Fri Jan 1
Josh King
Anyone would think this bloke is gonna be our new Messiah

Personally I don't think he is gonna be the answer to our prayers



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grasshopper 9:44 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
King is the most likely transfer if we cannot shift haller this window.

Still early days - will follow up.

stepney hammer 3:18 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
diehardhammer 1:25 Sat Jan 2

On the work permit thing with Sima, the new points based system makes it easier to complete this sort of signing than before. It's more complicated to sign EU players now, but Non-EU is actually a bit easier in some cases than it used to be.

I think before he'd have needed to have played a certain amount of international games. He hasn't played any yet.

It would help if Senegal would call him up and give him a few caps though. They are in the top 20 FIFA rankings which helps under the new system.

But Slavia Prague being in the Europa League this season gives him more points and them being champions domestically does also (even though they are in a weaker league). If I have read the new rules correctly I THINK we would not have too many problems getting him a work permit.

cygnet 3:15 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
The Bmth manager has said publicly that Josh King told him he is "desperate to sign for West Ham"
Source Bournemouth Echo

camel-with-3-humps 2:51 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
King has some great assets.

- Come wind, rain or shine, he ALWAYS gives 100%.
- He runs the channels like a greyhound
- Physically imposing. A proper bully.
- Chips in with enough goals

Great back up for Antonio. Will provide better options out wide. Upgrade on Haller.

If the glove fits ...

He’d be a great Moyes addition.

twoleftfeet 2:28 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
But brought up playing Czech football.


master 1:45 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
Sima, the Senegalese.

Full Claret Jacket 1:44 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
Don't rate him at all. As I said on the last transfer thread, I wasn't impressed with him at Bournemouth where he should have stood out and if we value the style of player Antonio is to fit our system then I don't see how he an alternative.
That said if Moyes really likes him and thinks he will fit how he wants the team to play then it will be on him. I'm yet to be convinced it's not just an attempt at a cheap signing the board are trying to make.

twoleftfeet 1:30 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
Sima is the real deal.

Quick, good in the air and like all Czech players can run all day.

In 2 years time he will be worth £50-£60m

diehardhammer 1:25 Sat Jan 2
Re: Josh King
Would rather Sima from Slavia but heard there might be issues with work permit on that one but only 19 and looks a real grafter with pace.

King just seems uninspiring to me, scored less than Haller last season, Exwhuemployee said back in the summer king was after 90k a week too, piss take for a back up. Something also bugs me about he’s done nothing in the championship in 7 games, appears to be downing tools to get a move a bit.

Also watched him come on the other night and looked really rusty and some poor passes.

I also like the look of Adam Armstrong but not sure he fits Moyes target man to hold a ball up criteria.

Jaan Kenbrovin 5:08 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
He would be an utterly awful short sighted desperate scoutless choice of signing.

Never rated him at his peak, so I’d have absolutely no faith at 29 he’s suddenly going to become the answer to our problems up front.

paulon 4:33 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
Seems a lot of their lot reckoned he was more consistent than Wilson

Proven, under 30 and cheap


stepney hammer 4:18 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
If this does happen, I think it will be closer to the end of the window.

We have some 'winnable' fixtures (on paper at least this month) and if we were to pick up say 9 or more points from the possible 15 available in January, that would take us not too far away from safety and Sullivan may decide that no money needs to be spent.

Also it would likely depend on if any other club shows interest in signing King. If not, and we haven't had a sudden downturn of form, our owners would probably sooner wait for the summer when he can be signed for free.

scott_d 4:10 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
His injury record is not that bad.

Last 5 years in the PL for Bournemouth:

Appearances & (Starts) out of 38:
2019/20: 25 (24)
2018/19: 35 (34)
2017/18: 33 (27)
2016/17: 36 (31)
2015/16: 31 (24)

Keep dreaming 3:58 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
Injury prone. A kind of player we cannot afford

scott_d 3:42 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
I'd take him.

Atleast it would be like having 11 men on the pitch again insted of 10 + Haller.

simon.s 3:07 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
The majority of strikers we sign turn to shit as soon as they put on the shirt, whether not playing to their strengths, injury or just plain bad luck. The fact that the last two strikers we’ve relied on have been converted into that role, says it all.

stepney hammer 3:01 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
On Wilson, most on here did not want him in the summer. When a link did pop up, people were banging on about injuries and what happens when we sign those type of players.

Those saying they cannot understand why we did not sign him now are doing so because he has since done well at Newcastle and largely avoided injury. Hindsight, wonderful thing etc.

Romfordboy 2:39 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
Same reason Crystal Palace Signed eze, we didn’t have any money at the time.

Also we have a 45m striker on the books who has to have some game time or his value is going to plummet

Once we offload haller would guess we sign a back up striker

Steady 2:36 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
Still can’t understand why we didn’t buy Callum Wilson

Coffee 12:21 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
Sajmo1 12:13 Fri Jan 1

Does that mean work on the deal has started?

Sajmo1 12:13 Fri Jan 1
Re: Josh King
He's scored about 50 pl goals in the second striker/winger role. His movement is similar to Antonio so he should be decent in the lone striker role. For a club like us he's the best back up option we can hope for.

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