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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Pub Bigot 7:47 Wed Jan 6
Moyes - What's the difference?
Since he's been here, he's had relative success in so much that we're performing better than expected in terms of results and he's proven to be doing an okay job, despite working for three absolute fucking cunts.

The signings of Soucek, Bowen and Coufal, Antonio being one of our best players since moving into a striker role, finding a role for Masuaku, Cresswell's improved form, solid back-line, making Rice skip etc etc.

Why did he fail previously at Man United, Sociadad and Sunderland when it's obvious he can get a tune out of a squad all the while dealing with a circus upstairs?

Fair play to the dour git, credit where it's due (not forgetting Brighton, Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea games). He's not my long term pick, but if we do get the three Spivs out, a new progressive manager will have good foundations to build on.

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Staffs-Hammer 1:26 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
The only slight blot in recent weeks has been the Brighton match where he tried to fit players around a formation rather than the other way around. In fairness, he knew he'd got it wrong.

I never thought he was as bad as a lot of people made out before he was appointed. The Man Utd job was a poisoned chalice after The Famous Grouse retired so I don't think anyone would've lasted very long unless they had brought instant success. The team that Taggart left had probably overachieved under him in the latter days.

Sunderland were a bit of a mess before he went there and have subsequently turned into an absolute car crash. They'd lived on borrowed time for quite a while.

I think West Ham are the right size of club for him and he can build something. Personally, I've been trying out for a manager with a plan and at least some kind of long-term thinking for years. If he stays here for a few years and then leaves a good base for the next manager then his job is done and that would be a good legacy.

Russ of the BML 8:12 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
Vexed 7:54 Wed Jan 6


normannomates 6:30 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
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normannomates 6:26 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
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normannomates 6:21 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?

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normannomates 6:17 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?

normannomates 6:16 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
Moyes will end up on our most successful managers

Manuel 3:07 Fri Jan 8
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
north - Yea, agreed. If you can get an extra 10% out of players at the top level that can make a big difference to results. It's why you see teams lose when they stop playing for the manager, and why mangers almost always have to go at that point.

Fo the Communist 11:53 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
Well said, northbankboy.

northbankboy68 11:43 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
I think many on here are too focussed on football tactics/management and ignore qualities of leadership. It is very clear to me that every player in the squad has immense respect for Moyes and this accounts for the massive improvement in team spirit. So what accounts for this? Well several things. Firstly, during the first lockdown Moyes quietly set about volunteering to deliver food to vulnerable people without seeking a load of publicity. The players were very impressed by this. Secondly, he obviously listens to the players as evidenced by his willingness to rapidly offload prima donnas like Anderson and Haller. Conversely his acquistions have been sound and also influenced by the players - do any of you think we would have signed Coufal if he had not listened to Soucek. Thirdly, he is honest - for example when he has not defended VAR decisions in our favour when they have been unjust.

Many of you will not recall the England World Cup winning team - a team of generally average players with a couple or so world class individuals inc Moore, Banks and Charlton of course. As Leicester have proved you do not have to have top class players to win the title. And it's not just about the football but as much about the calibre of the character at the helm. That is precisely why the USA and the UK are fucked right now.

Willtell 7:54 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
Good post south bank.

The one before was good too...

southbankbornnbred 5:10 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
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Vexed 4:34 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
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southbankbornnbred 4:14 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
I think a big part of his improvement - and our improvement is that the team now has more of Moyes' choices and selections in it. He has slowly brought in either new faces he has chosen, or players he trusted from his first stint.

So the team now looks more like David Moyes' team than Pelle's - and all that entails.

Whether we like him as a manager or not, once appointed Moyes deserved to have a period of time in which he could do things his way. He's had a bit of time to do just that, and it has worked for him. Fair play to him - it has been a while since we had a manager who did that (Bilic's first season was the exception). I'm no fan of his style etc, but he has been effective because he's had the time to do the job his way.

I also think Moyes tends to do better in the transfer market when he doesn't have huge sums to spend. He strikes me as the sort of manager who has been relatively adept at identifying and securing lower league talent with potential (Hugill aside) and quality players from lesser known European leagues (the Czechs etc). That's probably due to his background at clubs like Preston and Everton (always in the shadow of Liverpool on Merseyside, in terms of the pick of players), which relied on detailed scouting etc.

Finally, let's be blunt, he has benefited from not having us lot in the stadium on his back. It has given further time and space to focus on his job, rather than have to manage the pressure of us lot breathing down his neck and rolling our eyes the moment unpopular players misplace another pass.

He's building a Moyes team, whether we like it or not - and, for now at least, it's working. Pairing the Hounds of Hell (Rice and Soucek) in midfield are a huge part of the improvement.

Lee Trundle 3:44 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
His biggest mistake at Man Utd was not binning the likes of Ferdinand off when they mugged him off.

geoffpikey 3:42 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
I've read before that Moyes' mistake at Man Utd was completely clearing Fergus"s staff and employing his own. Simply too much at a club like that to bin the likes of Mike Phelan, who dealt a lot with day to day. Hubris on Moyes' part and the players didn't like it either.

That said, Woodward et Al should have made what they wanted clear: gradual succession, not a revolution.

Still, this is Moyes. Winning. It's what he does. Oh yes.

Jose+ 2:56 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?

Vexed 1:42 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
Hello Jose you minge

Jose+ 1:31 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
When you try to set standards - particularly around discipline in training - you have to have respect from the players.

I would wager that at Man Utd he didn't have the gravitas, at Sunderland they were just a lost cause and at Real Sociedad they just didn't know enough about him.

He's fortunate at West Ham that the players were clamouring for his return after Pellegrini - he earned a bit of respect in his first run, then had the vocal percentage of the squad already on board for his return.

Now he has started to form a band of average but hardworking players, he has something that suits him. Our best bet for the next 10 years is to keep Moyes, aim for 5th - 8th spot every year, bed into the London Stadium as best we can and wait for an Oligarch.

dealcanvey 12:58 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?
Manuel 10:03 Thu Jan 7

You cant blame the fans for why we are doing well. Not been allowed in the grounds for nearly a year. Silly.

threesixty 11:45 Thu Jan 7
Re: Moyes - What's the difference?

Are we not holding him to a higher standard then we have other managers because we dont like him?

Thats what seems to be happening here.
I cant think of any manager we have had in the last 10yrs that would have got the results Moyes has this season and still have half the fans sceptical about them.

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