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Gaffer58 10:17 Wed Jan 6
Offside Flags
Can someone please explain why linesmen don’t put the flag up for offside straight away but the game is allowed to continue, what happens if in desperation a defender clatters the attacker and injures him because he’s trying to prevent a goal, when th3 flag could have gone up 10/15 seconds earlier.

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Block 2:34 Fri Jan 8
Re: Offside Flags
This drives me absolutely fucking mental.

You've got VAR to review if the decision is wrong, if they're offside quite clearly then flag it straight away, the marginal decisions allow to continue then let VAR do it's job.

Sniper 2:28 Fri Jan 8
Re: Offside Flags
It’s shit isn’t it

Nobody is happy with the way VAR is implemented. It’s actually pretty impressive that it’s been done so terribly and with such a high level of incompetence that it’s actually made things worse

Brucies_Star_Prize 2:19 Fri Jan 8
Re: Offside Flags

It's impossible for VAR to look at every offside. The games would go on for hours. Just checking goal incidents is the sensible compromise and this is the only way you can feasibly do it.

If I had one criticism it's that the concept of "level" has been made redundant. Some of these calls are so close as to reasonably be determined as "level" and given there are questions as to how accurate the VAR process is, it would make sense to me to adjust the threshold for offside.

As for the lino for the Man Utd game, that is an issue that has always existed, i.e. it's impossible for a lino to be looking for offside and monitoring the sideline simultaneously. If there had been a conclusive camera angle confirming that the ball had defnitely gone out then VAR would have disallowed the goal.

BigLump 6:47 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags

You mean like the ManU game where lino was watching our back line and not the ball sail out of play.

Kind of supports what I just said - what exactly is the point of them?

Either they are linesmen or we let VAR decide every decision because this half way house nonsense constantly patching up the latest daft decision has now last all credibility.

Brucies_Star_Prize 2:37 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
BigLump 2:29 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags

But not all of their decisions are analysed after the phase of play, only ones leading to a goal which are relatively few.

If a shot is deflected behind for a corner following said phase of play then the linesmen determines whether a corner or an offside is awarded. Its exactly the same role except with a delay to allow for potenitial goals to be analysed by VAR, if required.

Really very simple.

BigLump 2:29 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
In the current 'interpretation' what exactly is the point of linesmen at all then if any decision is going to be analysed after the phase of play.

Given that they are there for line and as the ManU game showed they dont even watch that anymore, you may as well remove them.

Theyve in effect been furloughed.

Itll get to a stage where there is no need for a ref either.....

Razzle 11:30 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
The offside offence is committed when the ball is played when gaining an advantage (Flag stays down until offence committed) or they're impeding or interfering.
What I don't like is that when it is clear and obvious as to prevent injury ie goalkeeper and player the flag needs to go up.
Var should be head and feet.

RichyP 11:09 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
As Faux Bare says, its because offsides are now decided by VAR so they let the passage of play continue in case it results in a goal. If it doesn't result in a goal they stick their flag up for what they thought was an offside and a free kick is given if it does result in a goal then VAR decides on the offside. It's to stop the inevitable moaning when a flag goes up for offside and then VAR subsequently gives the goal

Sven Roeder 7:05 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
Physically assaulting someone after they have been judged offside should still be punished.
I guess people were confused after the Van Dijk incident where Pickford tried to cripple him.
Why wasn’t that punished when the incident was available to view endless times while VVD was treated after the offside call was cleared up?

It’s because the VAR operatives and referee are incompetent twats.

gank 12:19 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
Agree that there should be 4 of them.

Disagree that they should be men. A woman can do that job as well as a man.

bruuuno 12:09 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
Oi Lino you look like a tailors dummy! Heard I the cry from the north bank

Crassus 12:08 Thu Jan 7
Re: Offside Flags
Ron, my 'been saying for years' is that there should be 4 linesMEN
The speed of the game and pitch improvements demand it, now more than ever

Ronald_antly 11:58 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
It's a good idea in the case of close calls, but FUCKING INFURIATING when it is blatantly obvious that a player is offside.

I've long been of the opinion that there is a need for linesMEN who have not been lobotomised.
This only serves to strengthen that opinion.

gank 11:20 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
The foul would not given (and therefore no penalty fatwas inthe box) botany reckless or deliberate act upon a person would still suffer sanction of a yellow or red card.

Uncle Gank sorts your problems

angryprumphs 11:14 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
Gaffer58 10:56 Wed Jan 6

Wrong, any foul or dangerous play is penalised regardless of whether the ball is in play or not. If the ball went out of play and someone then clattered a player, would they still get booked - yes

angryprumphs 11:12 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
I really like the changes, not sure why everyone is so confused by them. They remove goals being wrongly disallowed due to linesman mistakes. Not the FAs fault that the average players IQ is too low to work out how to play on.

Crassus 11:09 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
No don't think so
The ball is in play until called to a halt
Same way a player can be sent off for two yellow cards for twice hacking at a player in the same rolling incident before a ref blows for the first

Gaffer58 10:56 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
So as a defender and you saw that the opposition forward was 100% offside would you be penalised if you took him out at the neck, because once the game is stopped the players offside so in theory anything after that didn’t really happen.

Crassus 10:55 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
Rather than following the previously stated protocol of allowing the game to flow and VAR to interject in the event of a 'clear and obvious error'
VAR under Riley is such a shit show that we now need another system to adjudicate when VAR makes a said clear and obvious

Faux Bare 10:19 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
It’s obviously to allow play to go on so that if VAR concludes that it wasn’t actually offside, the goal can stand.

Crassus 10:19 Wed Jan 6
Re: Offside Flags
Because they are instructed to do so
Load of bollox, but when you have that utter cunt Riley in charge there you have it

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