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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Northern Sold 7:17 Tue Jan 19
Watneys party 7


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Billy Blagg 2:26 Fri Jan 22
Re: Watneys party 7

Mike Oxsaw 7:36 Thu Jan 21

eusebiovic 1:58 Fri Jan 22
Re: Watneys party 7
I have a sneaking suspicion that Watney's original brews live on today under the guise of Sam Smiths.

They took over quite a few of the spectacular Watney's pubs and their brews taste a bit watery and unsatisfying.

Mike Oxsaw 7:36 Thu Jan 21
Re: Watneys party 7
When I used to throw bottle parties in my younger days, the people who complained most loudly about the only beer available being a couple of Party 7's were the cunts that brought a fucking bottle of Dubonnet or Martini they'd nicked from their nan's drinks cabinet.

Westham67 6:29 Thu Jan 21
Re: Watneys party 7
Nothing like a warm party 4 or 7

Aalborg Hammer 3:03 Thu Jan 21
Re: Watneys party 7
It was when you were in the kitchen at 3 am looking for 'beer' and you picked up a Party Seven which still had plenty in it but
you found someone had used it to put their fags out in and dog ends and wet baccy swam up to meet you *honk*

easthammer 2:40 Thu Jan 21
Re: Watneys party 7
A slight variation on the Watney 7 theme.

I have a Pewter Tankard with 1973 Essex Watney Cup Winners on it. This was a Summer 7 a side football competition the final being played at Walthamstow Avenue's ground and strangely Barry Davies commentated live to the Grandstand.

Fortunately, no Watney beer came with the Tankard

Any Old Iron 2:14 Thu Jan 21
Re: Watneys party 7
At 5 litres shouldn't this be called the Watneys Party 8.798?

As a teenager in the late 60's/early 70's I bought and drank far too many of these than were good for my health.

Westside 12:55 Thu Jan 21
Re: Watneys party 7
What have Watney's beer and making love in a canoe, got in common?

Both fucking close to water.

Syd Puddefoot 12:15 Thu Jan 21
Re: Watneys party 7
Foe those too young to remember the days before the invention of the ring pull, you would regularly see these hanging on a string from the side of the fridge for you to open your can of coke etc. Three notches out of the drinking side and one out of the other side to let the air in.

Seem to recall you could get some kind of tap to fit on your can of Watney’s and get a draught out of it, but everyone is right it was absolute shit.

Also seem to recall that Burton Ale was quite a nice pint back in the day. There were a few nice draught ales around you just had to go in the right pub. Green King’s Abbot and Courage Directors to name but two.

gph 11:53 Wed Jan 20
Re: Watneys party 7
Over $20 (inc P&P) for that?

I'd rather use a screwdriver

Nurse Ratched 10:03 Wed Jan 20
Re: Watneys party 7
Geep 😡

This was the tool


eusebiovic 9:45 Wed Jan 20
Re: Watneys party 7
If the new one tastes half decent then it won't be authentic in any way shape or form.

As my old neighbour Bill who was a Charlton fan used to say about Watney's beer in general

"When the bottom is falling out of your world sip back and let the world fall out of your bottom!

gph 12:10 Wed Jan 20
Re: Watneys party 7
That's not very complimentary to your Dad's tool.

To be frank, I'm surprised you're here...

Nurse Ratched 12:02 Wed Jan 20
Re: Watneys party 7
They must have had some aim on them. Especially on a moving coach. The tool my dad used to open those things made a triangular hole the size of a 1p coin.

Helmut Shown 11:57 Tue Jan 19
Re: Watneys party 7
On a Friday night trip to Coventry on a Lacey's coach I can remember some of the blokes at the back emptying a Party 7 and pissing in it. A variation of the computing theme "shit in - shit out"

BRANDED 11:41 Tue Jan 19
Re: Watneys party 7
We asked Jane Peyton to give us her feedback on the new Party Seven. Jane is a drinks educator, broadcaster and beer writer.
"A burst of tangerine and orange blossom in the aroma. This is repeated in the flavour with orange, grapefruit, and pine overlaying a base of malt biscuits. Smooth on the palate, the beer has a firm bitterness upfront which lingers on the finish".

gph 11:39 Tue Jan 19
Re: Watneys party 7
PS to last.

I can see why they've changed the name, though.

When I tried real beer Double Diamond, I was full of trepidation and dark foreboding. And a few pints of other beers.

BRANDED 11:39 Tue Jan 19
Re: Watneys party 7
Are we saying people drunk this without a party?

Nurse Ratched 11:36 Tue Jan 19
Re: Watneys party 7

JAC 11:25 Tue Jan 19
Re: Watneys party 7
Wasn't there also a blue tin...Party Four?

gph 8:58 Tue Jan 19
Re: Watneys party 7
" Ind Coope Burton Ale (4.5% ABV), a cask conditioned version of bottled Double Diamond first brewed in 1976, is currently produced by Carlsberg UK"


I've tried this recently (actually sold under the name Double Diamond), and it's quite nice.

Pasteurising it really fucked it up in the old days.

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