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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

chav_corner 9:07 Wed Jan 20
Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Those on the outside, looking in, can probably be forgiven for wondering “why aren’t West Ham fans happy?”

It is up to us, those fans, to bring some balance to the discussion and to educate individuals not quite so informed as those of us on the inside looking out.

There is a discussion to be had, but the question itself needs to be posed with an altered sense of understanding of the situation. Asking why fans are not happy, or why they are moaning, implies fans are not happy or that fans are indeed, moaning.

Of course, supporters will offer opinions. However, broadly speaking, when a football team is on form, supporters will be happy about that form. When a football suffers a bad run of results, supporters feel despondent.

West Ham are bang in form.

And West Ham fans, broadly speaking, are very happy with what is happening on the pitch. A recent survey of the fanbase paid tribute to the level of support David Moyes and his team are enjoying and the level of satisfaction across the fanbase with what is happening during those 90 mins at the moment. Very few West Ham fans, when they first laid eyes on the fixture list this season, could have dared predict we would be so happy come January 2021.

So, if West Ham fans are happy, why the continued campaign for a change in ownership?

Perhaps this is a better way to phrase the question. Fans are not unhappy or moaning, but you don’t have to dig deep into social media, or cast your eye far over forums, or glance long at survey results, to see that a change in ownership sits solidly at the top of the wish-list of many a West Ham fan.

The ‘GSBOUT’ movement or campaign has often been referred to, again typically from those on the outside who have not taken the time to really look, as negative. On the contrary, West Ham supporters are determined that this is the start of a movement for the better. A positive step towards regaining an identity.

The campaign has never, and will never, be connected to the performance of the team on the pitch. The campaign is not about moaning and feeling sad in the moment. The actions of those campaigning do not prevent them from offering the team their full backing and from working tirelessly to ‘improve things for all West Ham supporters’ in every way possible.

West Ham were once described as a Club without a culture. West Ham fans cannot, and will not, let that become the reality.

Supporters revel in success on the pitch, supporters wallow in bad results. That is the up and down existence of a football fan. But those same supporters long for some consistency. They ask for owners who will consider the infrastructure of the club, the importance of the crest and the heritage, the history and traditions of their club, the routines of a matchday, the loyalty fans show, the communication they are keen to engage in and, most of all, the place they really feel they can call home.

So, the answer is the campaign for new ownership continues in earnest because of what that would mean for the stability and culture of our Football Club. It continues with good reason and strong support. And yes, West Ham fans are happy at the moment.

Come On You Irons



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nychammer 1:46 Tue Feb 2
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
To listen to them you'd be led to believe that their stewardship of the club was a labour of love. If so, thanks, you did indeed rescue us and yes have made us a somewhat stable and established PL side, but please just now do the right thing by the club and either back it when it needs you or sell it so we can all move on in the right direction. Players have gone out, players should come in

And remember Dave(s), you cant take it with you, and the Grim Reaper is on your tailcoats

Come On You Irons 1:01 Tue Feb 2
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Shit transfer windows like this year in and year out under the tight-fisted cheapstake cunts is the main reason most West Ham supporters aren't happy.

What other team in the league would sell one of their two recognised senior strikers for £20 million and not replace him?

What other team in the league would rely on an injury prone converted striker, a has been wide forward, and an unproven rookie as their forward options for the remaining half of a season?

What other team would have such a threadbare squad that there is literally FUCK ALL by way of options and cover on the bench?

Fucking idiotic, inept, unambitious cunt owners at it again.

Iron2010 9:37 Sun Jan 31
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Interested to see if a defeat against the champions is enough to raise traction for
GSBOUT and www.hammersunited.com.

Perhaps a Grealish masterclass on Wednesday will help.

Lily Hammer 10:45 Sun Jan 31
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
diehardhammer 10:22 Sun Jan 31

Spot on, and before that we played away to Anfield and had a very visual black balloon protest with lots of banners at kick off, and then supported the team 100%, and the team were excellent, nearly beating Liverpool when they were still flying.

We were looking good BEFORE lockdown, and it was, like it is now, down to Moyes and his coaching staff, and it does them a great disservice to suggest our success is because the supporters are not there.

goose 10:27 Sun Jan 31
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Bit of both I reckon, few games we’ve had narrow leads against poor teams and sat back.
With fans we all know we’d have been grumbling about it, and that feeds to the players.
On the flip side, games like Palace the fans would have pushed the team to maybe win against ten men.

It shouldn’t make a difference but it does.

diehardhammer 10:27 Sun Jan 31
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?

Where do they stand if we qualify for champions league, and it is a big IF?

Still want them gone, that will be the result of Moyes doing an excellent job not GSB. We are still one player short from how we entered the transfer window. They’re shafting Moyes.

That’s before we get to whole recruitment team/sporting director/training ground and other various reasons people are GSBOUT

diehardhammer 10:22 Sun Jan 31
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Lertie Button 9:41 Sun Jan 31

Sorry mate but that’s complete rubbish. Southampton at home last season was after the biggest protest March Hammers United did

Won 3-1 and played excellent and that’s after coming from a “big moan up” as some of the board supporters will describe it

Lertie Button 9:41 Sun Jan 31
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
The harsh reality our supporters have to face is that we're better without the fans there - at best supporters are an irrelevance at worst a malignant dead weight forever living in an imaginary glorious past.
Shanky's holy trinity is now club, players and TV we just have to live with it

Willtell 9:07 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Good point joyo. I actually think self entitled fans demanding rights they don’t legally have, caused uneasiness in the team. The fact WH is doing well without fans says a lot.

Having said that I still believe GSB are incompetent fools and that they should go. I reckon that the American who’s name I forget, will eventually take over...

joyo 8:31 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
I joined hammersunited and like the theme.. "support the team, not the regime", but serious question.. Where do they stand if we qualify for champions league, and it is a big IF?
Well it will be the next level!

Tomshardware 2:24 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Lot's of fans aren't happy with the bigger picture but most fans are enjoying what's happening on the pitch. However much you dislike G&S the decision to bring Moyes back has been a good one plus our signings have been much better in the past year.

Side of Ham 12:42 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Willtell 12:34 Sat Jan 30

Nope I just told you the reason I stopped which you’ve mocked and it’s not forgotten the rest is you trying to mince it up.....you gutless cunt from afar....

ChillTheKeel 12:40 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
There are two blatant cases of NPD on this gaff. Both live abroad, neither know anything about football and both are filthy grasses.

Willtell 12:37 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Good spot ChillTheKunt. I only come on WHO for 20 years because I’m an agent for Tottenham Ag Ag Ag

ChillTheKeel 12:36 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
joyo 12:31
Send joyo a WHOmail

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Ex-Pisshead,now piss taker and Ghandi\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s nemesis,who now posts as chutai and still sends me threats and abuse which I love!

Here is a classic WHOmail from chutai-
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I despair, I really do

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Willtell 12:34 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
I got my info on your attendance from you. You just lie about it now is all.

And I stopped going after emigrating you soppy pillock! I come onto WHO to chat WH because there’s few frogs aware WH even exists and I don’t care whether you hate me taking the piss out of you but it’s not difficult...

joyo 12:31 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
ChillTheKunt 11.26.....ha uh ha ha... Pot/kettle... If anyone hates West Ham and especially when we are, doing well it's you!!!

Side of Ham 12:11 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Willtell 1:38 Sat Jan 30


You don’t even know my attendance I’ve just let you drone on with that one as I’ve no need to tell you my exact attendance in recent years except it’s been fucking good hence I’ve seen first hand what these cunts are doing.

You however stated on here you stopped for good when Sam was in charge and that’s when I got my season ticket back again. There’s the difference you walk away at a whim because of who managed us. I walked away because of a personal problem at the time which affect my finances which you’ve tried badly to punish me for and I’ve now come back and supported the club I love.

You’re not worthy of the club and you treated it like the owners as a toy.....

In France you remain and so does your opinion on West Ham it’s meaningless and like you contributes nothing.

ChillTheKeel 11:26 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
Willgrass will be on Yid forums next telling them how much he hates us. Once the repulsive fucking idiot gets his tongue out of SERF's shitter, of course.

wanstead_hammer 11:24 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
The general gist of the post re the team and the parasites I mean.
I keep out of running squabbles. Sticks and stones and all that.

Willtell 10:37 Sat Jan 30
Re: Why aren't Hammers United happy?
HU aren't happy because they are fuelled by cunts from the Judean People's Front AKA WHO...

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