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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Alfs 2:39 Thu Jan 28
It seems more and more likely that this is going to happen. Jesse's keen to come and the clubs are haggling over the loan fee, reportedly. There's also a claim that if we get him we'll no longer pursue a new striker.

This baffles me. Who does he replace in our 1st XI? And more importantly, who plays up front if Antonio twangs his hamstring again?

Is Mipo some kind of wunderkind that we'll unleash if he does?

I'm not getting the logic to this one.

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BillyJenningsBoots 7:15 Sun Mar 7
Re: Lingard
Well that wasn't obvious and still doesn't seem to make sense...

BillyJenningsBoots 7:14 Sun Mar 7
Re: Lingard

blueeyed.handsomeman 7:14 Sun Mar 7
Re: Lingard
dont be silly billy,i was answering alfs question

BillyJenningsBoots 7:03 Sun Mar 7
Re: Lingard
What are you talking about bhm he can't play as he is on loan and is ineligible to play....

Have a word with yourself... I fear your mind is going some of the things you've come out with recently is worrying. Are you OK?

blueeyed.handsomeman 6:52 Sun Mar 7
Re: Lingard
its a squad game,and he if in form and the manager/coach feels that he is suitable he will make the matchday squad as probably an attacking midfielder

marty feldman 6:37 Sun Mar 7
Re: Lingard
No sadly.

solidbond 6:34 Sun Mar 7
Re: Lingard
Can he play against the mancs next week?

VirginiaHam 10:18 Mon Mar 1
Re: Lingard
Far Cough 6:15 Sun Feb 28

Has to be a better option than a lumpy Frenchman who costs 45m.

Queens Fish Bar 9:51 Mon Mar 1
Re: Lingard
Mad Dog 9:28 Thu Jan 28

Except he is proving he fits the team with the way he and they have been playing?

Mex Martillo 5:54 Mon Mar 1
Re: Lingard
That’s a bit naughty, Alfs.

Alfs 6:43 Mon Mar 1
Re: Lingard
He'll stay if he gets reassurances that we're building rather than selling. Rice is on the same page. They get on with each other exceptionally well. Mason may be getting a little jealous.

Just what I've been told. Take it as you like.

Darlo Debs 2:22 Mon Mar 1
Re: Lingard
Was, like many on.here, not entirely sure this was the best move but happy to be wrong, he is a great loan signing, and well worth 20m.

Seems really happy being a hammer too

Mex Martillo 7:38 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
If we do get into Europe, I think he will stay with us. Actually I think we will hold onto all our top players if we’re into Europe.

Side of Ham 6:44 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
Why don’t we just sit back and ensure this is the kind of performance we will get for the majority of games? Worrying about what may or may not happen is why we are often seen as a two bob club, we are in pole position if he is indeed sold by Manchester United we signed him and he is already doing his best to embed himself into our club. I like him and it’s clear he likes our club.

Far Cough 6:36 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
I'm pretty sure clubs can have a pre window agreement?

What we don't want is an auction, the bloke seems quite happy here and if we do make Europe, all the better for him and us

gph 6:24 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
Can we pay for him now?

Before he puts his price up by continuing to play well.

I'm guessing no.

I mean, there must be some reason why it's called a transfer window.

Far Cough 6:15 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
Man U have set a price of 20 million on Lingard:



Fifth Column 5:13 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
Also, would you rather live in Leicester or London? I'd be more concerned about Arsenal potentially coming in for him.

Stevethehammer 3:38 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
Leicester might be interested but will he walk into their team considering how good their midfield is.
He compliments our team so well and baring injury Moyes will pick him every week.
We have a good mix of English players that he already knows and the team morale right now is the best it has been in years, Lingard has taken to the club early on and bought in some extra spark to the dressing room and the pitch.
Leicester might have some pull about them but I think with an offer from us or them on the table, I'd fancy our chances.

geoffpikey 2:51 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
Leicester interested, reportedly. Which is a major worry if we have serious ambitions of signing him full time in the summer. But, again, reportedly trying to extend Harvey Barnes' contract amid interest from Liverpool and Manchester Utd so hopefully they spend all their money on him. Similar (ish) players.

geoffpikey 2:43 Sun Feb 28
Re: Lingard
"terrible" yesterday?!

Micah Richards thought he was our best player. Again.

Of course, ex-pro pundits are sometimes clueless. On the other hand...

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