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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Bishopsfinger 9:37 Sun Feb 7
If you are looking for something to watch try the Detectorists it’s quality. Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones bbc iPlayer. 3 seasons. Some of the best TV you will see.

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theaxeman 2:03 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists

If you like that you may like Still Game

theaxeman 1:54 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
I can recommend 'Back to Life' similar type of comedy as the above.

Eastside surge 1:52 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
I've been re watching two doors down recently, always makes me chuckle, also "pulling " from a few years ago both available on the bbc iplayer

theaxeman 1:48 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists

Rev is excellent!

Bishopsfinger 1:45 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Alfs. Well done mate and very interesting

bigst 1:30 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists

the exile 1:13 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Cheers Nurse. I've never heard of Getting On. I remember seeing trailers for Rev but never watched it. The trouble is, if a show comes up on an evening I'm always out, it'll just pass me by. I'm a bit old school about this, I suppose. No Netflix etc. Thanks for the tips, though.

Nurse Ratched 12:28 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists

Two other comedies you might like are 'Getting On' and 'Rev'

the exile 11:27 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Absolutely love this. I only discovered it half way through the second series and it didn't immediately grab me but I was soon hooked. Fabulous writing - it's not in-your-face funny but wonderfully subtle and intelligent, very British humour.

charlie paynter 11:16 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Alfs 3:50 Mon Feb 8

Nice one Alfs, interesting story. Frustrating that it never came out in the end. Is there still hope it might one day? I guess once it's sold, it's out of your hands?

Eastside surge 10:38 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
" I'm gonna have a wander over " .........."over "

chav_corner 10:30 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Really enjoyed it.You dont see many detectorists down Plaistow High Street.Loved the bit when he cant work the TV remotes,reminded me of myself!

Tomshardware 8:16 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Great series.

Alfs 3:50 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Bishopsfinger 10:49 Sun Feb 7

I've written a fair bit of kids telly so I can answer that.

In short, even if you're a name like McKenzie it's fucking hard, though admittedly easier that someone who isn't.

A common misconception is that TV is a closed shop, full of nepotism and favouritism. The truth is that every production company is desperate for great new writing and they don't give a damn who it's written by.

The BBC invite submissions from new writers and though hardly any get made some are fast-tracked on to a BBC writers scheme and given an episode or two of East Enders to write (I'd rather have my testicles battered by a medieval mace personally).

I had zero experience when I sold my 1st film script. I wrote it, printed it out about 50 - 60 times, and sent it off to various productions companies, who I found in the Writers Year Book.

A tiny Welsh production company eventually contacted me saying they loved it but a feature film was out of their league but recommended that I apply for Moonstone. I'd never heard of it but it was the British arm of Sundance. A laboratory of new screenwriters being mentored by some of the worlds best screenwriters.

I got in and a few months later I was standing at a urinal next to the man who wrote The Magnificent Seven, sadly one of the highlights of my life.

Another of my mentors was Shaun Slovo (Captains Corelli's Mandolin, Brigit Jones Diaries) who gave me a real grilling over my script, picking holes in it, attacking it even. I truly thought that she hated it.

I went home and started posting it out again when I got a call from my new agent that I'd secured on the back of being selected for Moonstone telling me that she's received a pretty amazing offer from a production company.

She was as stunned as I. She hadn't submitted it to anyone as she thought it wasn't yet good enough (shows what people know).

It turns out that Shaun had sent it to her sister who was a development exec at a major prod co. She then told her boss to read it that night. He did and made the offer.

There's a huge chapter or two on what happened next but I tell this story not just to answer Bishop's question or boast about having sold a script (for a huge sum (swt) but also to tell you all that anyone and everyone has a chance to make a living as a writer. I failed my English CSE, for God's sake!

If you're good enough and persistent enough, you've got a chance. If you're not, just have fun trying anyway. You'll only improve.

Oh, and the film was never made.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:22 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
I'll be honest I think this is as dull a comedy as you could ever imagine. Part of it's charm I guess. A TV transmittable valium.

Manuel 2:57 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
This show has been discussed on here for years, Bishops, son. It is good, but I wouldn't go over the top about it like some do.

lowlife 2:46 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Watched this over a couple of days a few months ago. Loved it - really watchable.

Any Old Iron 12:49 Mon Feb 8
Re: Detectorists
Bishopsfinger 9:37 Sun Feb 7

Blimey, you're a bit late. This fantastic show was being discussed on here years ago.
I've had all three series on my DVR since it first showed and return to them frequently. Never fail to enjoy them.
It's been a gem in a sea of turds over the past ten years or so.

Bishopsfinger 10:49 Sun Feb 7
Re: Detectorists
He did the new Worzel Gummidge I watched with the kids. Similar feel and sound track. Has the some flow.

Hopefully more to come from him cracking writer. How these people get these ideas and manage to get it to screen is amazing. Toby Jones is class. The soundtrack fits it perfectly. Reminds me of warm Summer days and childhood. To imagine what’s just feet and sometimes inches under our feet that could change our fortunes. Gets you thinking.

1 billy - you’re welcome mate the other thread needs wiping and starting a fresh.

Fo the Communist 10:48 Sun Feb 7
Re: Detectorists
Fucken baasterd.

Magical line.

Grumpster 10:44 Sun Feb 7
Re: Detectorists
Probably number 2 for me behind blackadder.

Watched it all 3/4 times and the sort of thing I could watch every week over and over.

It's genius.

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