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Alfs 2:30 Wed Feb 10
Shit debuts
Okay, I know Mipo's was strictly a debut but to make him feel better (as he undoubtedly reads WHO every day) what other West Ham players had a shit start to their WH career but turned it around?

I remember Winston Reid had a pretty horrific start.

Who else?

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southbankbornnbred 8:16 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shit debuts
Almost every home game, that should read.

southbankbornnbred 8:01 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shit debuts
I went to almost every game Chapman played for us. For a ridiculously limited player, he made himself a nuisance in the brief period he was with us. He's not my sort of player, at all, but all credit to him: he put himself about on behalf of a poor team, made defenders' lives uncomfortable and bagged the odd goal.

You couldn't do anything with him: he could barely stand at the end of matches and his 'mobility' was non-existent. Yet he somehow contrived to be a handful - because he was a determined fecker. He'd lean all over defenders and win little flick-ons all day. Centre halves hated him. Many significantly more talented players have done worse for us through lack of effort.

Chapman had little football skill. Yet he made the very most of what he did have. I told him this during a drunken night in his restaurant in Clapham. Funny enough, he seemed to enjoy my review of his West Ham career - and bought us all a drink!

, 12:11 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shit debuts
As regards actual debut games being bad there are a few that have already mentioned.

But spare a thought for players who came in and totally failed to perform.

I give you John Radford the ex Arsenal CF who played 28 games for us without finding the net. At least Ted McDougall and Lee Chapman managed a few goals for us ( sharing ten goals in total ).

Just goes to show that we have regularly being troubled finding strikers who can put the ball away.

southbankbornnbred 11:57 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shit debuts
Sir Alf,

You’re forgetting home-grown Zamora, fella.

Although he didn’t have a poor debut.

Takashi Miike 11:46 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shit debuts
Ilic is the worst I've seen. he didn't look that bad in a few games for charlton but he was like a nervous wreck that day, genuinely scary to watch

Timmy Breacker 11:43 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shit debuts


SteveJacko 10:10 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Callum McNaughton, sent off after 47 mins against Aldershot in the league cup. We lost 2-1, don’t think he ever appeared again.

Joe C 10:09 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Sasa Ilic

Side of Ham 10:06 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
boltkunt 11:56 Thu Feb 11

You wouldn't say that to Michael's face......

zebthecat 10:05 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Jonathan Woodgate had an absolute shocker but ended up a weird cult hero at Real.

Ali Dia is the funniest one due to the back story.

Sir Alf 9:59 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Someone on another site reminded us of that awful game Johnson had in the friendly this pre-season. Ok he had already played well in a couple of games for the first team the previous season but nonetheless it set him back no end and he was not seen for months. But he seems ( Lucky Alf worries about giving him the kiss of death ) to have come back stronger, been coached, listened and he looked strong, positive, good passing and good enough based on his appearance in midweek and a few games back too.

So all is not lost but as I mentioned earlier and others have remarked, this is not a Mason Greenwood just yet so it might be that he is not ready until early twenties. I just worry that without genuine pace he is going to have to do a lot of strengthening and toughening up. Get his diet sorted, weights etc. One assumes he can finish but he will need strength, good control, positioning and awareness to get in the positions to use it. Saw none of that yet tbh but as also mentioned we hardly had the ball, Yarmalenko was not much better so lets see a few cameos in otther games first before coming to any conclusions.

Was Tony Cottee the last home grown forward of quality we developed? Well I suppose Defoe but we pinched him from Charlton at 16 so he was hardly home grown?

MaryMillingtonsGhost 9:35 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Mad Dog 9:31

Also Jankewitz for Southampton.
Lasted all of 2 minutes.

Mad Dog 9:31 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Not for us, But johnathan woodgate's real Madrid debut has to take some beating.

For us alex Bunbury looked good in the warm up. But looked like he'd never played a game of 11 a side when it kicked off. (Anglo Italian cup)

Sasa illic must be one of our worst debuts

Haz 7:14 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
My apologies, Sir!

overbyyer 5:48 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts

Haz wrote...

Re: Shit debuts
I cannot believe anyone hasn't mentioned Scott Minto!

9.14 Wed 10th.... .....

Swiss. 4:10 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Jeroen Boere was sent off in his debut.

RIP son.

Faux Bare 4:08 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Manuel Pellegrini

goose 4:04 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Sasa Ilic

mallard 3:45 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Who was the foreign keeper we had on loan from Charlton (I think) his name escapes me, but he had a mare on his debut

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:43 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
cup of tea 1:30 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts

Tarrico gets a pass because of injury and being classy enough to rip up the agreement rather than sit in the treatment room taking the cash.

goose 3:25 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shit debuts
Savio’s debut - Man City at home? - was mildly encouraging from what I remember.
Didn’t he kind of set up the winning goal?

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