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Dandy Lyon 5:22 Wed Feb 10
Paedophile Jailed
A man who posed as teenage girls online and blackmailed 51 boys into sending him indecent images of themselves has been jailed for 25 years.

Dravid Walid (made up name) 36, of Kirstead, King's Lynn, Norfolk, admitted 96 offences in November at Ipswich Crown Court.

In some cases he threatened to share indecent images of the boys online unless they sent him footage of them abusing younger siblings or friends.

The judge described Walid as "extremely dangerous" and "sadistic".

Surprised this hadn’t been posted already

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Alfs 4:44 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Look on the bright side. No more Milly posts for 25 years.

lowermarshhammer 4:24 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
What a bizarre thread even by WHO standards.

, 1:48 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Marlins 10.33.

Regarding the grooming gang issues not only was the story against Starmer rebutted but no less than Downing Street rebuked certain Tory MPs, like the toxic Nadine Dorries for example, for tweeting misleading bites from a doctored video.

The decision not to prosecute Savile pre dated Starmer being at the CPS and was taken because at that time the “victims” refused to take legal action against him. That those aggrieved were adamant about not appearing in Court meant that it would not lead to a successful prosecution.

With regards to Worboys the procedure is to prosecute on several cases of certainty and this was done. Worboys of course still being banged up after failing to get parole. Rightly so.

It’s a sad situation that the very people who produce these misleading tracts about Starmer claiming incompetence etc are doing it in support of a known and twice sacked liar.

riosleftsock 12:52 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Here you go Dandy, here's some red meat for you to virtue signal over.


ray winstone 12:48 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
‘Clumsy comments’, oh, that’s ok then.

marlonsrightsock 12:12 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
ray not necessary as I remember his clumsy comments, he was referring to historic cases

ray winstone 12:12 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
KZ, I’m surprised you’re not embarrassed by the behaviour of your hero Bozo and his contemporaries, you might want to keep quiet.

Kaiser Zoso 12:08 Thu Feb 11
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Fancy seeing you all over this thread Ray, I’d have lost good money on this?

ray winstone 11:55 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
marlon, here you are.....


gph 11:28 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
I hope there isn't a real Dravid Walid (there are real people from mixed Hindu-Muslim backgrounds, and there are real people who use surnames as given names).

marlonsrightsock 11:27 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
ray how about some context or are you content to lie as well

ray winstone 11:24 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
We have a PM who thinks that money spent on child abuse cases is money being ‘spaffed up the wall’, what a guy.

marlonsrightsock 10:33 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
comma 8.35 actually it's your post that's not true, Starmer was Head of the CPS from 2008 to 2013 he was at the start of the grooming gang scandals, he didn't want to prosecute the perpetrators, no doubt under pressure from the Labour Prime Minister at the time. You remember the same PM and Home Sec, Smith who hushed up the other gangs in Rotherham, Telford etc Who will ever forget the disgusting Naz Shah views on child rape and Sir Keir still stands by her

Starmer was also in situ when the Saville case arrived on his desk, guess what, that one also never went further than the in tray.

Then there was Worboys, the cabbie and for some reason when faced with new cases from victims, he decided not to press further chares against Worboys

He then oversaw a decline in the prosecution of rape cases by introducing guidance which made it more difficult for the OB to bring forward cases

He then put forward changes after he resigned from the CPS and was an elected MP to make the PLP look proactive, but these were amendments he could've made when he was head of the CPS

jfk 10:16 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
I took a instant dislike to this dandy bollocks cock.
A good stern stabbing between the eyes wouldn’t go amiss.

Nurse Ratched 9:23 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Jaan 8:39

Young Boys?

Jaan Kenbrovin 8:39 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Alfs 8:31 Wed Feb 10

Nantes Bait?

joyo 8:37 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Typical hateful leftie WOKE moron

, 8:35 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Bolty your post of 6.06 is not true and has been officially rebutted by Starmer and the CPS.

Alfs 8:31 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
I wonder what his new user name will be?

chim chim cha boo 8:14 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
What the FUCK is this thread and poster all about?

Retarded even by WHO standards.

Browno22 7:46 Wed Feb 10
Re: Paedophile Jailed
Fucking embarrassing

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