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blueeyed.handsomeman 11:14 Wed Feb 17
indian food
in my life i must have partaken of the delights of indian cuisine in many countries,

i dont remember the names of most indian restaurants,

but a particular favourite in my memories is SABRA IN richmond,

name one of your favourites

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blueeyed.handsomeman 8:53 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
when I arrived in NZ THE FIRST TIME IN 1987,there was only 5 indianesque eateries in Auckland


Aalborg Hammer 8:43 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
blueeyedhandsomeman...We went to New Zealand and noticed that the Indian menu was totally different to the UK menus..and the ones they did do that we knew tasted different

Westham67 5:40 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
Some very decent Indian food in Malaysia

jfk 5:39 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
Indian cuisine (only around 30% of Indians are vegetarian)is far superior to the Bangladeshi or Pakistani substandard mostly muck houses
that litter our once prosperous high streets.

blueeyed.handsomeman 5:12 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
you know so much about the anal regions of our sub continent cousins,norm what are you doing when they are passing motions

lowermarshhammer 4:14 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
I worked with loads of Indians and Pakistanis.

They generally hated each other.

On an individual level.some of them were decent blokes. Some were cunts.

Some really did stunk of curry. They'd point out that white English people stunk of dairy products especially before midday.

normannomates 4:10 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
Just remember one thing..
They don't wipe their arses..

blueeyed.handsomeman 2:04 Sun Feb 21
Re: indian food
Taj Spiice was Little Berts most recommended Indian Restaurant in Hawkes bay NZ,


Fortunes Hiding 1:00 Fri Feb 19
Re: indian food
Small place behind Ilford train station very good; Apni Rasoi

Browno22 7:30 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Fusion, Chadwell Heath Station Road - lovely stuff if a little oily
Khan, Shoeburyness high Street - top quality but of course better to eat in than take away

Got to be a dhansak every time with the heat up to a madras or vindaloo if I am feeling it

Woodford Green 7:19 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Coffee 11:29 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food

Coffee - the Gujaratis form the majority out there but there are plenty of Punjabis there. I was in Kampala 5 years ago and was driven past a Gudwara and went to a restaurant run by Sikhs.

Tanglefoot 7:17 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Mr Burns, yes, that's the one, Bob's special chicken. The irony is that Bob no longer enjoys that dish! Lovely place though and staff look after their regulars. Best selection of dips for poppadums you will ever find!

aldgate 6:56 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
tanglefoot - blimey that takes me back. Had my first ever curry in the kushoom bugh when i was 14 back in 1981. My girlfriend's parents took us there - first time i'd tasted food like that. Glad to hear it's still going. Not sure what happened to my first girlfriend though

Mr. Burns 5:34 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Is that Bob’s special chicken or something similar Tangle?

Tanglefoot 5:12 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Kushoom Burgh in Upminster is a great old school Curry house, great quality and decent portions. They do a starter called Sargha Chicken which is a thing of beauty! My mates dad used to supply the chicken to them from Smithfields and has been going there since it opened in the late 70s and now has a dish on the menu named after him. Great place to spend a few hours eating and drinking.

lab 12:18 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Mr Burns , no I don’t ,must confess I’ve never been able to take to the sport .

Coffee 12:04 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Big Dawg 11:45 Thu Feb 18

In Bengali, Sangam means intercourse.

Perhaps what you eat between the starter and the main?

Cheezey Bell-End 11:59 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
There used to be an Indian place called Zanzibar up the top of Bromley high street opposite the cinema.
I only went there once, but the food was decent. I never went back because I got there early and witnessed the owner insist all the arriving (non Indian) female staff kiss him on the lips. Place is gone now.
I lived right next door to the Shortlands tandoori which I frequented.

Sniper 11:52 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Alan Devonshire / Mary Millington

I always used to go to the Bombay in Green st Green when I lived Orpington and Bromley - it’s been a long time since I’ve been but it used to be superb, cracking Sunday buffet as well

The Curry Centre on Orpington High Street was famous as well before it closed - although that’s because someone leaked footage of the staff scraping people’s leftovers back into pans for cooking and tipping peoples leftover beers back into glasses to serve to new customers - it was on Britain’s worst restaurants


Northern Sold 11:50 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
I normally go Madras or Vindaloo so not being funny if a Indian can't do one of them decentish it does not deserve to be trading... so no real restuarants stick out... the only one that does and it's when we go all tandori is Lahores in Commercial Road... you know a decent place if it's full up with Asians and Old Bill... and that place was the 4 or 5 times we went there... their lamb chops are pretty fucking special

Big Dawg 11:45 Thu Feb 18
Re: indian food
Woodford Green 11:29 Wed Feb 17
Re: indian food

Agree Century on Romford Road is great, not quite as good as Regency in Queensbury but very decent.

For work, I previously got to travel to Prague a lot as my project team are based there. There is a blinding Indian there - called Sangam. If you check out tripadvisor, best overall restuarant in Prague. Sachin Tendulkar has been there and theres always loads of Indians in there.

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