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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

OLD GEEZER 12:47 Tue Feb 23
Odds against City
5/1 draw
11/1 win
Got to be worth a punt.

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Grumpster 5:56 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
Not sure it would be worth a punt at 50/1.

They look on a different planet to anyone else at the moment.

Suppose considering we're only 3 places below them 11/1 looks massive.

Side of Ham 4:32 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
No, not our ONLY centre forward with a history of hamstring layoffs.....if we had a squad I would be LIVID if he was left out, knowing we had a ready replacement.....

Vexed 4:21 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
Yeah we wouldn't want our centre forward running around would we?

Side of Ham 4:19 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
I'm thinking it may be to do with him doing a lot of running around to not see a lot of the ball.....

Vexed 4:13 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
Why the fuck are people resting Antonio?

crystal falace 4:00 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
Yes they're away in Europe in the week but with their squad they will probably just rotate in 4/5 more world class players who are nice and fresh.

It's basically a free hit for us though so keep it tight first half and try and nick a winner in the 2nd.

onsideman 3:43 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
yeah, they're in form - but WBA got a point there and the run has to end at some point.

I'm going to have a bit of that 5-1 on a draw

geoffpikey 3:29 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City

That's not the score, that's the odds of us having a shot. ONLY JOKING.

Romfordboy 3:03 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
The draw might be worth cheeky punt to build up the chelts pot... they are away tomorrow so we may catch them a bit cold

I’m hoping the confidence is high and we don’t surrender like the Liverpool game

BRANDED 2:59 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
I think we can beat them

fraser 2:54 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
Joyo - not doom and gloom just being realistic, the way they're playing at the moment is expect anyone to lose to them.

They've beaten a lot of very good teams easily.

Dandy Lyon 2:33 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
The history of Moyes suggests we will concede possession to them and just try to shut them out.

In a season like this where we are flying, although it might not be what I want to watch week in week out, I’ll just sit back and watch hoping it’s one of the rare occasions where it works.

Like Mourinho, crap football is acceptable if it’s successful. When it stops becoming successful or when we stop improving (like Moyes at Everton) it becomes unacceptable.

joyo 2:19 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
4th in table and in good form yet so many posters are still doom and gloom merchants

El Scorchio 2:16 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
If we do what we did against Liverpool and Man U then it'll be a defence vs attack drill, and just a case of how long until they score.

Our best bet is to be a bit ambitious early and try to go one up. Give them at least something to think about defensively rather than just letting them play keep ball. We will need to try and hit them on the break and use our pace.

We need to just try and bully them as well. We are a far bigger and more physical team than them. Might be a bit ugly but get the ball in the box for our big men to get at them. They won't be able to handle it.

I'd rather we went 1-0 down because we were trying to score, than trying to just doggedly defend from the off. Tweak the tactics as the game goes on, depending on what happens.

Dandy Lyon 2:13 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
My prediction is we’ll sit with two banks of 5 and look to frustrate them and hopefully get the odd break away where they give away a foul or corner.

If it works, it’ll be brilliant albeit dull. If it doesn’t it’ll be frustrating and dull.

ludo21 1:24 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
City were amazing in the first 20 mins v Arsenal, scored after 2 mins and should have been 3 up. After that they let Arsenal into the game and were pretty average.

They travel to Budapest and play on Wednesday night, so you never know they may be a bit fatigued with an early start on Saturday.

I'm sure Moyes will sit back and do a damage limitation job and be happy with a 1-0 loss but I'd like to see us go at them from the start. Rather lose 4-2 than 1-0 personally.

gph 1:12 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
No-one is invincible.

Doubt we'll vince them, though.

If it was played 11 times, I doubt we'd win one.

Unless it was 11 times in a row, and we sat back and let them get knackered in the first ten.

Nick QQQ 1:10 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
It's going to be 5-5. Soucek getting all 5

Johnson 1:10 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
We should in theory have a go, but the time for that was against a weakened and out of form Liverpool allowing us to camp in our half for this one.

I would play our normal game first 20 and see where we are at, then adjust accordingly. It could be a cricket score if we're not careful and too gung-ho as I think City's movement will be too much for the likes of Diop.

Block 1:07 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
Lingard will score twice and Soucek.


GreenStreetPlayer 1:06 Tue Feb 23
Re: Odds against City
If we don’t win the toss for the kick off then we won’t see the ball!

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