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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

the exile 2:36 Tue Feb 23
Team for Man City.
Let's face it, City are effectively the champions elect and are looking ominously good at the moment. We are flying too, but it will take a truly exceptional performance to get anything out of this one, though we are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with these days, so anything can happen.

It's going to need to be a predominantly defensive effort, so I would expect us to go for three at the back. If we do go for this formation, the team picks itself apart from one of the forwards, so I expect the main debate, apart from the formation itself, to be about whether Bowen, Fornals or Benrahma gets the nod.

When we're not defending, our big challenge is going to be to make the best use as possible of what little possession we get. City will give us precious little time and space on the ball, and under those circumstances, I think the one who has the best chance of making something happen is Benrahma.

Diop Dawson Cresswell
Coufal Rice Soucek Johnson
Lingard Antonio Benrahma

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fraser 2:19 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.
COYI - You said that before as well and you was wrong.. But then you didn't post again on the team thread..

This time you was right and here you are saying I told you so, it's a bit sad and pathetic but as expected.

Come On You Irons 2:14 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.
I told you all it was guaranteed that Benrahma wouldn't start. It was a no brainer.

daveyg 2:07 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.
Sir Alf
Are you going to congratulate me if we win or are you saying that it's your choice too ?
If it goes the other way it's definitely your fault ;)

the exile 1:16 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.
Actually I don't think Alf's idea is such a bad one. I agree with daveyg that Fornals is a more intelligent player, but that only applies to his attacking play. If you watch him in defensive situations he runs about a lot but is often guilty of ball watching rather than picking up opposition runners. Fredericks has much more defensive know-how and ability as well as his superb pace. Depends how Moyes wants to set us up, I suppose.

Manuel 4:34 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.
fraser 12:40 Sat Feb 27

He can cut the oranges tomorrow''

Made me chuckle that.

fraser 12:48 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.
I thought Fredericks was injured?

Sir Alf 12:42 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.

Well Fornals would be the other choice for bolstering the midfield and you are correct that he is technically much better and has the football intelligence as regards positioning etc but more attack minded and in a game where we will be without the ball most of the time I went with the more physically able and IMO much quicker Fredericks. But it’s all about opinions and I suspect Moyes may well start. With Fornals. If we lose I can claim I am a managerial genius ;-). Of course I’m buggered if Fredericks does play and we still get tonked. That will confirm my status as a no nothing armchair manager:-)

fraser 12:40 Sat Feb 27
Re: Team for Man City.
He can cut the oranges tomorrow..

Fortunes Hiding 11:55 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.

What’s Pearce doing in the studio for Derby VS Forrest?

He should be at home preparing for City.

daveyg 10:24 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
Sir Alf
Sorry mate but your analysis of the team to play falls down immediatley. You've put our least intelligent player in the team just because he has a bit of pace, headless chicken more like,that's why he struggled at first against Villa.
Fornals has more intelligence than any one of Bowen,Benrhama or Fredericks and is deceptively quick.

Dandy Lyon 9:41 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
Start what?

Jasnik 9:33 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
I want to see Lanzini start

Dandy Lyon 9:33 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
It would completely against Moyes whole managerial career if we tried to win this.

With that in mind, it’s pointless playing Antonio and risk him getting injured. Might as well save him for games we’ll try to win.

Sir Alf 9:30 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
Of course the other option is to get 5 players to stand on the shoulders of the other five in the goal along with Fabinanski and rely on rebounds. ( tactic courtesy of the late, great Alan Latchely ( Peter Cook :-) ) who was Hartlepool's youngest manager at the age of 16 before managing "Scunny" aka Scunthorpe ). He also would kidnap his players wives before games to make them mad believing that the rage it sent them into was "adrenaline inducing". A master tactician. ;-)

Sir Alf 9:23 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
IMHO and probably seen as negative by those who think we can take the game to City ( footballing suicide IMO though ).

The teams that have had some success against City ( albeit a while back now ) pressed them high up the pitch, denied them space and stopped their creativity in midfield and the supply going forward but all 11 of their players including the keeper are top quality technically and all with near perfect passing, one touch control, non-stop movement in the middle and up front. Its all very fluid ( oooh err ). They will look to get down the sides and through the middle and our offside trap will have to be perfect.

Unfortunately IMO, mobility is still a weakness for us as a team. We have the defensive discipline and keep our shape very well but even with the Rice/Soucek axis , keeping tabs and pressing City IMO will be impossible without loading up the midfield.

Lets be honest, we don't dominate possession against any team so the possession masters of this league will get 80%+ in the game.

With all this taken into account, I cant see how Moyes can do much else than defend in numbers, compact and look for one or two counter attacks or set pieces with the very few chances we will get. A 0-0 draw is going to be the best bet if we are completely honest. City do not concede these days which means any chance we do get has to be taken..

Hence a defence first selection because the other main aim tomorrow if they do score first , and its likely isnt it? is damage limitation. We dont want to be wrecking our goals against. So I've gone for Fredericks to bolster the midfield. Ok he's not the greatest technically but he is quick, can help make the midfield more compact and help Rice and Soucek with pressing.

--------Diop -- Dawson-- Cresswell
Coufal ----------------------Johnson
Fredericks -----Soucek ---- Rice --- Lingard
------------------ Antonio

Its great being an armchair numpty. No consequences and all so easy when its not your job. Just hoping we can give them a game.

Lertie Button 9:19 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
Important we keep things tight at the back for the first 98 minutes or so, then cross the halfway line.
Park the fleet of buses

fraser 9:09 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
Our whole team are guilty of squandering possession, Benrahma is no worse than any of the other AM... Often good opportunities from breaks end up without a shot on goal and lost possession.

We were awful Sunday at keeping the ball and Benrahma wasn't playing

We need to improve that massively and they will press the fuck out of us.

daveyg 8:54 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
Agree in a way but he will also get fouled more than the other two and that will two benefits in a) will give the defence a break b) a set piece is our best way of scoring atm.
Fornals and Bowen often lose the ball too in shooting poistions when then they wait to long to shoot, it almost happened agaisnt Spurs when Fornals didn't shoot , lost the ball and but for Rice, Spurs would of done.

solidbond 8:46 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
Daveyg. Can't afford the luxury of benrahma starting, gives possession away to much and city will take full advantage.Ball retention needs to be spot on tomorrow if we are to have any chance of getting something from the game

daveyg 8:25 Fri Feb 26
Re: Team for Man City.
I think having a back 3 enables us to play Benrhama . I feel he will cause City more problems than Fornals or Bowen. Johnson will give us some pace and strength in there too plus cover for Creswells. Let's have someone on the front post at corners,we've been caught out a few times too, not Cresswell though.
We only have 3 games in March plus a 8 day break after this, full on for this

fraser 8:52 Wed Feb 24
Re: Team for Man City.
Crystal - The match Wouid need to last at least 2 seasons for that to happen

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