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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Leonard Hatred 4:22 Sun Feb 28
Clinton Morrison
"It's like...like...totally, like, unbelievable. The ball, like, comes in and like, he totally , like, hits it and it's like, totally unbelievable" etc etc.


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mallard 10:58 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
Ag @ Bon Jovi !

Far Cough 10:55 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
Yes Dublin, Keane and Keown are good as well as Joe Cole

joe royal 10:47 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
Carlton “Em, ar em Cole is far worse.

Sven Roeder 9:41 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
Might come as a shock but some 37yo black guys might not be up on 52yo Beatles songs.
Might have other musical interests than SCOUSE BOY BANDS from his GRANDADS era

Leonard Hatred 9:16 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
The worst one I've heard recently is Darren Bent.

On Talksport they do a music quiz amongst the presenters. They play a bit of music, the presenter has to name the artist.

Bent had already revealed himself to be a bit of a dunce, so they gave him an easy one.

They played the outro if Hey Jude, the "na...na na...na na na na" bit, and said "who's that?"

And he said...


Lato 8:15 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
And despite Chris Kamara trying to cripple Frankie, I like him as a match day reporter too.

Lato 8:13 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
IMO Dion Dublin is good also!

The old c wing 8:11 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
Of the black pundits Richards is very good I think, Morrison is clearly a mentalist and Jenas is both boring and white.

That being said, some of the Uber cunts that sky has had over the years need shooting.

My favourite recently was Karen Carney on 5 live, being flummoxed by the word ‘ominous’ and trying to make a joke with the presenter about him using big words.

The bbc at the very least should not be allowed to employ thick people, being articulate and intelligent should be pretty high up the job spec. If nothing else for the sake of any kids listening to it.

Lato 7:55 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
Could be worse.......Chris Sutton could be on Sky!

billywhitehorse 7:34 Wed Mar 3
Re: Clinton Morrison
He's on TV again with Andy Cole as the 'experts' in the Sky studio for tonight's games.

I shall be muting the sound so any pearls of wisdom will be lost.

Block 2:19 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
Agreed, Chigwell.

Used to watch Jeff, Charlie, Thommo, Merson and Le Tissier every weekend, they were excellent to watch.

Now, it's so watered down with female footballers who look like Fatima Whitbred on aids and shit lower league black players just to save face.

Chigwell 2:17 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
I wish this diversity imperative could be set aside, and TV commentators / pundits selected based on how articulate and insightful they are. Being an ex-pro does not mean you have to be gibbering or stupid: listen to Gregor Robertson on Times Radio for example.

BRANDED 12:11 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
My fave co innit

Sven Roeder 11:59 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
As annoying as he is watching Jenas commentating on a game when Spurs are being Spursy is a joy.
Am hoping he does the League cup final and Man City do them about 6-0

Helmut Shown 11:52 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
A complete plank but you can just about understand what he 's saying unlike Jamie Carragher who needs subtitling. Fed up of seeing that biased little creep Jenas too.

Mike Oxsaw 11:50 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
Sir Alf 9:55 Mon Mar 1

It's all image because that is the only product the media have.

Anything that generates interest gets prioritised - as soon as another trait trends, that will become highly evident in MSM.

Johnson 11:41 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
Likeable bloke but has no place in punditry as he is a simpleton.

Poor man's Micah Richards.

Sniper 11:39 Tue Mar 2
Re: Clinton Morrison
He seems like a decent bloke

But he’s not a great commentator

And he wasn’t really a particularly good player either!

Sir Alf 9:55 Mon Mar 1
Re: Clinton Morrison
Not enough diversity yet, we need a pan sexual, gender fluid, one legged, lesbian to tick a few more boxes. The ultimately "woke" dream is all of that and in addition someone that is deaf and dumb who will use "sign language" or semaphor as a commentator. Could be entertaining ( wanker sign when a player misses a good chance or score an og)

Being slightly serious, I do get the idea behind diversity and fairer representation, equality etc. but these moves in the media do seem like token gestures. A huge global shake up and change of economic models and in education ( the main one ) and political systems would be needed to really improve equality. It will take more than a life time or two or it becomes a revolution which usually creates as much or more problems than already existed if history has anything to go by.

Hermit Road 9:42 Mon Mar 1
Re: Clinton Morrison
I like him, not because he’s a good commentator, they’re all really shit, seems decent though

theaxeman 9:27 Mon Mar 1
Re: Clinton Morrison

happygilmore 4:39 Sun Feb 28

What you talking about Merson is inept and has been on it years

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