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a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
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d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Coffee 11:31 Mon Mar 1
Is there any part of the UK you've been to where you haven't been able to understand the way the locals talk?

How does your accent compare to the way your parents or grandparents spoke?

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mashed in maryland 3:11 Sat Mar 6
Re: Accents
"Hate Accent - Darlo (its wishy washy with stupid sayings like starting sentences with Now Then)"

Reet need to get over their sens

ray winstone 12:38 Sat Mar 6
Re: Accents
joe royal 11:18 Sat Mar 6

What Podcast are you listening to, sounds interesting....

Darlo Debs 11:37 Sat Mar 6
Re: Accents
Love accent - Southern irish
Funny accent - Brummie (makes intelligent people sound stupid)
Hate Accent - Darlo (its wishy washy with stupid sayings like starting sentences with Now Then)

joe royal 11:18 Sat Mar 6
Re: Accents
Only accents i regularly hear are Polish and Pakistani.

Northern Sold 10:26 Sat Mar 6
Re: Accents
Love accent .... the Welsh

Annoying accent ..... the Scouse

Funny accent..... Geordies

Cant understand a fucking word they say accent... Brummy

mashed in maryland 8:13 Sat Mar 6
Re: Accents
One accent that isn't hard to understand, but just sounds really weird, is Norwich/Ipswich. They're probably not even similar but when I've worked with a few people from round there its been weird

mashed in maryland 10:40 Wed Mar 3
Re: Accents
North Wales is a really odd place accent-wise.

There's a kind of "North Wales" accent people associate with Wrexham but there's loads more.

In some towns only a few miles apart, people speak completely differently.

Some people sound proper harsh taffy, some sound just generic "northern", some are almost accent-less, like BBC English.

Also the further west you go, the more Welsh speakers you find. Accent has almost no bearing on who's bilingual, I've found.

Also loads of scousers and brummies in some towns, which complicates things further.

billywhitehorse 7:35 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
Going back to a previous poster mentioning different London accents -

My grandmother, from Covent Garden, could sit in a pub and by listening to people's accents could tell if they were from North, South, East or West London. Don't remember her ever being wrong either.

I grew up in North London and used to go to Upton Park in a group of about ten as a teenager in the 70s. We were always careful when playing Arsenal or Spurs in case our accents led to being mistaken for the opposition.

wanstead_hammer 10:34 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
Mums lot all Stepney, Old man’s lot Bethnal Green, so I’m common as muck. And proud of it.
(p.s. Can take off loads of accents, being fm round there).

Sydney_Iron 10:20 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
Modern London from the youngsters is bit odd to be honest.

Sort of a poor impersonation of Jamaican with all this Fam, Bro, blud (or is it blood?) shit they throw in every other word when they speak.

Mickey Rat 2:45 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
I'm sure I've heard that before SDKFZ and remember some recordings on radio 4 of east enders before the war and they were much more articulate than most people these days. It seems since the 70's everyone wants to sound tough and ard. Don't get me started on the innit gangsta-speak generation!

arsene york-hunt 1:47 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
Birmingham and its environs have the most dismal accent. They always sound like they are moaning; even if they've just won the lottery.

SDKFZ 222 1:24 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
My mum, born in the 1920’s, and her side of the family all came from Limehouse. My dad, also born in 1920, and his side of the family all came from Ilford. All are now deceased but they all sounded comparably well spoken compared with people nowadays from those same areas.

Norman 12:57 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
I have a fairly strong Essex/East End accent which most people in Harlow do. Despite being 20 miles from the East End there is very close links with it being a London new town. My Dad is from Dublin and came her is a kid..he sounds similar to me. His second oldest Brother lives next to the Docks in Dublin and his accent is so strong I struggle with it. My Mum accent is London but is probably better spoken than me. I do find accents quite interesting. Like why do Irish, Jewish and Italians in NY have a strong NY accent but Black's and Hispanics don't. Strange. Also why is Bolton so different from Manchester when it's 10 miles away

Jonah Lomas 12:29 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
lowermarshhammer 1:10 Mon Mar 1

It's not just the accent either. It's an entirely different language in a lot of cases, especially with the older folk.

I moved from London up to Worcestershire and got a job in Redditch.

My first day this lady says to me "Orroight? Corr, yow dun arf tork foony bab".

10 miles in each direction they had a different accent. Black Country, Brum, Worcestershire, Staffordshire etc etc and it was ME who had the strange accent.

riosleftsock 12:26 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
Wife is Russian but grew up in ukraine, when she was 17 she moved to Israel, then lived in france for a short while, she's lived in UK for 15 years now.

No country that she has lived in can recognise her accent.

OccupyGreenStreet 12:11 Tue Mar 2
Re: Accents
I grew up in a house in the West Country living with one parent (and one grandparent) from Limehouse/Poplar and the other parent with a Lancashire accent like Freddie Flintoff.
Some bloke in south London the other day asked me if I was Welsh, the cheeky fucker haha.

Worst Case Ontario 11:23 Mon Mar 1
Re: Accents

Far Cough 5:36 Mon Mar 1

I do a fair bit, but it seems to be a slowly dying trait.

only1billybonds 11:05 Mon Mar 1
Re: Accents
My old mans family came out of the East End of London.

My Mum's lot were East End of Glasgow.

New year gatherings were a right giggle.

Briano 10:57 Mon Mar 1
Re: Accents
Fife can be hard to understand when you hear the locals in conversation

People in Corby speak with a Scottish accent

billywhitehorse 10:14 Mon Mar 1
Re: Accents
I was walking down Barking Road once on the way to a game and I saw a group of young men walking in the same direction on the other side of the road.

I could hear them as they were noisy but couldn't make out a word of it.

Must be Albanians or Pikeys I decided, especially looking at the clothes.

Then it dawned on me. We were playing the Grief Monkeys that day.

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