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Justin P 11:48 Tue Mar 2
Lord Zoltan
Now thats a blast from the past!

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Side of Ham 6:35 Fri Mar 5
Re: Lord Zoltan
I smell bullshit and Swiss has just posted so it must be.......

Swiss. 6:33 Fri Mar 5
Re: Lord Zoltan
I went to a party hosted by a Peruvian party in Bromley a while back. The women are pretty short so nothing to boast about. Nice skin and generally pretty in an native American way.

Mind you Helena Christensen was in my top 10 woman and she's half Peruvian. Half Danish.

Peckham 4:24 Fri Mar 5
Re: Lord Zoltan
How do you park a Bentley close enough to the entrance of the Ivy so that my Peruvian model girlfriend doesn't get her hair wet when it rains? Thanks in advance

Claret Badger 4:21 Fri Mar 5
Re: Lord Zoltan
alfs barnet 11:58 Tue Mar 2

looked like he'd swallowed a tank

arsegrapes 12:19 Thu Mar 4
Re: Lord Zoltan
I think his Peruvian supermodel girlfriend was real, it can be quite persuasive picking up your date in your helicopter.

Hammer and Pickle 12:09 Thu Mar 4
Re: Lord Zoltan
I am a language consultant for the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education and would like to check whether we can include Zoltaneering as a thing in the National 18+ English exam.

Johnson 11:46 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
Another win for Nigel.

Spandex Sidney 11:37 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
Who was the bloke who was the international business leader and took both his 20 something assistants on a business trip to the carribean and nailed them both at the same time. He also bragged about having two blackberries?!

Nigel? Something like that. You'd think such a virile, jet setting international leader of industry wouldn't be called Nigel

Block 6:46 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
Absolute shout, that.

Lee Trundle 6:43 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
Thinking about it, whoever suggested he could be BRANDED may have a very good point.

Woodford Green 6:39 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
Was it Belstaff who got called out for using some google stock image of some semi naked bird which he passed off as being taken in his bedroom the night before?

Also anyone know if plw is still on here?

WHU(Exeter) 5:55 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
That's cracked me up just reading that, 'extra in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'!

It was like Billy Liar with an added bit of Christ knows what.

Nurse Ratched 5:36 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
I liked his story about being an Extra in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Y'know, doing shots with Johnny in his trailer... (alright, I might have embellished that bit, but not by much)

And he posted a link to a still scene from the film, purporting to include him. He said he was the lanky lad in the picture. Bless him. I miss him.

I also remember him putting up a photo of his Peruvian supermodel girlfriend, who was perfectly pleasant looking, but no raving beauty. I think he fibbed a bit about her job.

WHU(Exeter) 4:18 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
My favourite Zoltan moment came when he'd posted up a link to some exclusive hotel in Russia and informed us all that he was due to be staying there and included the dates.

A few posts along the way another poster bunged up a more recent link to the hotels website, which included the information that the hotel was currently closed due to long and ongoing building work, a period of time that completely engulfed Zoltan's supposed holiday at the place.

Unless of course he was going there as a Turkish brickie.

Mr Kenzo 3:14 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
He has been on recently IIRC Swiss

Swiss. 3:12 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
What happened to Jose that pathetic green Parker wearing twat and his shit photography ?

Block 2:22 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
He was just a travel agent. A good one though.

, 2:20 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
He certainly helped a few people off here with travel/holiday bookings.

Mr Kenzo 2:17 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
Didn't he actually own his own Travel business ? Or was it a branch of an established company?

, 2:15 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
KFA, must be struggling to make a living these days.

Hammer I am 2:14 Wed Mar 3
Re: Lord Zoltan
That way back machine thread is interesting.

So the running joke of "are the MOBO's racist?" Is nearly 20 years old.

There's running jokes on WHO older than some posters

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