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whu 2:47 Sat Mar 6
Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel) <-Noah won it
Wayne (whu) as asked me to post this up, if there are no objections will send £100 from the WHO fund to the gofundme site (charley)
Donations to the fund can be made here-->:CHRISSY(LONDON REBEL) FUND


As some will know, Chrissy (londonrebel) is struggling at present and the moderators kindly pinned her GoFundMe page to the top of this board. Thank you.

Chrissy was very much a regular at West Ham. Home and away. Many years. Regular on the Hornchurch coach and loved by many. Would always help you out if she could and some of the older ones on here know her as well as I do, if not more so. She moved to the States and started some great work for a dog charity. However, was then hit by some very bad health news and a lack of insurance coverage thereafter. As explained in full, on her GoFundMe page. I urge everyone to read, even if not contributing but if you can, I can assure you, every little DOES make a difference. Moncurs Putting Iron and others have already contributed from this forum.
Thank you very much indeed.

We had a successful mini-auction on here for a framed Sir Trev shirt recently for Dennis, God bless him, It went very well and we handed the winning bid money to Dennis' wife Jackie. In a similar fashion, if I may, I would like to try and do the same for Chrissy.

The item is a framed Paolo Di Canio shirt. 100% genuine. From the Stevie Bacon fundraiser way back in the day at Dagenham and Redbridge. A few of the Boys of 86 were doing it. Frankie Mac, Galey, Devo (I think) Cottee? Some will no doubt remind me but it is a genuine item, as handed out by the Boys of 86 on the night. My mate Andy Mansell bid too much for it (the power of alcohol and a table full of mates) and he had it reframed thereafter. The frame is robust, decent and undamaged, as it the item and glass covering. The outside of the frame is three foot square. You can see the pictures for yourselves, nothing hidden, feel free to WHOmail me or add any questions to this thread at any time.

From here on in I will check this thread and my messages daily until the close of bidding. Which will be Sunday 28th March at 6pm.

I am happy to deliver anywhere in Essex, E/SE/NE London, most of Kent and Suffolk I guess. Collection thereafter.

Winning bid money will all be added into Chrissys GoFundMe page for transparency.

Thanks for your time.


If you don't mind ladies and gents, I want to put Chrissys 'gofundme' page on here. Chrissy used to be on here quite a lot as londonrebel. Many will know her from the Hornchurch coach or seeing her over West Ham a lot generally, over many years. Those that know her will testify she would always try to help anybody and she has/had many friends west Ham related.
She has had a very rough time since she moved across the pond. I urge you to read through the gofundme page from top to bottom.
Those that can afford to assist in any way, it would truly be appreciated as you can probably imagine, once you read the page.


Thank you.

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whu 2:22 Mon Mar 29
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
Good afternoon all

I will be delivering this on Wednesday and then adding to Chrissys GoFundMe.

FYI - tomorrow, charleyfarley has kindly allowed me to do another auction. It is for Chrissy again. I make no apologies in going full tilt here, to get some more money in to help her.
A good friend of mine has donated a 2005/6 signed and framed shirt. His dad bid £800 for it at a previous auction. I am not expecting to get near that to be honest but obviously want to raise as much as possible. I will start the bidding at £150 when it goes up tomorrow. I am more than happy to pay that and frankly, it is worth a lot more. Keep 'em peeled tomorrow and as ever, your support on here is very much appreciated. Your help is making a difference.

whu 8:05 Sun Mar 28
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
Noah bid wins. Thank you mate. Very grateful. Will drop off at some stage over the next week at a time that suits both. Remember all, Noah was winning bid for the previous one for Dennis' family.

Can I also mention Moncurs Putting Iron who was very generous when aquiring a couple of pictures from Canning Town Len. He has already donated on Chrissys GoFundMe page.

Hammers helping struggling Hammers. What it's all about.

Thank you.

whu 1:55 Fri Mar 26
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
last call from me ladies and gents or our good man noah seals the deal, when bidding finishes this sunday

thank you

whu 12:14 Tue Mar 23
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
Evening all. We have a bid of £300 from a good man 'noah'. He was the highest bidder for the shirt we did for Dennis' wife. Thank you mate but I think you will forgive me if I give the cage one last rattle on the bidding front. Any more for any more ladies and gents? Will be delivered most areas, within reason. Thank you.

whu 7:06 Sun Mar 21
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
little bit of info ladies and gents.

bishopsfinger (spence) kindly donated a signed football. we had some grief keeping the ball inflated due to age but still got £60/$85 which i have just banged on to chrissys gofundme page.

very kind of you mate and you are helping a struggling fellow hammer.

whu 7:03 Sun Mar 21
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
noah - thank you mate

Noah 11:14 Sun Mar 21
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
whu 11:26 Fri Mar 19

Doesn’t bother me mate. £300.

whu 5:53 Sat Mar 20
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
can i just say again, thank you very much to yet more people from this site, donating on chrissys gofundme page. it is truly making a difference.

this morning i collected another item from 'bishopsfinger' - i won't name him unless he wants me to. towards fundraising for chrissie. thank you very much mate. i will let you then all know if this goes soon or forms part of a several item auction, once the PDC shirt has gone (closing next sunday)

thanks all

whu 11:26 Fri Mar 19
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
noah - again, what a top man, thank you

the frame is more old skool and bigger mate, i need to stress this to you

Noah 1:02 Fri Mar 19
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)

It’ll look good alongside the Sir Trevor one!

whu 9:05 Thu Mar 18
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
charleyfarley - other money sent, can be verified by one iron or dlf

thanks again

whu 11:33 Thu Mar 18
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
$150 been added under name of WESTHAMONLINE

Thanks again Peter/mods/all

whu 11:17 Thu Mar 18
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
thank you charley and can i just send my appreciation to you mate, for making these auctions smooth and setting them up on here. everybody is doing a little bit to help and it is great to see. i will add you donation to the gofundme today if i may, as i know chrissy needs the money. thanks again to you and all.

charleyfarley 10:39 Thu Mar 18
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
I have sent £100 from WHO fund
I sent it direct to Wayne and he will sort it for us
Thanks for all the work you do for these auctions Wayne well appreciated

whu 10:12 Thu Mar 18
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
fifth column on the gofundme also

whu 12:34 Thu Mar 18
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
Evening all.

The highest bid stands at £250 and still eleven days to bid. Many thanks to all that have bid so far. Fifth Column in poll position at present, thank you mate.

I just want to also thank people on here who have contributed to Chrissys GoFundMe. This really is helping make a difference. She said as much this week to us in our WhatsApp group and to quote her, she was '... humbled and quite tearful ... ' that people are doing this for her.

moncurs putting iron
pub bigot
mike oxsaw
anyone i have missed and no doubt one or two anons

your help is very much appreciated, more than you probably realise

whu 7:43 Tue Mar 16
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
.... and the gofundme

whu 7:41 Tue Mar 16
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
fifth - superb - thank you

Fifth Column 6:20 Tue Mar 16
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
Just read the page. #### me that's grim. The lack of healthcare availability and dodgy insurance system makes it like a third world country.

Anyway, £250 bid from me.

whu 5:47 Tue Mar 16
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
heath hammer - thank you very much mate.

one iron 4:23 Tue Mar 16
Re: Charity Auction for Chrissy (londonrebel)
eddy i will drop money round wednesday. bg

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