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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Alfs 4:18 Mon Mar 8
View from the opposition
Mods, please delete old thread.

Many thanks to members of the Marching on Together Leeds forum - who were very welcoming.

Excuse any formatting problems. It's very late!

Why can’t Bielsa speak English yet?
Cup of Tea

He can, why can't Moyes? - Gessa

He can to an extent. It was more amusing when we had an interpreter who was also poor at English. Anything that pisses Sky off must be good. - faaip

He is reminding us that God is not from England - Irish Ian

I don't think a cockney is ever in a position to question anyone's ability to speak English - Cjay

What do you think will happen to you when Bielsa leaves? Is there another manager who could get the same level of performance from that group of players?
The Straw

No other manager could have done what he's done with them, he's improved them all. We will be in a much stronger position when he leaves for whoever takes over- faaip

Leeds fans are dreading the day Bielsa leaves Leeds, hopefully by that time comes Leeds would have built a squad for the new incoming coach. Meanwhile we'll enjoy the ride! - 1964white.

No, no other manager would have got more out of this squad. Of the 11 players who have played the most minutes for us this season 5 of them were part of statistically a bottom 3 Championship team in the calendar year Pre Bielsa and 1 had been farmed out on loan prior to MB arriving, that goes to show what a job Bielsa has done. Dont like to think of what will happen when MB goes – Cjay.

Back in the day, with the likes of Bremner and Hunter, you had a reputation as being a dirty team. That can’t be said of you now. Do you prefer that label of old (dirty Leeds) or do you quite like this new incarnation of Clean Leeds?
Charley Farley and others.

We'll always be dirty Leeds to most and that suits us fine - faaip

I love both tags. Btw Revie's team was full of quality - 1964white

Leeds weren’t any dirtier than anyone else at the time, but it is refreshing that we have a manager who has elevated not only the club but also the city - Irish Ian.

Brian Clough is my favourite Leeds manager. Do you regret letting him go after only 44 days?

Nice you took an interest in his tenure, he would have most likely won trophies with us but old big gob had to go – faaip.

Yes personally.... but i have spoken to some old timers who say he ripped the heart from the club – Leeds1000.

Yes, I honestly believe we'd have gone onto more successful seasons eventually – 1964white.

What 3 players would you take from West Ham to improve your starting 11.
One All

I am not sure any would fit our style, after being used to Moyes anti football, it would take too long for them to adjust – faaip.

Antonio, Rice & Pasta - Leeds1000

Tomas Soucek would definitely improve us – 1964white.

Di Canio, Payet and Ian Wright – Cjay

Does it bother you that you have to walk past a statue of a ginger Scottish midget on the way to a home game?

Lowermarsh Hammer

I didn't know Strachan had a statue? 2 absolute giants of the mighty Whites. The hammers can only dream of such quality – Leeds1000. (Editor's note. You’re right, mate. We’ve just got a statue of the only Englishman in history to lift the World Cup). - Metro 1962.

Tony Yeboah Vs Patrick Bamford. The winner is?

Yeboah by a distance – faaip.

Yeboah could score goals out of nothing, scored a thunderbolt at Upton Park, I was right behind the goal, had he not hit the target his shot would have knocked my block off – 1964white.

Yeboah could impregnate a female with just a look – Irish Ian.

Bamford, although I think Tony could still take him in a game of tiddlywinks - Cjay

What’s your view of our massive club West Ham?

Bit bigger than Millwall. You had some great players back in the 1940's – Leeds1000

Surprised me this season, always been an attractive side to watch over the years, seem to be a more solid workmanlike team under Moyes – 1964white.

For me West Ham = Booby Moore, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst and Trevor Brooking. Brooking is one of my all-time favourite players - a brilliant two footed player. Brooking together with Glenn Hoddle were England's most talented midfielders of the late 70s and 80s. Hoddle was a worthy successor to Brooking in the England team. It's also the club that we signed Rio Ferdinand from – Chapelallman.

A slightly less neanderthal Millwall – Cjay.

Always been there to make up the numbers, had a few good players. Fans like to harp on about how attractive their football has been over the years, which is ironic as you're presently over achieving by playing football that is pretty mind numbing.

Pity you sold your soul to play in such an awful stadium, at least this season you are spared the indignity of not giving away free tickets to the tourists. But the bubble making machine is a nice touch – Irish Ian.

What's going on with the fucking haircuts in your team? Looks like Sunday league at the fucking burns unit.

Question probably written by a jealous bald fat old bloke, that has forgot what it's like to be young – Gessa.

Your name suits you, far more important things to worry about, calm down - Cjay

Do you have any idea why WHO member, Manuel, is such a tedious cunt?

Must be a Scouser - Cjay

Is it because he spends too much time with his rat? - faaip.

I don't know why but after reading the final question, there's no arguing that he is - gessa.

Are you happy with Leeds owners?

Radz yes generally although he has made mistakes. The 49ers absolutely not I'd love them gone, dont trust them at all – Cjay.

Couldn't have a better Owner, DoF and Head Coach....faaip

Top draw. Especially AR. Lets no mention the clown who made the club a circus....Cellino - Gessa.

After Ken Bates I would be happy with Jack the Ripper.... he is from London innit – Irish Ian

Would you sell us your keeper?

Max Martello

You can have Kiko the clown for nothing – gessa

I would...come see us when you can afford the 60M – faaip.

Seeing that you don't pay rent on the London stadium you can have him for £50m - Leeds1000.

When do you expect to get relegated again?

Sometime after you – faaip.

I don't - Bob BB

We signed internationals Raphinha, Llorente, Koch & Rodrigo last autumn, the latter three have been injured for much of the season, something the pundits & opposition fans forget. We'll improve our squad with five more quality players promised in the summer. Next season should be interesting.

Raphinha bargain of the season for £17m, different class to what Benrahma cost the Hammers @ £25m + £5m add-ons.

Your score prediction for Monday?

I expect the Hammers to win but I'm going for a surprise 1-3 Leeds victory as I detest predicting us to lose – 1964white.

I think Leeds will squeak a 1-0 – 1964white.

2-2 Gessa

After Rice took the absolute piss out of Phillips when we played you at your gaff .... do you still think Phillips is better?

Rice played well in fairness, good player. Better than KP? Hmmm – Cjay.

Yes – Gessa.

Yes – faaip.

100% You will see that on Monday. Shite he's injured! Pascal Struijk will have him in his pocket – Leeds1000

What are your favourite crisps, and do you think that the mobos are racist?

Darlo Debs

Tayto Cheese and Onion. I dunno what mobos are but everything is racist these days - Irish Ian

Doritos Chili Wave – Gessa.

No one knew what the Mobos were.

And finally,

I haven’t got any friends, no one respects me, and I’ve recently been replaced by a talking till in Poundland. If I became a Leeds supporter, can you promise me that my life would be better? I’ll try anything.

Are you sure you're not a closet Millwall fan? Come out of the closet man, it'll do your self-esteem no end of good. Sign up for a Millwall forum. I think they can read now...

Finally, move your forum into the 21 century ...are you still using candles for light too? - faaip.

First line sounds like a typical West Ham fan – Cjay.

He used to come on here sometimes offering sweets and video games to our younger members, in exchange for photos in their full kit. We banned him of course – Bob BB.

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El Scorchio 8:10 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Good lads- not always easy to get something out of them if we win.

This is great Alfs. Thanks for resurrecting it

Alfs 7:51 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Stubbo, I don't have time to do an in-depth one but here are a couple of post match comments from those that took part.

Nice to see an opposition fan call it all right (I said I'd have been livid if we got that offside decision, I also pointed out that their defence is shit).

Yes we'll lose more matches due to our appalling defence, even our Spanish international Llorente was in a different postcode for your second goal. None of them are dominant in the air unlike your MOTM old-timer Craig Dawson, our only strong physical presence is 21yo Pascal Struijk who was injured & unavailable last night, he probably wouldn't have played anyway as he is 3rd in line to Cooper & Llorente, 4th when Koch is available again, also Bielsa believes he is DM :shhh:

We'd have won the game had we taken our chances & if VAR was kind to us, we should have at least got a draw out of the game. So so frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!

As Leeds fans, we’ve known for a while that Bamford is not the most clinical finisher in the league and that a major factor in him keeping his place is not necessarily his goal scoring ability but his tireless running and hounding of the opposition’s defence. This aspect of his game is as important (if not more so) to Bielsaball than his goal scoring ability. To be fair to him he’s probably doing better in the goal scoring stakes this year than he has done over the last 2 years, but we know he’s always capable of missing the odd sitter or 2 on a fairly regular basis.

With regard to the 1st disallowed goal (the ball was definitely out of play for the 2nd one, although ironically it was Bamford’s best finish of the night) we’ve had 3 or 4 of those decisions go against us already this year, with knees or fingers or whatever being a couple of mms offside according to VAR, so I think we’ve got used to it by now and, being Leeds fans, over the years have come to expect and just about accept such things.

Thank you Alfs and best of luck for the rest of the season - hope you get into Europe next year, that would give “the top 6” something to think about and give us all a bit of hope.

Alwaysaniron 6:55 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
This was taken from their fans forum MOT

Made me chuckle

"Looking at us vs them at set pieces its like adults vs Children.

We look so small.

Dallas marking Antonio ffs, Antonio could probably bench press Dallas."

Block 2:23 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
What's going on with the fucking haircuts in your team? Looks like Sunday league at the fucking burns unit.

Question probably written by a jealous bald fat old bloke, that has forgot what it's like to be young – Gessa.

This is fucking magnificent.

Vexed 2:16 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Good thread, bit disappointed in their responses though, you'd have hoped that being a silly little team these days they'd be a bit more down to earth but I think they genuinely think they're a good side.

Stubbo 2:13 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Great work Alfs...any chance of a follow up post-victory (which is always satisfying when they've had plenty of opinion to throw around).

yngwies Cat 2:02 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Who ever posted about Leeds players having dodgey barnets was right on the money. State of them, not one sensible side parting in sight. Football, haircuts dogs etc...

BRANDED 10:17 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Yeah good work Alfs. Great fun these threads. Always loved the Wigan bird one.

Alfs 4:29 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Cheers, Bruuuno. And Ag Ag.

bruuuno 1:26 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Excellent work Alfs, I get tired of hearing the views of the same old cunts, it’s nice to hear the views from some different cunts

Lato 1:06 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Vexed was spot on about the dodgy Barnet brigade, Bamford is he in a time warp with his mullet?

BRANDED 12:58 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
I bet Ian is fuming

Alfs 12:11 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition
Sorry about that, Duffster. If I included every question it would have turned into a 2 hour exam paper rather than a 'view'. Maybe next time.

WHU(Exeter) 12:04 Tue Mar 9
Re: View from the opposition

E3 10:51 Mon Mar 8
Re: View from the opposition

duffster 9:53 Mon Mar 8
Re: View from the opposition
wheres my question alf?

Alfs 9:50 Mon Mar 8
Re: View from the opposition
Fair point, Irish. The Ians I've met in real life fit your description perfectly, though there are some decent ones. Wright, St John, Fleming, Paisley....

Irish Hammer 9:07 Mon Mar 8
Re: View from the opposition
As is anyone called Ian generally

Irish Hammer 9:06 Mon Mar 8
Re: View from the opposition
Allow me to be the first to say “Irish Ian” is a tragic cunt

OneAll 5:58 Mon Mar 8
Re: View from the opposition
thick cunts

Side of Ham 5:17 Mon Mar 8
Re: View from the opposition
It was very nice of them Dingles to respond......

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