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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

JayeMPee 4:44 Mon Mar 15
What has happened?
To me this has been a fairy tale season, at the outset I never expected us to be anywhere near the position we currently hold. I was not alone only 17% thought we had a chance of being in the top seven.

Fabianski has been solid and often MOM, our defence despite an enforced change has been brilliant and of course Rice and Soucek are superb. But whatever has happened to Antonio and Bowen, they scored goals for fun at the start of the season but now its all dried up? I know the former had a bad injury but he returned a while ago whilst Bowen just can't get his scoring boots on again. It surely can't be tiredness because they get decent breaks, the whole squad is fitter than I have ever seen our players but ...?

If anyone knows the answer send it to the coaching team and perhaps we will look like serious top four candidates.

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Sir Alf 9:09 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Another factor that IMO is not always acknowledged is that players new to that team often start very well because they are largely unknown to the scouts and data collecting types that prepare the dossiers on teams before games. Soucek was starting to knock them in but I noticed now that teams are far more aware and all doing a better job at impeding him so he does not get a clear running jump at crosses etc. Bowen is perhaps suffering from that too. Teams know about him now and same with Antonio. Antonio is not 100% but I noticed how United got around him ( yeah easy with our sit back formation and isolated forward ) but were focused on not letting him turn. UNited also made sure he felt a challenge in teh back when he tried to control it on his chest. I counted 3 or 4 challenges that if it were a home game may have got a free kick.

The trick is to have other in the team that can contribute to the attacking threats and provide goals. Lingard playing helps in that respect but we need to start getting end product from Benrahma and more from Fornals and Rice too. But I keep reminding myself even if we fall away now at the end of the season and perhaps end up 8th or 9th, it has still been a brilliant transformation and the foundations are there. It will all come down to Moyes and his recruitment and of course the Dildos which is the biggest risk of all.

fraser 5:38 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Lingard has scored 4 goals but to be fair two were keeper errors one was from a shit penalty that the keeper saved.

His finish against the cunts was excellent though.

So even he hasn't been clinical, nothing wrong with having luck on your side though, long may it continue

Hello Mrs. Jones 5:22 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
I have a long standing theory that anyone who uses the phrase '...scored for fun' is a twat.

Jasnik 5:14 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
I stopped reading after 'To Me..'

So no idea what happened to you .

geoffpikey 4:59 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Russ, Bowen WAS a goal scorer at Hull. Banging them in!

Obviously, he's now in a different team, at a different level and largely a different position. But we do have a few potential scoring AMs who aren't really doing it. And, sadly, some of that is down to poor finishing.

(I also think Bowen should have more assists: he's too often reluctant to pass, in my view.)

Hence we got Lingard in, who HAS put chances away. The difference in ability is clear, though expected.

We've nevertheless done very well, all things considered. Thank God, though, for Soucek's goals.

Come On You Irons 4:12 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
We are certainly in desperate need for a striker/ forward who can contribute goals. Unfortunately we decided to spend £25 million on a Championship player who has contributed ZERO GOALS this season. A complete and utter waste of money when that money should have been spent on a goalscorer.

Westside 1:51 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
If we would've had a 10-15 goals a season man in the squad I think we would be up with Leicester or possibly above them.

Antonio has 7 goals

Soucek has 8 goals.

Give them a chance.

We have over a quarter of the season left. They may both, be over 10 goals for the season.

Even if they are, don't see us finishing above Leicester.

⚒️ 1:45 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Antonio’s on a barren spell because he hasn’t scored in two games? He scored in the two before against Spurs and Man City.

And I really can’t understand the clamour to get Antonio back out wide when we’ve stumbled upon his best position as a CF.

Russ of the BML 1:37 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
zico 11:48 Fri Mar 19

If we would've had a 10-15 goals a season man in the squad I think we would be up with Leicester or possibly above them.

zico 11:48 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Agree with Russ. The irony is it would have been interesting to see how the team would have done with a proper top striker thus allowing Antonio to play in his natural spot out wide.

Russ of the BML 11:33 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Come On You Irons 9:05 Fri Mar 19

Fucking hell, how sensitive are you?

Bowen and Antonio's goals have dried up. It's a fact. He is merely asking why. It's a perfectly reasonable question.


For me, Antonio isn't an out and out striker. He can play as a striker but he isn't one. If you know what I mean. All strikers have barren spells and he is on one. He is still playing well and contributing. I think he will notch against the Arse. His problem is how he deals with it and I think he will keep plugging away and doing what he does and he will come good again. His injury didn't help and stopped his momentum.

Bowen isn't a goal scorer anyway. He got himself into decent positions and notched a few goals early in the season but, again, injury and tiredness has slowed him up. And he is still relatively now to the top level. He hit the ground running and it was always going to be so hard for him to keep that level up. I think he is now realising the impact of playing at that level regularly and is perhaps in a second transition and re-adjusting again.

Our issue with goals is not to do with the players anyway. The fact that we have been left so short up front is purely and simply down to poor ownership and a lack of proper personnel management and scouting.

What the team have achieved without a recognised proper striker is astounding.

Manuel 10:27 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
'digging out' is such a chav term. Fucking dim wit.

fraser 9:56 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
He isn't digging them out he's discussing their goal scoring form.

Only one so called fan digging out our players oh and Benrahma isn't a forward and has certainly never played as one for us.

Come On You Irons 9:05 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Instead of digging out two forwards who have contributed crucial goals this season how about focusing your ire on a forward who cost us £25 million and has contributed ZERO GOALS.

Chigwell 5:27 Fri Mar 19
Re: What has happened?
Lack of a regular striker hasn't helped. We have been quite lucky to get away with it for most of the season. I include the time when Haller was playing, or rather was on the pitch.

blueeyed.handsomeman 10:59 Wed Mar 17
Re: What has happened?
Jarrod is often employed to deeply for his attacking game,and i feel he has served the side well

BillyJenningsBoots 12:24 Tue Mar 16
Re: What has happened?

Block 4:46 Mon Mar 15
Re: What has happened?
Hasn't helped he's been in and out of the team.

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