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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Surfinglizard 9:13 Mon Mar 15
Moyes or Who?
Moyes has lost us 8 Premier League games this season. The majority of loses against teams currently above us as we sit in fifth place. We are currently looking at the best finish in the league for many years. And despite this, many people would still like to see Moyes sacked. Personally I would like to give him 3-5 years to try and do what he says he wants to do for West Ham and keep building and improving. If the wheels come significantly off, he leaves, but whilst they do not you surely have to support him and the team abs stop slagging off a successful manager?
But if you disagree, who realistically would you rather have managing West Ham and how would they have improved our current position at the club?

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ATHammer 7:52 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
I am not a Moyes fan and the "we're not worthy" keep the score down performances against Manchester United and Liverpool were diabolical, both were there for the taking. But I admit, overall, he is doing far better than I ever expected. Moyes is a symptom, a manager no one wanted. A cheap option when Pelligrini went. The problem is the shitcunt owners who finance a team without a striker, are wafer thin in several positions. Further they moan about paying for travel any distance in the cup. What the fuck are they going to do if we get into Europe, punt around for a Lacey's coach? When GSB go then the aspiration for better managers is reasonable. Right now it isn't and Moyes deserves credit for getting this far.

joyo 7:14 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
The only two clubs in the Premier league who have not lost two games on the trot this season in all competitions in Man City and West Ham.... All hail The Moyesiah

ChillTheKeel 6:49 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Where have there been calls for him to go? All I've seen is constructive criticism over his oddball approach when facing certain clubs.

Yet there are grown men on here who want to stamp out any criticism of the man as if it invades their fucking safe spaces. Fuck right off.

Alex G 6:44 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?

, 11:14 Wed Mar 17

I'm sure I checked that season, but obviously not!

But my point remains, we're having one of the best seasons in the history of the club and there's fans calling for the manager's head. Ridiculous.

Block 4:39 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Probably because you're a fucking retard yourself, son.

ChillTheKeel 4:32 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Why do I only get the sites' retards following me around?

joyo 3:47 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
ChillTheKunt 3.19.."..no idea what l like"... Very true, but we're all a good idea what you dislike... EVERYTHING including West Ham... Just look at every single post!!! They're full of bile, hate, insults and misery... Clearly lockdown has affected your mental health.

Block 3:21 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Yes, I do.

I'm ugly, i'm very aware of this.

You, however seem to run around pointing out other people are ugly when you look like Eddie Izzard with aids.

ChillTheKeel 3:19 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
You've no idea what I like, mutant.
Actually, you might do to be fair, that would explain why you follow me around like an obsessed scorned tart.

Block 3:16 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
You aren't very self aware, are you Chilled?

You look like an elephants miscarriage.

ChillTheKeel 3:13 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
stepney hammer 2:34

It's not complicated is it, unless you're a retarded "footie" cunt.

Russ of the BML 3:04 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
"despite this, many people want to see Moyes sacked"

No they don't. Apart from that, great post.


joyo 2:43 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
I'm over the moon with The Moyesiah, only 10 games left and still a chance of champions league footie next season.
The added bonus is he's pissing off ChillTheKunt (who by the way is on film4 tonight at 9pm)

stepney hammer 2:34 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Happy with Moyes, has us going in the right direction compared to where we were at the point he took over. Just wish he could overcome this inferiority complex with Manchester United, Liverpool and Brighton.

ChillTheKeel 2:31 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Why is it, you deformed freak?

Block 2:27 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Chilled calling someone ugly is the most ironic thing ever to be said on here.

ChillTheKeel 2:22 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?

You absolutely reek of of the archetypal post-96 new-breed shit-cunt, Joyce, you ugly scarfer fuck.

joyo 2:14 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Shut up ChillTheKunt your just a spuds troll

ChillTheKeel 2:03 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Does he have a phobia of Arsenal too?

Vexed 1:52 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?
Been pretty happy with Moyes this season but he has really let himself down with the fucking negative bottler sides he's put out against any 'big' team and bizarrely Brighton. If he does that again against Arsenal I'd probably start to lean towards binning him off.

El Scorchio 1:44 Wed Mar 17
Re: Moyes or Who?

But we need to kick on and show more against big teams. He's largely got things very right so far. Buying well, getting a team he can trust, hugely improving the defensive side of the game, working on making us effective going forward.

Next step has to be taking games to bigger clubs rather than being timid. Maybe he feels he needs to ship a few more out and get a few more in to remain solid but be able to attack. let's face it though. When we went 1-0 down and grew a pair on Sunday, we looked well capable of mixing it with them, rather than being a meek defensive side just trying to sit deep and hold out. My worry is that he won't take that step and is maybe too pragmatic- given past history against big clubs- but he's got to.

The way the league is this season, my feeling is no team should be doing the double over us except for Man City. It's a great shame we've set up wrongly and surrendered games to Man U and Liverpool without even seriously trying to win.

It's imperative we play positively against Arsenal. We've nothing at all to fear from them.

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