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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

the exile 1:13 Thu Apr 1
Team for Wolves
The dream of Champions League will almost certainly be over if we don't take 3 points from this one, but I fully expect a win and continued suspense for those of us naive/optimistic enough to still believe in the dream.

I'm not going to speculate on any positive or negative effects of the international break on several players. So, assuming there are no injuries or Covid issues I would say it's a certainty that we'll have a back four and the only selection up for debate will once again be which two out of Fornals, Benrahma and Bowen are in the starting eleven. We've missed Fornals so I would be surprised if he doesn't start. Bowen has not been at his best for some time but I still get the impression Moyes doesn't quite trust Benrahma. Let's hope Antonio gets back into some form too.

Not sure if Ogbonna is quite fit yet but if there's any doubt I think Moyes will stick with Diop. Wouldn't be surprised to see Masuaku come off the bench.


Coufal Dawson Diop Cresswell

Rice Soucek

Benrahma Lingard Fornals


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fraser 9:47 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
BBC obviously don't know

daveyg 9:42 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
I'm not avocating Masuaku at all, as I know he will be crap and look perplexed when loses the ball.
BBC have Masuaku as part of the 3 behind Antonio. That doesn't say a lot for Bowen or Benrhama that a half fit not contributing Masuaku plays instead.

the exile 6:33 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
daveyg - blimey! Never expected to see you advocating for Masuaku. Shows you've got some intelligence and flexibility in your thinking, unlike a certain individual with a massive obsession against a certain player. Respect.

Takashi Miike 6:32 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
because of the lack of mobility in midfield, I would pick a different formation (and I'm under the impression that Noble will be definitely start).......

..................................... Fab ..............................................
................. Balbuena ... Dawson ... Diop .........................
Coufal ........................Noble .......................... Cresswell
.................. Soucek ................... Fornals .........................
.................................. Lingard ..........................................
.................................. Antonio .........................................

daveyg 6:17 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
The only games we have won is against Stockport and Doncaster. A 4-0 win which Moyes will point at as a reason to play Noble and a 1-0 win agaisnt a NL team.

H 0-2 Newcastle 67 mins subbed off (Yarmolenko) 0-1
H 4-0 Wolves 88 mins substitute (Bowen ) 3-0
A 1-4 Everton
A 3-0 Leicester 88 mins substitute (Bowen ) 3-0
A 1-0 Sheff Utd 92 mins substitute (Bowen ) 1-0
H 2-1 Aston Villa 79 mins substitute (Bowen ) 2-1
A 2-1 Leeds 84 mins substitute (Benrhama) 2-1
A 0-3 Chelsea
H 2-2 Brighton 45 mins subbed off (Lanzini ) 0-1
H 1-0 Stockport
H 2-1 WBA 84 mins substitute (Antonio ) 2-1
H 4-0 Doncaster
A 3-2 Crystal Palace 87 substitute (Benrhama ) 3-1
H 1-3 Liverpool 79 substitute (Antonio ) 0-2
A 0-0 Fulham 56 substitute (Bowen ) 0-0
A 0-1 Man Utd
H 3-0 Sheff Utd 63 substitute (Lanzini ) 2-0
H 2-1 Spurs 94 substitute (Linguard ) 2-1
A 0-1 Man Utd 62 mins subbed off (Lanzini ) 0-1
H 3-3 Arsenal 74 substitute (Bowen ) 2-3

From that we've won two games, FA Cup
Lost 3 games where Noble has completed the full 90 mins plus.
Come back when he has gone off Once.
Conceded when he has come on 3 times
Scored when he has come on twice-both time we were up 2 goals or more.
Conceded one and scored one when we were losing 2-0

This alone should be shown to Moyes in bold type on his big white board.
At no time has Noble come on for Rice or Soucek in any game.
he should not replace him period.
If Moyes does then he will need shooting.
Noble is not the answer.

He PL performances have been dire.
We lose game when he appears.
It hurts me to say but Noble is finished in the PL.
Thanks Mark but no more.
Moyes keeps thinking that Noble can make an impact but he can't. Noble and Fredericks have come on in several games together and defensivley we have been poor. Moyes does not bring on subs who are attacking to protect a lead,he just brings on more poor defensive options.
Be bold Moyes don't use Noble or Fredericks. Fornals to come in or att he outset Masuaku as a wing back. Though I'm NOT happy with Masuaku playing especially with ony 80 mins for the u23's.

the exile 5:37 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
There are many possible solutions to the problem but none of them are ideal, especially the ones that involve Noble. I like the look of Stubbo's line-up, with a back three and Masuaku as LWB - He and Cresswell kept Traore very quiet in the reverse fixture and Arthur offers much more than Johnson going forward.

fraser 5:26 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Rice looks out for the season he'll have a long rest.

Keep dreaming 5:22 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
If Noble starts, we lose.
But in Moyes we trust, don't we?

Noble can play when we are comfortably in front, not before.

If Rice is given a rest, then:
Coufal, Dawson, Diop, Cresswell
Bowen, Soucek, Formals, Benrahma
Lingard, Antonio

theaxeman 4:54 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Agree solid

We have nobody to get near replacing Rice so play differently.


Coufal Balbuena Diop Cresswell


Bowen Fornals Lingard Benrahma


Not a prayer moyes will do that though I reckon he'll go to a back 5 and bring noble in

solidbond 4:22 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves

Johnson 4:20 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Moyes will play Noble, which is an indictment of the shocking state of our squad. Either as of grass, who’s also borderline, or Cullen could have played but they were both sold in the latest round of “make up for years of board incompetence by selling all our players”.

The very poor squad does show just what a fantastic job Moyes has done it getting us to overachieve this season.

So after the hour we’ll be playing with 9 men today as Antonio can’t last more than that anymore either.

threesixty 4:13 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
I think Moyes will have been crazy to think he could rely on Rice for ever. The boy has played more minutes than anyone in the league over the last 2 yrs. it was bound to happen.

So hopefully he’s thought about this problem for a long time and doesn’t just stick noble in.

Either Lingard or Fornals alongside soucek. My only issue with Lingard is that I don’t think he has the engine to do that type of running all game.

daveyg 4:02 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
me too. I cringe now when I watch him,his sliding tackles are his only way off getting back but nearly always give away a freekick.
Moyes has had plenty of games to play someone else instead of Noble but has refused. Coventry should have had a couple of games.
We ALL know how poor Noble has been in every game. One semi good game against ManU in the cup and Moyes thinks he can play still. He then plays him in the league game again and we were so poor our only shot on target was Dawson's own goal.
The likes of Moyes never learn.

Stubbo 3:59 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves

Balbuena Dawson Cresswell

Coufal Soucek Lingard Johnson/Masuaku

Bowen Antonio Fornals

Lingard has the fitness and discipline to slot in and play a deeper playmaking role alongside Soucek. Basically he could play the Noble role, but at a far greater order of magnitude.

That, plus adding defensive cover by going to the back 3 is the way to cover this Rice injury IMHO.

Obviously, Moyes will persist with a Noble straight swap for 3 or 4 games before recognising it's futile and then spending the rest of the season trying to find a solution.

The moment you need him to be bold and creative is right now - completely anathema to his character.

I suspect our season just ended!

Bringing Noble into the side is akin to committing harikari!

connolly8 3:34 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
This is why Josh Cullen should have been kept. Didnt make sense for 800k.

Hammer and Pickle 3:33 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Take your point Sarge but these days including Noble is not even strengthening a weakness and the sooner Moyes accepts this, the fewer points we'll drop.

Sarge 3:29 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Never weaken a strength to strengthen a weakness.

On that basis I'd keep Coufal where he is - and go 433

Nobes , Soucek and Fornals in a deepish 3

Lingard Benny and Antonio as a front 3

Our manager may have other ideas but the lack of cover isn't his fault....................

zico 3:26 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Problem is if Moyes plays say Coufal in there it's an admission by the management that Noble isn't good enough and an admission that an extra year contract probably wasn't a good idea!

Lato 3:25 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Get Fornals (if fit) along side Soucek or Coventry in, Wolves will not expect that

Pedro 3:24 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
I would play fornals next to Soucek but Johnson for Rice also acceptable.

Coventry could be wildcard option but Moyes want start him.

Pedro 3:22 Mon Apr 5
Re: Team for Wolves
Chance for Moyes to show he deserves extended contract and use space for a better option / tactic than just playing Noble.

Have we won any game noble has been a part of this season?
Lots of options but none as good as rice.

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