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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Coffee 9:39 Sat Apr 3
Saturday football
So after what has seemed an interminable international break, we’re back to the serious stuff. And for once, most of the decent games are on today.

It’s looking dark for West Brom, 10 points from safety with just nine to play. Sam’s bitten off more than he can chew, which is saying something. Chelsea remain at the periphery of the chase for the runners-up spot, and will end the day no higher or lower than they started it. Have the Baggies got what it takes to do us a big favour here? No way. Home win.

With Leeds all but safe and the Blades all but gone, what can this game possibly offer? Not much, other than a dose of local pride. Ee by gum. Home win.

Citeh are romping towards yet another Premier League title and more, but the Foxes remain very much in the hunt (the right word?) for second. There’s little, you’d think, that they can do to put the brakes on the visitors’ return to supremacy. Away win.

‘Surprise team’ is normally used for a team that exceeds expectations. But these two sides deserve that epithet for an altogether different reason. Both have failed utterly to live up to expectations. The champions in particular are inexplicably languishing below the likes of, let’s see, Tottenham and Leicester and show no sign of arresting their decline. El projecto Arsenal, meanwhile, sees them lower still, in ninth, a team too often lacking drive and characterised by consistent inconsistency. Which makes this one impossible to predict. The fence again shows its value. Draw.


Both these sides should be safe. But 33 points with nine games to run is not a place on which one’s laurels can safely be placed. Expect a nervy game of discipline (Burnley) taking on intermittent flair (Saints). Home win.

Make no mistake, the Barcodes are deep in the proverbial. As things now stand, they are without doubt one of the four from which an unlucky three will fall. Spurs’ tail is wagging as they look to leapfrog superior teams to a top four spot. As painful as this is… Away win.

Villa look set for a safe, comfortable mid-table finish. A vast improvement over last season’s last minute escape from what for long seemed like the inevitable drop. Under Scott Parker, Fulham have shown extraordinary guts to pull themselves into a position where safety is within reach. They have the momentum and determination. Do they also have the energy for the season’s long, final sprint? Draw.

Man U’s climb up the table in recent months has been achieved in part with stealth along with a hefty helping of good fortune. In contrast, the Seagulls have experienced more than a fair share of ill fortune, something that often accompanies a team in decline, but they are still capable of giving a game to most opponents. Their hosts today, though, will almost certainly be too strong. Home win.


Everton’s season has been one heck of a rollercoaster. While a European spot remains possible, there’s a strong subplot of finishing above their red neighbours. The Premier League is no division for old men and Palace’s aging first team may find the run-in fraught with the aches, pains and debilitation of advancing years. Fortunately for them, they probably have enough points in the bag to assure another top flight campaign. Home win.

When you end up taking a point from game that you led by three clear goals, there’s sure to be an effect on confidence. But a hallmark of this season has been the side’s ability to put setbacks behind them and start the next game with fresh vigour and determination. That’s West Ham 2021. The side can also take encouragement from the 4-0 demolition of this evening’s hosts earlier in the season, and Rice and Lingard will be key to the attack we take to Molineux. Wolves are adept at the quick counterattack, and our defence must be at their sharpest to deal with that constant threat. We started the weekend in fifth, but by kick-off may have dropped to eighth depending on the weekend’s results. A win can take us back to fifth and in the best case – albeit highly unlikely – scenario, we’d end Monday in fourth. It’s a sign of the times. Away win.

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Manuel 5:57 Tue Apr 6
Re: Saturday football
Norflundon 11:08 Mon Apr 5

''If we want to finish top 4 we really need to win this bin dippers look like they have the easiest run in I can’t see their diabolical form continuing''

Why not?? They have struggled for consistency the whole season, especially at home, and against bottom half sides. There is absolutely no evidence anywhere that they will suddenly start picking up regular wins and finish strongly. Why do you think they will??

ChesterRd 2:29 Tue Apr 6
Re: Saturday football
We played some decent stuff under Allardyce when we had Song and Moses in the side, we were around 4th Christmas time then in his last season with us

gph 2:03 Tue Apr 6
Re: Saturday football
That has to be my favourite non-West Ham Allardyce victory - admittedly, it's a struggle to think of a competitor.

Surely the style is a left-over from Bilic, though?

Style and Allardyce go together like joy and disease

Timmy Breacker 10:04 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
I'm pretty sure that 90% of Everton, Spurs and Chelsea fans viewed there games as must-wins if they are to challenge for the top 4. That should be considered prior to the inevitable,
knee-jerk negativity should we not win tonight.

Pedro 11:15 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
Win tonight and beat Leicester.

Norflundon 11:08 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
If we want to finish top 4 we really need to win this bin dippers look like they have the easiest run in I can’t see their diabolical form continuing
If we get to the end of the Chelsea game and we still around 4th you’d think we’ve got a great chance with all the teams fixtures

Mex Martillo 10:01 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
Has to be 4th!

Mike Oxsaw 8:08 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
So at the end of today - 7th, 5th or 4th with 8 games left.

Anyone see that coming after the first couple of games of the season?

billywhitehorse 2:39 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
Would have been given if the teams were reversed.

fraser 1:45 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
Was looked at by VAR didn't look a penalty

Sven Roeder 12:31 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
Watched about 20 mins
I did see Maguire put his hand on the shoulder of Welbeck (I think) as he tried to get to a loose ball in the box.
Didnt seem much interest in examining it closely .... at the other end ... maybe more?

Syd Puddefoot 12:24 Mon Apr 5
Re: Saturday football
Not sure I understand how Brighton did not get a penalty at 1-1.

fraser 11:32 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
What was bent?

duffster 11:10 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
Bent Manchester gits

Pedro 10:46 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
Win our next two and a point behind Leicester.

happygilmore 9:42 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
Brighton 1 up.

But I see Mike Dean is in action for Man Utd. Cue penalty

Sven Roeder 8:45 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
Would have expected Chelsea (definitely) & Spurs to win this weekend so we have been handed another chance.

The pressure is on the likes of Liverpool & Chelsea trying to attract £60m+ players for next season and Spurs who have hardly had fans in their stadium with the £800m mortgage.
Am perfectly happy for the media to ignore us

LeroysBoots 8:19 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
If we go fucking defensive tomorrow we don't fucking deserve it

Moyes is inherently a defensive coach, he has to fucking grasp this

onsideman 8:11 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football

twoleftfeet 7:07 Sun Apr 4

Absolutely. Big cover up.

Mike Oxsaw 7:58 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
Now then, now then. If the Norwegian Dwarf's pussies take the gay bar loiterers apart later we could have some interest in the end of the season

normansmymate 7:50 Sun Apr 4
Re: Saturday football
Nice that, chase down every ball always

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