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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

blueeyed.handsomeman 12:51 Mon Apr 5
new players,how many will we get
By my reckoning we will need as well as get 14, this of course includes some under 18s.

I expect two new senior goalkeepers in, with one senior goalkeeper leaving, and two others out on loan.

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Dumbleweed 8:53 Sun Apr 11
Re: new players,how many will we get
Vanegin, Banegin, Tonic n Gin

blueeyed.handsomeman 8:34 Sun Apr 11
Re: new players,how many will we get
the belgian midfielder that we wanted,now wants us'

he goes by the surname Vanegin

master 1:19 Sun Apr 11
Re: new players,how many will we get
Sam Johnstone
Rico Henry
Connor Gallagher
Tammy Abraham

blueeyed.handsomeman 1:15 Sun Apr 11
Re: new players,how many will we get
i suspect and hope that we are hoping to sign the danish midfielder Jesper Landstrom.

fraser 10:04 Sat Apr 10
Re: new players,how many will we get
Same with Lundstrom looks a fucking slow donkey to me.

blueeyed.handsomeman 10:02 Sat Apr 10
Re: new players,how many will we get
some dont care.
some dont know.

blueeyed.handsomeman 5:43 Sat Apr 10
Re: new players,how many will we get
Andy Redmayne a goalkeeper for SYDNEY in Aussie,
covers his area with strength,speed and agility.

blueeyed.handsomeman 5:24 Sat Apr 10
Re: new players,how many will we get
Max Bird derby co central midfielder is highly regarded by our coaching/scouting staff

the exile 3:43 Fri Apr 9
Re: new players,how many will we get
Yes, someone like King would be a major let-down. We really need to push the boat out in the striker department and spend big money, at the expense of other positions if necessary.

Kaiser Zoso 12:15 Fri Apr 9
Re: new players,how many will we get
Got to agree there, Alan — Lundstram is ordinary on his best day.

Funnily enough, I was keen on getting Josh King in, possibly based on his performances against us, but I saw him play an FA Cup tie for Bomo just before he went to Everton, and I have to say he did enough to convince me he would be absolute toilet for us. He did fuck all running, greedy as fuck and couldn't finish a sentence. AVOID!

Lee Trundle 12:10 Fri Apr 9
Re: new players,how many will we get
Yeah, I'm in the same boat, Alan. I've not been really impressed by him at all.

Alan 12:08 Fri Apr 9
Re: new players,how many will we get
Since we were linked with Lundstram last season, I've watched quite a lot of him.
Apart from being free I haven't seen a single reason for signing him. Slow and clumsy, we should give him a swerve.

toadinthehole 5:07 Fri Apr 9
Re: new players,how many will we get
Lundstram on a free is a must

whu4eva 4:50 Fri Apr 9
Re: new players,how many will we get
I completely get Anderson has been a nightmare the last 'x' amount of time but I feel like there is still talent / potential if we can get his head right...

He can change a game and has the skill to do so

Move on Lanzini and Yarma and get a couple of young midfielders (DaSilva or maybe blood Coventry)

The rumour of Arnie back on the cheap or loan... I would actually be open to if it meant we could get Lingard locked in

ludo21 2:20 Fri Apr 9
Re: new players,how many will we get
I don’t see the fixation with Josh King... for some reason he thinks he’s worth 100k+ pw and he can’t get a game at Everton after failing to get into Bournemouth’s championship team. Hopefully we will keep well clear.

Glenn Rodent 6:11 Thu Apr 8
Re: new players,how many will we get
Areas that need looking at for me -

Goalkeeper -
I think Fabianski will remain No 1 for next season. He is still pretty reliable and we need to prioritise spending in other areas this summer.
Martin will be released this summer and Trott will be promoted to compete with Fabianski and Randolph. If you have noticed, both Trott and Martin have been on the bench at the same time of late and so I assume that is to start introducing Trott to the first team and preparing him for match build ups and first team away travel.
But I don't think Moyes is convinced with Randolph either. So he might well replace him to give better competiton to Fabianski. Maybe he will look at the keeper at Slavia Prague or some goalkeepers that are available on a free such as the Czech international Tomas Vaclik whose Sevilal contract expires this summer. But again, I don't think this is an area that is urgent compared to central midfield or up front.

Right Back -
Coufal is No. 1 right back. Fredericks has done no harm when he has been used. I expect no changes in this position.

Left Back -
Cresswell has been excellent playing in a back 3 and a 4. But he is ageing and Masuaku isn't good enough at left back. And Johnson is naturally a right back. So I expect us to strengthen here. Richards at Reading looked a good prospect but he has signed a pre-contract with Bayen Munich. We have been linked with Firpo of Barcelona and Rico Henry at Brentford. Firpo would cost a large loan fee and Henry is going to cost in excess of £10m. I can see us getting someone like Brandon Williams on loan.

Centre Back -
Balbuena may go. But he could stay if we make a european place as we will need more depth. Alves, Alese and Baptiste are promising defenders coming through. I'd expect Alves to replace Balbuena if he leaves or both to be utilised if we have more games due to Europe.
Next year with Ogbonna coming into his mid 30's, I'd expect us to strenghen this position then.

Central Midfield -
Clearly Noble will be utlised again as a squad player for his final season but we lack depth. And with only Soucek and Rice bringing the level of quality we need, I'd expect us to strengthen with one or two new signings. Dasilva at Brentford is of interest as is ex Everton midfielder Lundstram who can be picked up on a free this summer. But Moyes may just opt for one signing s he can play Fornals when needed as well as Noble.

Right Midfield -
Bowen owns this position. Yarmolenko will be sold if possible. I do think we need another addition here. Reiss Nelson of Arsenal is supposed to be available and he can play up front too. Sima at Slavia Prague can play wide right and upfront But I hope we do bring in another player here. Moyes may just want to utlise Fredericks though.

Attacking Centre Midfield -
Hopefully Lingard will come in. If not, then I expect we will buy someone else, especially if Lanzini leaves which I assume will happen and should happen. Fornals is also able to play here.

Left Midfield -
I hope Benrahma will come good next year. He has impressed in some games but needs to start dominating his position and add some much needed goals. Fornals can be utilised on the left too. This position for me is an interesting one. Anderson I would expect to depart. Or will Moyes try and get him back into it in pre-season. We all know he has quality but can Moyes bring out his work rate. Will Moyes utlise Masuaku. What about Nathan Holland?

Forward -
Clearly this is an area that we desperately need to invest in. Antonio is brilliant, but he isn't reliable due to injuries. An ageing forward with hamstring problems reminds me of Michael Owen. I'd expect us to go all out on a striker or two. Perhaps funds to be spent on a proven Premier League, European or Championship player such as Abrahams, Nketiah, Dembele, Belotti or Ivan Toney. Maybe Josh King on a free. And maybe a second striker on loan such as Sima or Kuchta both from Slavia Prague or Jonas Wind from FC Copenhagen.
There is also Morelos and Edouard in the SPL or Patson Daka who looking a great prospect at Redbull Salzburg.
Either way, if European football beckons and we really want to kick on, then we need Antonio and two more strikers. But as Bowen or Benrahma can be utlised here I expect Moyes to sign just one player.

So this year, I expect us to sign Lingard plus 4 or 5 additial players minimum -

Left back - Brandon Willians (loan)
Centre Midfielder - John Lundstram (free)
Winger/Forward - Abdallah Sima (loan with a view to buy)
Forward - Josh King (free)

plus Jesse Lingard (£25m-£30m)

Alvin 5:55 Thu Apr 8
Re: new players,how many will we get
How much is it worth finishing high up the league? One new player? Two?

Mike Oxsaw 5:11 Thu Apr 8
Re: new players,how many will we get
If Man U start dicking us about with Lingard, if it was up to me*, I'd just walk away and tell them to call us when they're ready to make a deal.

I'm not sure he has to accept any deal Man U may make with another club, so, if he wants to come and join us, all he needs to do is go back to Old Trafford, sit on the bench and wind his contract down.

Even the "mighty" Reds won't want him to leave on a Bosman in the summer.

* - Reader's Voice: "Thank fuck it's not, you tedious boring fucking CUNT!"

El Scorchio 5:01 Thu Apr 8
Re: new players,how many will we get
I think it all hinges on Lingard coming and/or Rice or Soucek leaving.

If we get Lingard I expect very little else, unless we sell someone significant.

I also expect very little in whatsoever unless we can sell first. They will want to get Lanzini, Yarmo and Anderson at least, off the books before anything else. I wouldn't be surprised if Fredericks and Reid and a few more go either.

Leeshere 3:40 Thu Apr 8
Re: new players,how many will we get
Hopefully 5 unknown Czech players totalling £30m that turn out to be World class.

ludo21 3:32 Thu Apr 8
Re: new players,how many will we get
Striker (Toney or Abraham)
CM cover

Another striker on loan

Replacement for Lanzini (if he leaves)

That’s 80m which should be doable assuming we get some money in from a couple of sales (Anderson).

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