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the exile 12:46 Tue Apr 13
Team for Newcastle.
Newcastle seem to be finding a bit of form, thanks to the return of Wilson and Saint Maximin. For us, good news and bad news on injuries.

As far as I understand it, the only additional absentee will be Cresswell. Noble has hurt his elbow but I'm pretty sure he'll be patched up to lead us out on Saturday, like El Cid propped up on his horse. The good news is that Ogbonna should be fit and available. Up to now, Moyes's policy with the CBs seems to have been that whoever has the shirt keeps the shirt until injury intervenes, but I think Oggy should come back in as we have looked a bit shaky at the back recently. In any case, he may want to stick with three at the back to cover for Rice's absence. With Cresswell out, it'll be a novelty to have three conventional CBs, but as I say, hopefully that will bring some solidity and improve our ability to see a game out.

The alternative formation would be four at the back, restoring our best CB partnership of Ogbonna and Dawson with Johnson on the left - I don't think anyone wants to see Arthur at LB. But I think Moyes will go for the back three.

Lanzini is also expected to be available to bolster the options from the bench.

Diop Dawson Ogbonna
Coufal Noble Soucek Masuaku
Fornals Bowen Lingard

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JayeMPee 11:10 Sat Apr 17
Re: Team for Newcastle.
I wouldn't play Masuaku he looked completely uneasy last week and Saint Maxim could run riot. Why not try what we did to stifle Grealish and bring Fredericks in?

fraser 10:29 Sat Apr 17
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Jack - wasn't the reason people thought he wasn't a Moyes signing was because he didn't work hard.

He works as hard as anyone on the pitch.

He could have been better undoubtedly, but he has been our best attacking player in a couple of games, creating quite a few chances that others should have put away and didn't as well as those assists he has made.

He tore Villa apart in the game there and was also instrumental in our win at Palace, no way as he been as bad as you say.

As for last week he came on with ten minutes left when we were under the cosh and nobody was able to keep the ball and asked to play up front where he doesn't play, yes he gave the ball away but so did everybody in the team for the last 10 minutes of the last three matches, so not sure why you're picking him out.

He was starting when we had 4 at the back as well.

Hopefully he'll carry on creating chances and working hard when he starts.

jack flash 9:39 Sat Apr 17
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Russ of the BML ~

There's a very good reason why Benrahma spends most of his time sat on the bench rather than being on the pitch as he clearly proved against Leicester
He hasn't yet justified his price tag and quite frankly, looks to be a poor signing so far, a real damp squib

There was a lot of speculation at the time that Moyes didn't want him when Sullivan signed him, though few of us at the time could see why

So far, it looks like Moyes has been proved right yet again

Recently, it was said that Sullivan is no longer going to interfere with the recruitment of new players

Hurrah for that! He's wasted enough money playing at Football Manager, perhaps now he's learnt his lesson

I hope Benrahma does make the grade in the prem but so far he's looking as bad a signing as Anderson or Haller

Sir Alf 12:22 Sat Apr 17
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Barcodes are a bit of a bogey side for us these days and with Wilson and St Maxim this is another tough game. We have managed to get by without Rice so far but you cant help but think he will be missed eventually?

Think we have to play the 5 at the back until Rice and Cresswell are available. Oggy is not always the quickest to get back to match fitness but think he has to start or at least come on. Johnson to come on for Arfur at some point. Benrahma for Bowen too will likely happen as the game progresses.

------------------- Fabianski
Coufal Dawson Diop Ogbonna Masuaku
------------ Noble Soucek Fornals
----------------Bowen Lingard

Hammer and Pickle 9:21 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
That’s right. Not all Noble’s goals have been from the spot.

⚒️ 9:18 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Noble right midfield?

Hammer and Pickle 9:13 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.

Coufal Dawson Ogbonna Johnson
Noble Soucek Masuaku
Fornals Bowen Lingard

OneAll 9:04 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Moyes can be a cunt all he wants if we keep getting results , I feel you are against him as your name is keep dreaming, now dreams are becoming a reality your username becomes pointless

Mex Martillo 8:53 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
What the hell, Lingard will get a couple of goals and then someone else might chip in with another 1 or 2.
Job done!

Keep dreaming 8:36 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Bowen could and have played from the minute he moved to us, the same is with Benrahma. The lad need a full run on a permanent basis. He is good enough compared to what we've got.
Moyes is just being a cunt

threesixty 7:47 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.

I remember people saying why isn’t Moyes playing Bowen. And Moyes saying he didn’t want to put too much pressure on Bowen.

Besides, we needed Bowen so it was a different situation. I don’t think we need Benny. We have others who are scoring. Benny has 4 assists and has done some important stuff for us.

I think he just needs time.
Just my opinion.

Kaiser Zoso 7:28 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
I was hoping you’d fucked off for good you hysterical cunt

Keep dreaming 6:25 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Slim shady, he will play

lincslink 6:08 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
It’s good Ogbonna and Noble are fit, I was hoping Masuaku was out for the season.

Hallerinthemorning 5:49 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.

Bowen was not eased in. Didn't he score on his full debut? He has found himself on bench at times but has contributed goals.
I was very supportive of Benrhama at start but his lack of goals and frankly, non impact when on as a sub suggests to me that he will be moved on in summer.

threesixty 5:13 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Benny is in a learning phase I think. The speed and precision of defenders in the top league takes a while to get your head around.

I dont think many players have come up from that division and hit the ground running, unless maybe they were already part of a PL club previously.

I remember Antonio had a lot of issues the first season he came up. Bowen was gradually brought in etc. Benny has had the pressure of being the "second coming", and his price tag etc..

What I like about him is he has that "Payet" thing in turning direction with the ball and confusing opposition players. As he learns the mental side of this league he'll start to be essential I feel.

Buying a footballer is always a gamble. But giving up on them so easy is kind of silly. You can see he has something there.

Russ of the BML 3:49 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Come On You Irons 5:12 Wed Apr 14

"Benrahma offers NOTHING by way of goals, very little by way of assists"

Neither would you sitting on the bench you fucking helmet.

Darlo Debs 2:23 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Seems Ogbonna, Noble and Masuaku are definitely fit so good news

fraser 2:18 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
He said he hopes they'll be back for last few games.

Said Rice has been in gym but not on the pitch yet.

⚒️ 2:17 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
To be fair, I don’t think the suggestion is that they could be back for tomorrow, just that they’re nearing fitness and could be back for the run-in.

Nick QQQ 2:09 Fri Apr 16
Re: Team for Newcastle.
Rice had a brace on his knee a week ago how can he be close to fitness?
Also Antonio is fucked isn't he?
Sounds dodgy to me

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