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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Sydney_Iron 9:46 Fri Apr 23
GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Another week and another prediction of a West Ham loss! At least the curse is off then!!! But expect he is smiling as he got it right last weekend and we lost, by the skin of his ballbag though!

Be a tough game against the rent boys that’s for sure, they beat us at there place but the scoreline flattered them, as I thought it was a tight game if i remember correctly? We WIL make amends in the return fixture, 2-1 to the Irons…..COYI

This is a big game in terms of the top four and I just wonder if West Ham might be in a bit of a trough at the moment after their defeat by Newcastle last time out.

Midfielder Declan Rice and striker Michail Antonio are injured and defender Craig Dawson is suspended after his red card against the Magpies.

Chelsea did not do a lot in their draw against Brighton on Tuesday, although that game was overshadowed by what was happening to the plans for the ESL. Thankfully that is not something we have to worry about anymore.

The Blues have got their Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid on Tuesday so boss Thomas Tuchel might rest players, although it is difficult to know what his priority will be.

Chelsea need to be in the Champions League next season, and you would think that qualifying for it through their league position is going to be a lot easier than winning it to get back in it. So, I would be very surprised if Tuchel seriously messes with his team on Saturday.

Lawro's prediction: 0-2

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Nutsin 5:15 Sat Apr 24
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Gonna take a colossal effort to beat Chelsea.

They play RM midweek, hopefully they have an eye on that game.

I’m going for a 1-1

irisiris95 5:12 Sat Apr 24
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
I have a bad feeling but that's only because of our injuries. Otherwise I'd have seen us winning this one.
We also do well vs Chelski funnily enough...maybe a Lanzini screamer 1-0 in the 87th minute (??)
I'd take a draw under the circumstances

Jasnik 12:23 Sat Apr 24
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Think it would have been better for us if Everton had not won tonight

well all up to us now

Iron Duke 12:00 Sat Apr 24
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
I had a dream where we win 3-2. Yarmolenko got the winner in injury time. It’s a sigm I tell thee.

Texas Iron 7:09 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Realistically we are bare bones compared to Chelsea’s over abundance of available talent...

Maybe a lucky Penalty and friendly VAR could land us a win or draw...


Too Much Too Young 6:56 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
The rent boys have Real Madrid on Tuesday, so lets hope they rest a few on the basis they think we are weakened with our injuries.

3 nil up in the first 30 mins for us again and hopefully hang on for 3-2.

one iron 6:51 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
I would have gone for a home win. but with players out it will be hard ,so with regret i think 2-1 to chelsea, i hope i am wrong.

Passerby66 12:31 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
fraser - it is more nuanced than you make it.

Leicester are going to drop points from their last three matches. They are probably not going to lose all three. However, they are also not going to win all of their easy ones either. But I am convinced that the horrendous run of the last three matches will wreck their top four hope.

I did not say that Chelsea would drop points against Leicester - I said that Chelsea would drop points against ONE OF City, Arsenal of Leicester (and perhaps even Fulham). They are not going to drop points against all of them, but they are not going to win them all either.

The only team that I can see going on a real tear and hardly dropping anything is Liverpool because their remaining games with the exception of Man Utd are all against the kind of teams that they routinely put to the sword.

It's all just my opinion though and it will not be long until we see if I am right or not - but I do not think that Leicester will make the champions league and I don't think that we will either if we don't win on Saturday.

I'd love to be wrong on both counts though.as I agree with you that if it can't be us then I would like to see Leicester qualify as opposed to any of the scum 6 clubs. But I'd also like to win the lottery this weekend...

rumford 12:23 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
We have an excellent home record this season. No one has lost fewer home games than us. What's worrying is how poor our defence has been in the last few games.
As for Chelsea they now looking a strong unit and have won more games away from home.
So I'm going for draw.

Side of Ham 12:01 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
I'm in agreement with Fraser and it's still been a fucking great season, the one I thought we'd have involved being bored in lockdown watching us play shit and struggling to find any form.

fraser 11:48 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
So you say Leicester will drop out of it cause they have hard games including Chelsea, then you say Chelsea will drop points against Leicester.

You're hoping for a lot of draws :-)

I don't think we have a chance of top 4 I think 6th..

I thinkand hope if we don't Leicester will.

Passerby66 11:42 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Sorry, I had forgotten about Everton - so Spurs and Liverpool both have an easier run-in than us. The rest of my points remain the same though. If we lose on Saturday then top 4 hopes are gone.

Passerby66 11:40 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
If we don't win this we have no chance of the top four IMO. We'll be behind Chelsea, Leicester and (almost certainly Liverpool). Although the rest of our games are technically easier than anybody else's I don't think we will be able to recover that ground.

For what it is worth, I think that top 4 is between us and Chelsea. Leicester's last three games are a nightmare for them - against Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs and I think that they are going to slip out of it on that basis and Liverpool's are so easy that I can't see them not making it. Spurs have an outside chance as their run-in is also easy but I think that they will still manage to fuck it up.

Chelsea are going to drop points against one of City, Arsenal of Leicester (and perhaps even Fulham) and Liverpool have the easiest run-in with only Man Utd as a club they may lose to.

If we can win on Saturday then that makes it very hard for Chelsea to catch us with their run-in but conversely if we only lose or draw I think that it will be the end of our hopes.

Cup Final on Saturday IMO...


Holstebro Hammer 11:23 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
I think we will nick this one late on. Soucek with a late tap in. It's been a while since he has got a goal.
Come on you Irons.

Side of Ham 11:22 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
There is no pressure on us, and a few damn good excuses to not win this seeing as we will likely be putting out a team of the players we thought could get us relegated if our more key players got injured (which they have).

Stop with this over stating the consequences when clearly they should be in the mood to see what they can do against this mob.

Heads up and take the cunts on.

, 11:16 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Chelsea failed to bear Brighton in the week and indeed could have lost it at the very end. And they have a big CL game coming up. Despite our depleted first eleven I think we can get something out of this and a draw would still keep us in the conversation.

Dandy Lyon 10:43 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Hope he’s wrong, think he’s right

fraser 10:42 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
More pressure on us to beat them, a draw keeps them above us.

Hammer and Pickle 10:35 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Pressure is on the Rent Boys to score and get a result, which means we get to play the way we like.


fraser 9:54 Fri Apr 23
Re: GTHC Predicts, Chelsea at Home
Think he has it spot on.

We haven't lost 2 on the bounce all season though, hopefully we can keep it up.

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