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Irish Hammer 3:04 Tue May 4
Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Benrahma makes case for permanent place in West Ham XI as Moyes targets final push for Europe

When the players walked onto the pitch, Said Benrahma said a prayer as he looked towards the heavens. Following a memorable performance perhaps he will be seeking forgiveness having tormented Burnley’s defence for large spells of the game.

During the 2-1 win at Turf Moor, Benrahma provided the assist for the second goal of Michail Antonio, who on reflection should have scored a hat-trick, and linked up well with the forward. It was Benrahma’s first league start since the 3-3 draw against Arsenal in March and he has given manager David Moyes a difficult conundrum for their remaining four games.

Although the Algerian playmaker failed to get his name on the scoresheet, he was the chief threat to Burnley, constantly getting the better of full-back Matthew Lowton — and refusing to give the opposition a moment’s rest. Benrahma dominated the first third of the game; the only time Burnley’s back four got a breather was when the 25-year-old knelt at the side of the pitch to break his fast for Ramadan in the 36th minute.

“I thought Said did a lot of good things tonight, but I thought there were a couple of things which he didn’t do so well, which I think people will see as well, and we are looking for consistency from him,” said Moyes. “He got himself a couple of chances to score and made his chances, but I am hoping we have got (more of) them coming.

“I have a lot of belief in him, I think he is a boy who is going to take a little bit longer than most to settle for lots of reasons but I think he is just going to come into the squad now and help us a lot in the remaining four games and I hope we see that in the games to come.”

It was arguably Benrahma’s best performance since the 3-1 win over Aston Villa in February. In that fixture there was a telepathic understanding between Antonio, who registered two assists, Lingard, who scored twice, and Benrahma who provided an assist for Tomas Soucek. But since then Benrahma has only sporadically performed at a level he is capable of.

There are mitigating factors: the attacker needs to improve the defensive side of his game, and is also competing with Pablo Fornals and Jarrod Bowen, who are the preferred options on the flanks.

In favour of the £25 million signing from Brentford, however, is that there aren’t many players like him in the squad, barring Lingard. If the former fails to join West Ham on a permanent deal from Manchester United this summer, many are of the opinion the club will need to draft in a replacement. But if Benrahma can consistently reprise performances like the one against Burnley, there is no reason why he can’t fill that void.

Most supporters believe Benrahma has been underutilised this season, but it is worth remembering Moyes’ mantra has always been signings from the Championship often take a while to settle. Since the turn of the year, Benrahma has started 10 of the 18 fixtures — and in 26 league appearances he has picked up five assists.

The playmaker is yet to open his account for the club, and when asked what Benrahma needs to do to earn a regular starting berth, Moyes said: “He needs to be more consistent with his use of the ball. He needs to be more consistent with his decisions. His decisions have to be something we can all understand and we can read, and I actually think he needs to hit the target more often than he has done.

“I think if he hits the target more often… he had a chance today where he bent one in the far corner, I was hoping that he would score. But I have to say he has been working hard in training, I like him a lot and I do think he has a big impact to play this season but I think in seasons to come as well.”

Prior to the interval, West Ham were on the attack down the right flank. Benrahma was in space and attempted to whip in a cross for Antonio which went horribly wide. Moyes was annoyed — and rightly so — but this tough-love approach will only benefit Benrahma in the long run.

Manuel Lanzini’s performance also caught the eye, with the Argentine excelling in the absence of Mark Noble, who missed the match through injury. Post-match Moyes admitted it has been tough for Lanzini due to a lack of playing time, but that a deeper role could well be his best position. Lanzini dictated the pace of the game, was calm in possession and made 13 ball recoveries. Similar to Benrahma, Lanzini’s performance also merited a goal.

The win at Burnley will certainly be a morale booster following back-to-back defeats against Newcastle United and Chelsea — and it is believed Declan Rice will return for this Sunday’s game against Everton.

“We’re there and we’re going to try to keep up with the teams at the top,” said Moyes. “Whether we can make the top four, I’m not sure, but I’d really like to get into Europe and we’re in there fighting, with four games to go. It would be an incredible achievement. We’re not far away from the Champions League positions. We’ve got to keep believing.”

(Photo: Jon Super/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

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Dandy Lyon 1:36 Wed Aug 25
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
In a prediction thingy with a bunch of mates and I have him as our top scorer this season.

Saw enough last season to show he has quality, however don’t blame people for saying he needed to improve, he did. His decision making let him down a bit but a good preseason and a confident start this season could well be the making of him.

I’m not a Moyes fan do no wrong man, but think he’s handled Benrahma or perfectly

Lee Trundle 1:31 Wed Aug 25
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
I didn't see many writing him off other than the idiot Come on Benrahma.

Plenty were moaning he was hardly playing though, and were left wondering if that money could have been used to buy a FUCKING STRIKER that we've been crying out for for over a year. That's not really a criticism on Benrahma though.

I think he's starting to strike up a good understanding with Antonio.

fraser 1:21 Wed Aug 25
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
From the official Facebook page 7 goal involvements in his last 7 games.. 3 goals 4 assists... I'd say that was more than one swallow

BRANDED 8:22 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
The game at Blackburn reminded me of last night in the euphoria of the support and swaggering arrogance of the team. They will both be really memorable day/nights in west ham supporting history.

Kaiser Zoso 8:02 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
I can't imagine how anyone wasn't hoping he wasn't the next Payet/Devonshire type player.

I still think he hasn't hit his best form. He's getting closer, but I reckon he has it in him to take over a game and dominate it, like Payet did at Blackburn in the FA Cup. I still see a bit of hesitancy in him, like he's still not 100% of what is expected of him. Once he loses that inhibition, I reckon he'll really begin to naturally dominate.

paulon 7:49 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Always rated him, could see had weaknesses in his game but he would probably be playing at a bigger club than us if he didn't have them

You would need to be next-level THICK to have written him off after one season

RBshorty 7:49 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Cheers Irish. £25 million ain’t looking a bad price.

Grumpster 7:47 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Another in a long line of players automatically written off before they’ve been given a proper chance to settle into either the team or the league by loads of our supporters.

Premiership is the most unforgiving league in Europe and although loads adapt instantly, always have to give players used to either a lesser level or country time to fit in.

When they do as with benny and fornals, you reap the benefits.

Hated him pretending to be injured after he fell over last night though!!!

zico 7:45 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Full Claret Jacket 7:34 Tue Aug 24

Fully agree. I think Moyes moved him wide because he knew Fornals would stick closer to the likes of Tielimans in central midfield and it worked. Good to see we have options to rotate those front players.

Full Claret Jacket 7:34 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
I was critical of him last season, wasn't impressed with what I saw. Thought it was a waste of 25m we could have spent on a position we needed a player for. Manager didn't seem convinced either and he was in and out of the side.

I figured he would either shine this year and become a proper player for us or end up a bust out on loan somewhere.
I'm delighted it's the former. You could see in pre season he looks a much more physically stronger and robust player. His ball retention is better and he doesn't get brushed off the ball so easy, he is finding space, linking up well and causing problems. The goals are flowing. There seems to be some chemistry amongst the front players. Less greedy shooting from anywhere and more purpose. He looks like he is enjoying it.

There is still some work to do on the defensive side if he plays out wide. There were a few times he switched off and let his man run in unopposed but you have to forgive that if he is producing at the other end.

Think this will be a big season for him and if so then we won't miss Lingard much if he doesn't come. Excited to see whether he can keep up this level. Already it looks like he could be a key player for us.

Irish Hammer 4:15 Tue Aug 24
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Colossal Bump

Northern Sold 11:54 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Thought he was mustard and our best player on Monday in what was arguably our best footballing performance... he's a slow burner but I like him in the side.

fraser 11:21 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
daveyg - yeah maybe, but it was a cross and the right decision, just badly executed.

daveyg 10:27 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
I don't know Moyes was really frustrated through out the whole game,a bit like me, that we had so many chances,goal attempts that we didn't score from. He was willing Benrhama to score.
I feel that when Benrhama shoots he tries to hard with often the curling effort creeping in (as in the effort that Antonio just missed ) but just misses. Pass it in or shoot direct is more needed. I feel this is what Moyes requires in his consistancy and decision making.

I just listened to the BBC Podcast about Riyad Mahrez, there are parrallels between the two.both Algerian of course both very skillful,both regarded as to selfish both in their mid 20's when the became PL players. We could have a our own Riyad Mahrez if club and player follow similar paths from now on.

plus a good listen on the BBC Podcast.
Dion Dublin sounded much better than he does on the TV but the best analyst was Nedum Onuoha. A City fan of course but so much better than Micah Richards.
Onuoha sounds intelligent,coherrent and not childish reactive like Richards. I wanted to listen to him more.

Side of Ham 9:59 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
The theory Benrahma was forced on Moyes because of his reaction to a chance he missed and him always looking for better from him, could just as well be Moyes trying to get justification for spending on him.

fraser 9:42 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
You don't think he deserved some slack after a superb first half and a great assist

BRANDED 9:23 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
He might give Lingard some slack because of his goals. He might be frustrated with Benni because if his inability to find the net. His reaction might be in the knowledge the player likes it harsh.

fraser 9:03 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Haller - I noticed that over reaction it was odd.

He's been excellent first half up to then, it wasn't even a bad decision, just a mishit cross.

Lingard had lost the ball twice Antonio shot from 35 yards out but niether got the same reaction.

He has more assists this season than the likes of Pogba, Havertz, Mahrez, Ziyech, Rodriguez, Saha, Saint Maximum and Eze I've read and played considerably less minutes too.

Keep dreaming 8:45 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
So instead of playing Benrahma, Moyes played Johnson and even fucking Fredericks.
Instead of trying out Lanzini or Formals alongside Soucek, he kept on playing Noble.

Dithering Dave for you. He dies not know his best team, and we lost against Newcastle because of that.

Hallerinthemorning 8:37 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Odd that Moyes still has to put a boot in on him though. He can never just pat him on back, always must give a reservation too. The overreaction from Moyes on the sidelines when Benrhama fluffed a cross was harsh too.
This player was forced on him that's for sure. I thought he was really good.

Mex Martillo 7:48 Wed May 5
Re: Good piece on Benrahmas performance etc
Benrahma and Lanzini are good players
Benrahma will be a good signing for us
Thanks Irish

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