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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Come On You Irons 10:28 Mon May 10
Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Lack of injuries until the last couple of months has masked a paper thin squad and shown how reliant we are on our star players (arguably our only world class player in Rice for example).

We have won a record number of games for the club in a Premier League season, but I am struggling to think of many occasions of us blowing teams away and playing well. Leicester, Wolves early doors. Palace and Burnley away maybe?

The rest seem to be rather attritional/lucky victories. Even some of our draws have been fluky like at Fulham. I tend to think we are in a false position, and our goals difference attests to that.

We have a decent full strength XI and not much else. It is no surprise our results and performances have fallen away with Rice and Ogbonna out. It was quite telling how toothless we were yesterday against Everton with our third highest ever signing ZERO GOALS BENRAHMA starting and flunking chances/ promising positions as per usual.

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Takashi Miike 10:06 Tue May 25
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
2braincellsleft blaming the fans, what a cunt ๐Ÿ˜‚

LeroysBoots 9:40 Tue May 25
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
How many times were we thrashed this season ?

The biggest defeat was 3-0 I believe

Fuck me normally we are slaughtered at least twice

Maybe no crowds helped

Maybe we are better organised

fraser 9:38 Tue May 25
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Where's your proof of this fact?

fraser 9:37 Tue May 25
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?

Absolute bollocks

twoleftfeet 9:35 Tue May 25
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
The biggest bit of luck we had was playing with no spectators home and away.


davese16 9:26 Tue May 25
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Agree with texas iron a bit more luck wed have been top 4, 2 games that cost us bad, man utd, we missed a host of chances but led 1-0, this was a time we were solid not leaking goals, they get a goal to equalise when the ball was a yard over the line from the pass that led to their goal, that cost us points, the other against arsenal, we lead 3-1 deflected own goal makes it 3-1, jesse is through on goal with a chance to make it 4-1 the ref pulls it back for a free kick, we lose the advantage.
Next thing bowen is fouled but gooners get the free kick makes it 3-2 we are under pressure, they get an equaliser, those 2 games cost us points because of poor decisions, my opinion is thats cost us top 4.

Side of Ham 7:32 Mon May 24
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
To put it in perspective we've had a season we that has always been our gripe....to mainly beat those clubs around or below us.

For me this is another 'foot in the door' season and the main achievement will be to improve on this one next season, until that happens the mindset hasn't been changed and this is what I'm hoping will be the main thing Moyes will achieve here at the club.

Most of us, if any, have never seen this done.......

Mike Oxsaw 7:28 Mon May 24
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Do the first team keep off the grass now when/if they ever visit Chadwell Heath?

I seem to recall that we always used to pick up niggling training injuries when that was our main camp.

kylay 7:08 Mon May 24
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
We had 2 red cards rescinded, can't believe our fucking luck sometimes.

Also, we played without a striker for about half of the season due to injury. We lost our best defender, midfielder, goalkeeper and left back to injury for at least a month of the season, so we were hardly injury free. We just didn't get hit with our usual 10-12 injuries like many seasons.

RM10 5:58 Mon May 24
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Lucky to have 3 or 4 consistent players and a good squad morale

Billy Blagg 5:48 Mon May 24
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
We've not been 'lucky' but we have had a season without our usual bad luck. Few injuries and everything has pretty much gone for us. Understandably, few like to talk about good or bad luck in sport but I've always believed WHU has had shocking misfortune over the decades.

Texas Iron 11:39 Fri May 21
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Some good luck...
Some bad...

Bit more good luck...
Bit less bad...
we'd be in 4th place now...

, 9:26 Fri May 21
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
When relegated is it because itโ€™s an unlucky season or is it on merit?

El Coucho 2:42 Fri May 21
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
The only way in which West Ham have been lucky is they have largely avoided injuries. The League table doesn't lie. For every win that was a bit lucky (Villa and Fulham at home spring to mind) there is an Arsenal or Man Utd at home.

Hallerinthemorning 11:37 Fri May 21
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
If we had beat Arsenal we would be going into this last game with a win possibly giving us Champs league.

That game was a fucking liberty and no im not happy about Europa League at the moment. Im sure over the summer it will wear off and ill be up for it but at the moment to think that one fucking game would mean Sunday being the biggest final day of the season for us since the tevez goal but isn't due to the arsenal game fucks me right off.

Hammer-ed 7:52 Thu May 20
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Cant say we were luck - we had the highest amount of " hitting the post/bar" then any other team - about 23 times - just half of that would certain made a big difference to our season.

Alex G 7:44 Thu May 20
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Sorry to be boring, but does depend on what you class as luck. Was it lucky for us that Lookman took that atrocious penalty against us that was the difference between us winning and drawing? Or just their player seriously mucked up and we deserved the points because we didn't have any brain fades.

From memory I can't remember many lucky goals by which I mean unintended strikes or wild deflections that somehow found the back of the net. Conversely I think we've been pretty unlucky that we seems to have conceded a large number of own goals that could have on another day deflected harmlessly wide.

On the injury front we've probably been a tad fortunate - we haven't suffered any major collision type injuries. Is the lack of muscular injuries due to good management of players workloads? To an extent I'd say so.

Yep, we've suffered a couple of rescinded red cards but they came late in games so probably didn't have a major impact. On the other hand I can't remember any major decisions that have gone our way that I've felt shouldn't have been given.

So in my opinion no, we've got to where we are based on hard work and good planning.

Jasnik 7:31 Thu May 20
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
We were lucky right up till Rice/ Cresswell /Antonio got injured.

worse timing for us.. Think if they stayed fit we might be still talking about top 4.

fraser 7:27 Thu May 20
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Westside - not so sure about that, they pen the opposition in and always stop them from breaking with niggly fouls.

Maybe that's why because theirs are in the opposition half.

Westside 7:19 Thu May 20
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
Just throw one other in that's interesting - the bottom 3 for getting yellow cards are Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool. Just coincidence...

What you'd expect from teams which are attacking more. Less chance for their defenders to mistime tackles/need to foul a player, as they are doing a lot less defending.

Two of the relegated clubs, for example, have the most yellow cards.

Man United seem to be the anomaly, with the 3rd most yellow cards.

And when talking about have we been lucky this season, don't confuse it, with playing poorly and winning.

threesixty 6:52 Thu May 20
Re: Have we had a 'lucky' season?
You cant be lucky over 38 games!
That's the point of the whole league thing, it removes the luck thing. We are actually a good team.

I think the only team that throrougly outplayed us was Liverpool really. Maybe it was our attitude to it but we didnt have any control of that match. All the rest of the games we were always in with a chance. A lot of the games we controlled from start to finish.

The truth is our form from last season was pretty good at the end it just didnt seem like that because our position started off bad. Antonio was one of the the top scorers in the league after we restarted.

Rather like Leicester in their title winning season, the key was the end of the previous season form.

I suppose thats why I'm slightly worried about our drop in form over the last 5 games or so. I really hope that doesnt carry into next season.

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