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Sven Roeder 8:57 Sat May 15
Saturday Football
Coffee is INDISPOSED so I will be your stand in
Last night Man City extended their lead at the top to 13pts courtesy of a 4-3 win and a Ferran Torres hat-trick.

Burnley v Leeds Utd (12.30)
Leeds will want to finish top half and that may get them over the line. AWAY WIN

Southampton v Fulham (15.00)
Nothing to play for bar Danny Ings making a run for Euro's selection. HOME WIN

Brighton v West Ham United (20.00)
No excuses. Must win. Hopefully the likely return of Rice will bring that against a team we owe a beating. AWAY WIN

Other game .... FA Cup final on a league fixture Saturday at 5.15pm in front of approx 20,000 fans. Leicester are the only team to have been top flight champions without winning the FA Cup. This will be their 5th final. LEICESTER WIN

Crystal Palace v Aston Villa (12.00)
Only interest will be the return of Grealish to the starting line up ahead of the Euro's and questions about who will take over from Roy Hodgson next season. Lampard? AWAY WIN

Tottenham v Wolves (14.05)
Tottenham still in the Europa mix .... hopefully Wolves can finish that. AWAY WIN

WBA v Liverpool (16.30)
A favour from Fat Sam? No. AWAY WIN

Everton v Sheffield Utd (19.00)
Even Everton's dismal home record can't spurn this gift. HOME WIN

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happygilmore 8:11 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
VAR & the Ref couldn't see the Spurs keeper took the player out, no contact on the ball.

pdcwhu 12:06 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Obtuse ..........
Sir Alf........??????

Sir Alf 12:40 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Almost impossible to break a leg nowadays from a tackle or challenge. Becoming non-contact in the Premiership.

Would love to see a Dicks, Bonds, Lampard Senior, Mark Ward or Keith Robson style "reducer" on one of the modern day "actors" who turn out for the entitled clubs. Give them something to actually be writhing in agony over.

grasshopper 12:31 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Grumpster 12:23 Wed May 19

Salah deserves it too.

Forever cheating.

Grumpster 12:23 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
I'd hate to be a lifelong Chelsea fan and now have to watch my team just constantly dive every 30 seconds.

No doubt many wouldn't care while winning trophies, but it's fucking embarrassing.

I literally can't wait to laugh at one of them breaking a leg.

Takashi Miike 12:23 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
the badness of these referees is intentional. the sport is corrupt as fuck

Sven Roeder 12:21 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Why would you give such a crucial game to a drama queen like Mike Dean?
Lots of yellows in that MELEE. Rudiger comes in and shoves a player after Chilwell feigns injury. The keeper runs 50 yds to get involved.

Earlier Azpulicueta is told to leave the pitch by the sideline he is 10 yds away from. Refuses and starts walking off across the pitch. He is stopped and booked. And then keeps walking off the long way. Taking the piss and Dean stands and watches.

Lily Hammer 12:21 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Fully agree, Pee Wee.

I turned off at 2-0, feeling a bit sick.

Pee Wee 12:19 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
CL wasn’t gone until that result and that’s why I won’t be celebrating it.

As remote a possibility as it was, I wanted to go into the last game with it being a chance, however small.

Sir Alf 12:18 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Mike Dean is not fit for purpose. Not sure how bad he has to be to be dropped from the list of Prem refs. Does he have pics of the Premiership Chairmen and / or directors with a brass? He literally gets most of the significant decisions wrong. Almost as if he is being deliberately obtuse or makes the wrong decision just to prove he is in charge :-)

Absolute disaster of a ref who's family needs to be taken out of the firing line because he is running out of clubs that dont have a reason to despise him.

nychammer 12:15 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
CL is gone. It’s about securing 6th at worst

Iron Duke 12:14 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Mason Mount is another one of the referees’ golden boys who can do know wrong and gets away with everything. Just like Kane and Grealish.

Pee Wee 12:13 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
There are positives from the result, but a result that means it’s impossible to get CL can’t be celebrated.

Gutted to be honest.

Iron Duke 12:12 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Chelsea were diving all over the place. Mike Dean was shit as usual. Rudiger goes in pushing another player and doesn’t even get a yellow card.

nychammer 12:11 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Got the needed result from our perspective at Chelsea

Headtheball 12:03 Wed May 19
Re: Saturday Football
Nicky Maynard just come on for Newport. Remember him scoring a goal in the 2012 play off semi final against Cardiff City at Upton Park. Still going just about.

Alfs 11:53 Tue May 18
Re: Saturday Football
Body just scored for Newport.

Iron Duke 11:40 Tue May 18
Re: Saturday Football
Diving is rewarded again.

twoleftfeet 10:47 Tue May 18
Re: Saturday Football
Respect our point 😁

The commentator said earlier that neither Burn or Webster had scored this season.

Has the crowd made a difference? Could it motivate WBA?

⚒️ 10:43 Tue May 18
Re: Saturday Football
We are unbeaten against Brighton this season.

Burnhammeronsea 10:41 Tue May 18
Re: Saturday Football
If Brighton best City then we weren't as bad as all that.

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