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LeroysBoots 9:41 Mon May 17
Harry Kane
Told Spurs he wants to leave

Luvverly !

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arsene york-hunt 1:41 Sun May 23
Re: Harry Kane
Dirty Harry and the cheating Chinaman, are both despicable divers and foulers, they would both fit in well ar Liverpool.

Mr Anon 10:42 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane
Let's see what happens with Rice before laughing at spurs

Hammer-ed 10:40 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane
Well at least his namesake (Chris Kane) in St Johnston won a Cup Final today ha ha ha!

lowermarshhammer 10:40 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane
200k a week loser

oioi 10:33 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane
Kane is a loser. Scoring goals means nothing if you don’t win a trophy. Greedy diver. Me, me, me. Should take a look at West Ham to see how to be a team player. Glory, glory player. Wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole. Rice should be England captain.

Manuel 5:57 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane
I've commented on this thread but agree with jfk, there is no place for this on here and should be deleted. it's typical of the OP to start something like this.

yngwies Cat 5:53 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane

jfk 5:20 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane
He’s Tottenham problem not ours.
Getting far too much attention on here for my liking.
Delete this fucking tiresome bollocks of a thread please.

nychammer 4:53 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane
id LOVE him here.

$10M and Andersen should do it :)

Barty 1:21 Sat May 22
Re: Harry Kane


I´m loving the (hopeful) decline of Tottenham

They´ll end up with the Portuguese Tony Pulis who has been fed the cream of the crop from Portugal at Wolves with the job to rebuild them! laughable

It´s all looking good at the moment ! :D

Texas Iron 7:21 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
A top world class striker...

Not great for England...

Interesting to see where he goes...

Pee Wee 7:17 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
Actually Bolt, his goal record for England is much worse than Crouch

But that’s why people who just use stats are idiots

Manuel 6:48 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
Overrated? Fucking hell. It looks like he is going to score almost every time he gets the ball. A world class player without any doubt.

Westside 6:47 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
20 of Harry Kane's 34 goals for England have resulted in England either winning rather than drawing or drawing rather than losing.

Almost 2/3rds of his goals actually effect the result, as opposed scoring 3 in in a 7-0 win or scoring 1 in a 1-3 defeat.

And he is yet to score, in the knockout phases of a major tournament, other than from a penalty.

fraser 6:36 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
Levy has said he won't sell him to a rival.. That's Palace and Southampton ruled out.

BBondsBootlaces 5:49 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
Does he take corners?

Block 5:06 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
Not saying he isn't decent, he is.

But the way he's creamed over is a bit over the top, considering at the highest level (International Level) he's goal record from open play is in line with PETER CROUCH.

The diving mongy faced cunt.

riosleftsock 5:02 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
Irrespective of what you think of Spurs, you'd have to be a complete tool to not recognise that Kane is a very decent player.

Lee Trundle 4:52 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
The highest Premier League scorer and highest assist maker this season is overrated?!

Northern Sold 4:50 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
I'm 100% Bolty son... no big deal... you think Harold is overated... I don't... it's called WHO discussion

Northern Sold 4:49 Fri May 21
Re: Harry Kane
To be fair more than half of the lanky ones goals were gainst the might of jamaica, belerus, Andora, estonia, Egypt and macedonia.... but yeah fair play..

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