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LeroysBoots 11:00 Tue May 18
According to that font of knowledge, Ex, we are in for him

Free transfer, would take significant drop in wages

Aged 32

Would you take the cunt ?

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Hammer I am 11:37 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
And if he's free it's a no-brainer, one of at least 3 strikers we need to bring in, one of them will have to be free at least

Hammer I am 11:36 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
Noble told a story on Crouches podcast that Arnie had been banging on about playing in China from his Stoke days, was an odd ambition of his.

He also highlighted him as being great for dressing room morale despite what people guess about him.

dealcanvey 11:02 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
Moyes has said himself we will need a few freebies especially as we will be playing in Europe.

Arnautavic on a free would be ok but only if we sign a good young striker.

Sima looks the part.

Kaiser Zoso 10:51 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
Fuck me, Benteke, Arnautovic and Mitrovic.

Talk about stuck in a time warp.

4ever-blowin-bubbles 10:39 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic

Lato 9:05 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
No thanks...….I thought we had moved on with getting in stop gaps!

⚒️ 9:03 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
Benteke 😂

Heard it all now.

Manuel 8:49 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
Come on then silly bollocks, respond to the post and not the poster, and tell me why you'd prefer Arnie to Benteke, and try to do it in a way befitting a grown up, if that's possible?

Troy McClure 8:39 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
bwhahahahahaha good one manuel

Manuel 8:34 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
If we are signing a 'squad' forward then Benteke would be a better option than the arm waving Austrian, alas word is he is signing a new deal at the Palace.

Mad Dog 2:03 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
Factory seconds. Best Post of the day.

CR 12:13 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic

CR 12:12 Fri May 21
Re: Arnautovic
Factory Seconds 12.10

MaryMillingtonsGhost 10:24 Thu May 20
Re: Arnautovic
factory seconds 10:12

factory seconds 10:12 Thu May 20
Re: Arnautovic
yes, definitely want an older and shitter version of a mardy twat who fucked off to play in a chinese vanity league, just what we need.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 10:07 Thu May 20
Re: Arnautovic
Big fish in a (very) small pond at Stoke.
Career resurrected at West Ham.
Turns into Billy big-bollocks when he decides he's better than us.
Get's a new deal from the stunted porn merchant.
STILL not good enough.
Cunt of a brother/agent orchestrates a move to China

Yeah, let's welcome this cuntstain back with open arms.
What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Swiss. 7:38 Thu May 20
Re: Arnautovic
Admiral Lard 7:26 Thu May 20

"very poor for team morale". Once again not according to Mr West Ham...Mark Noble. Please see the PC podcast...twat

Jasnik 7:29 Thu May 20
Re: Arnautovic
would never fir in with the current players.

too much of a jonny big bollocks

Jasnik 7:28 Thu May 20
Re: Arnautovic
No, Was a liability, sodded off and is older now , and didn't start that well for us.

Admiral Lard 7:26 Thu May 20
Re: Arnautovic
Once you have cunted yourself its very hard to uncunt yourself...

Arnautovic, decent player, goalscorer etc but an utter cunt of a man, very poor for team morale. West ham have a rare togetherness, he would be a disruption.

Hope that helps

scott_d 3:54 Wed May 19
Re: Arnautovic
If his brother is still his agent then he can FUCK OFF.

Both of them thought he was bigger than the club.

In recent years, there are a few attacking payers who have had the talent and opportunity to leave a long lasting positive impression on the club.

Both Arnautovic and Payet in recent years fucked it up with their attitude and should never be allowed to pull the club shirt on again.

They are the opposite of what this current team seem to be about and whilst talent would be welcome, attitude would ruin what Moyes has built.

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