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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

scott_d 1:51 Fri May 21
Striker for Next Season...
What are our realistic striker options for next season, if we look to buy someone with Premier League Experience?

I apprecaite some will not be that exciting so feel free to suggest your own in your replies but who looks realistic and affordable?

Name (age) Club

Tammy Abraham (23) Chelsea
2020/2021 - 6 goals in 12 PL starts

The youngest, and probably most expensive on the list. Rumours are we are interested and Chelsea want somewhere between 30-40m.
He scored 26 goals for Villa in the Championship, earned his chance with Chelsea and rewarded them with 15 goals last season but his chances have been limited with the signing of Werner and 6 goals this season is more representative of his opportunities than his ability.
He has proved he can score goals in the Premier League and even the 15 goals he scored last season would make him our highest Premier League goalscrorer since Di Canio (16) in 1999/2000.

Chris Wood (29) Burnley
2020/2021 - 12 goals in 31 PL starts

Not a very glamourous signing but for me, very much an old fashioned centre forward who can score with his head and his feet. A good finished and double figures for 4 seasons in a row with Burnley, which is still an upgrade on anyone we've had.
He's 29 now but is a exepreinced, proven goalscorer and his 14 goals from last season would match Marlon Harewood's tally from 05/06 which is the current record since Di Canio's afforementioned 16.
If he wasn't too expensive, he could surely score 15+ goals in a more attacking team than Burnley.

Danny Ings (28) Southampton
2020/2021 - 12 goals in 25 PL starts

Earned a moved to Liverpool off the back of scoring 20 goals for Burnley in 2014 but a lack of oportunities and injury problems meant his spell at Liverpool was pretty much non-existent but he's got his career back on track with 22 goals last season for Southampton.
Some concerns over his previous serious injuries and he's not bee without his problem at Southampton but if he's fit he'll score goals. Southampton won't want to sell so he won't be cheap so might be worth a swerve as it might not be worth the risk but at the right price, worth considering.

Patrick Bamford (27) Leeds
2020/2021 16 goals in 37 starts.
Started every game for Leeds this season having scored 16 goals last season in the Championship and helping Leeds earn promotion. He has matched that tally this season and could surpass if he scores against West Brom on Sunday.
On the plus side he looks like a tidy striker who knows where the goal is and he has started every game this season as well as 43 games last season which suggests he is a strong athlete with positive injury record.
Would be a bit underwhelming in some ways but 16 goals is not to be sniffed at.
Can't see Leeds allowing him to leave for cheap but they did spend big on Rodrigo so might want him to step up next season in place of Bamford?

Here are some of our top goalscorers in the Premier League:

16 - Paolo Dicanio (99/00)
15 - Joh Hartson (97/98)
14 - Marlon Harewood (05/06)
13 - Tervor Morley (93/94), Tony Cottee (94/95)
12 - Paulo Wanchope (99/00)
11 - Marko Arnautovic (17/18), Bobby Zamora (06/07), Frederic Kanoute (01/02 & 00/01).

We don't necessarily need a 20+ goalscorer, these are expensive and quite rare, and not likely to come to West Ham unless we get lucky. Just 14-16 goals in a season would be a succesful season for a striker at West Ham considering our record of poor strikers and we have tried in the past to bring in big names who have flopped.
Personally, I would rather a slightly less glamourous name who has can remain fit and has scored goals and some of the above tick those boxes.

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daveyg 11:31 Sun May 23
Re: Striker for Next Season...
That's idiotic. Bissouma already thinks to good for Brighton. Will think he is to good for us after a season. Not sure I like his attitude.
Losing Rice will kill any momentum we have,it will take a season or two to adjust to him leaving us.
Spurs won't recover from losing Kane for years unless they unearth another Kane throught the academy.

Sir Alf 10:37 Sun May 23
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Ideally we would get one of these Slavia Prague lads ( Sima or the other one who's name I cannot remember or spell) but we would also get Chris Wood an experienced striker. Prefer Wood to Tammy Abraham who is decent but not sure about his attitude and whether he thinks he is too good for the likes of us. Wood is hard working and plays for the team and a real handful, would see us as a step up and give his all.

Barty 8:06 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
How about Daryl Dike the 20 year old from the USA currently on loan at Barnsley

1 in 2 goals for them

Not bad is he good enough? I´ve heard a rumour

Bishopsfinger 7:54 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
How’s Mark Wrights career going since signing for Crawley. ‘ it’s not a publicity stunt’ I think he’s not played since that game ?

Kaiser Zoso 7:47 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Ferguson sold Ince

You win nothing with kids was the verdict

It can help improve a team, but you only have to look at us and Rio to know how easy it is for it all to go massively wrong

nychammer 7:37 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Selling our best asset won’t end well, not at this club, agreed with that. It has worked well at Leicester when they sold their best because they reinvested the proceeds and more and still retained some key players like vardey. Our owners will do their level best to pocket as much of the proceeds as possible when Ride goes and well be far worse off.
I think they are better selling the club with him as an “asset”

Barty 7:37 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
"The Spanish giants paid £23million for Anelka’s services but he failed to settle at the Bernabeu, while Wenger invested money from his sale in the likes of Thierry Henry and Robert Pires as he went about assembling another title-winning team."


Wenger made history with the Anelka sale really

Barty 7:22 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
You could have said that about Arsenal when Wenger sold Anelka

With the Anelka money he built the heartbeat of the invincibles

the exile 7:19 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
I strongly disagree that it would be a good idea to sell Rice, whether or not Moyes gets to reinvest the money. It's about so much more than money.

Rice has rapidly become the heartbeat of this team, and along with the Czech boys is largely responsible for the fantastic team spirit that has seen us overperform this season. I don't believe he will be off this summer but he may well go next year unless we do well in Europe and get CL the following season. We should go all out to do that because when Rice goes he will leave a massive void, whoever we replace him with. It will confirm our status as a second-rate, selling club and make recruitment and retention of star players that much more difficult.

ray winstone 7:19 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
The Hornchurch striker Higgins looks decent, if we need a peanut seller….

Kaiser Zoso 7:13 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Turn it about Rice, Vex you clown

terry-h 7:12 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Let's put it this way. Would Chelsea,Arsenal or Tottenham sell a young player of Rice's quality?
If we do sell our captain while he is still on a long contract,we will be admitting WE HAVE NO AMBITION.

Barty 6:55 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
IF 90% of it would be reinvested then giving Moyes who is clever on the transfer market would be a good ideanand would most likely move us forward

But that is a big IF

Rice could become the most expensive defensive midfielder in history

Pagey 6:53 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Bissouma is clearly not shit! He’s had an outstanding season for Brighton.

alfs barnet 6:38 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Vexed wrote...

If we were a pragmatic bunch the best way to improve as a club would be to sell Rice and spend the money well.

My issue with this is the part about spending the money well. It actually makes a lot of sense to do that - but I have so little faith in Moyes actually seeing most of the money, it would be a massive step backwards.

Under a normally run club it would make perfect sense.

RM10 6:28 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Bissouma is shit don’t rate him at 30m ffs

Vexed 6:14 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
If we were a pragmatic bunch the best way to improve as a club would be to sell Rice and spend the money well. Obviously this would be unpalatable to our support so they probably won't unless Declan kicks up a stink about money again or gets tapped up with England. I think it's worth considering. Could get Bissouma from Brighton in to replace and still have probably 30m to spare. Unpopular opinion I'm sure but realistically it's what any well run club would do.

nychammer 5:43 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
We need to clear the expensive dead wood our out and get some good canny signings in and a few of them too. We have to trust Moyes, he hasn’t let us down yet and as we well know he Isn’t going to buy someone for the sake of it.

terry-h 5:33 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
Manuel 1:09

Adam Armstrong's strong points are his movement and speed. He has a very good appearance record so must look after himself or is lucky with injuries. Excellent striking technique and good temperament. Vexed has said he is a midget, but he is the same height as Tony Cottee, with a stocky build.
The big question is can he score regularly in the PL? There is definitely an interest in him on Moyes' part,as strong rumours in recent months have not been denied.

Athletico Easthamico 1:46 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...

That was Leroys Boots.
Therefore best ignored.

Pagey 1:39 Sat May 22
Re: Striker for Next Season...
We need strikers and I can’t believe that someone is suggesting selling Antonio! All this ‘not a natural striker’ talk is ridiculous. He’s the perfect type of striker for how we play. That’s why we’re looking for another like him. And that’s why they’re so hard to find.

Benteke is just after a decent last contract somewhere and will revert back to his previous form once that’s signed.

Hopefully Moyes and the recruitment team have a plan in place and there are some more gems lined up.

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