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Leonard Hatred 8:50 Sat May 29
Weight loss
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On The Ball 11:26 Tue Jun 1
Re: Weight loss
Hallerinthemorning 11:39 Mon May 31

Around 17 to around 11.

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:19 Tue Jun 1
Re: Weight loss
For most of my life I used eat plenty, train plenty more. as my way of keeping my weight in check and when I wanted to lose weight I lowered the plenty food a bit.

Now at 51 exercise and training are still good but my muscle mass is starting to wain and my metabolism is slowing I know I have to reduce my calorie intake or accept that I will be fit but not trim.

Functional Dad bod is the new norm.

Aberdeen Iron 11:01 Tue Jun 1
Re: Weight loss
Interesting thing. A few weeks ago our recycle bin was full the day it was due to be emptied so had a look inside. One of the things I did daily was drink flavoured water, 500 ml bottles of it. Didn't realise how many till that day. Next time I was at a supermarket I bought 18 bottles of plain water. Since then I've just refilled them daily from the tap and drank as normal, possibly a bit more as I like em cold from the fridge. No diet changes and maybe a bit more exercise taking the dog out. Lost about a stone and a half since then and the recycle bin isnt full these days.

Darby_ 10:25 Tue Jun 1
Re: Weight loss
Once you start doing exercise regularly, it becomes addictive because your brain gives you a bit of a high. So you start looking forward to it.

The problem is that actually getting to that stage where you're exercising regularly is hard. Exercise usually bores the fuck out of me, so I have to distract myself by listening to an audiobook/music/reading something on your tablet/watching stuff on youtube or TV, etc.

BRANDED 9:52 Tue Jun 1
Re: Weight loss
Its NOT a simple calories in calories out. Some foods get absorbed much more quickly than others. Its not about exercise as often when you exercise you crave food/drink.
I would say discipline of eating “good” food is probably the number one factor. However, defining “good” is the hard part.
The science of this is constantly in flux but clearly eating a lot of carbs all the time will not help you. If you know what a carb is then thats your starting point.

Hallerinthemorning 11:39 Mon May 31
Re: Weight loss
On the ball, I'm assuming you were in the 20s stone before u started then?

Lovejoy 3:48 Mon May 31
Re: Weight loss
LeroysBoots 8:08 Sun May 30

Game changer was portion control. I reduced all my meals by about 30% as well as eating healthy with just one cheat meal per week.

Exercise 4 times per week - 2 x weights and 2 x cross fit cardio.

Went from 110kg to 80kg and the weight is still coming off.

lowermarshhammer 2:12 Mon May 31
Re: Weight loss
Don't eat total shit all day every day.
Exercise 3 times a week

Hardly rocket science.

On The Ball 9:54 Sun May 30
Re: Weight loss
I've lost six stone in the last nine months or so.

It's been a matter of willpower and exercise. An hour on the exercise bike each day during the week and not eating shit in the evening has been the key - dinner was usually fine, but far too often I'd have a massive bag of crisps or a bag of those big cookies from Tesco. Coupled with cutting out the odd takeaway - we're still having them, just less. I still need to have a big pizza here and there or I'd go mental. Saturday night is generally a 'nice' meal.

I did the Couch to 5k recently, but the weightloss was already done by then. Do a fair few sit-ups/push-ups as well. I have a little treat each night (like a Ferrero Rocher or something) which I look forward to way more than I should. On the other hand, I've typed this one-handed as I'm eating an entire pot of Creme Egg ice cream.

It's helped massively that I don't drink at home and haven't been able to travel or go to football - so I've had minimal alcohol over the last year.

Oh, and I drink GALLONS of tea now. I drank a lot before, but now I drink it all evening. It's replaced snacking and is lovely.

LeroysBoots 8:08 Sun May 30
Re: Weight loss
Lovejoy, how did you achieve that ?

I've lost 10kg since November, want to lose 8 more by September

Lovejoy 7:21 Sun May 30
Re: Weight loss
I'm 30kg down over the last 2 years.

gph 2:01 Sun May 30
Re: Weight loss
It's always better to do more than eat less.

Dieting firms have minted it by pretending it's the reverse.

goose 12:22 Sun May 30
Re: Weight loss
It’s a simple calories in v calories used equation.

Diet is the key.
Then try and keep moving as much as you can during your normal day.
Then find a form of exercise you enjoy.

Focus on a positive moving average.

Easy peasey.

Fortunes Hiding 12:01 Sun May 30
Re: Weight loss
Don’t spend all day on WHO

Do some exercise

lab 9:44 Sat May 29
Re: Weight loss
I’m a pregnant bastard at the mo , due to drink , thing is I drink then eat the world to absorb it .

Joe C 9:41 Sat May 29
Re: Weight loss
I’ve got something like Norovirus at the moment, have been throwing up and squirting stinking brown water out the other end since about 1am.

I’m pretty sure this will lose me some weight, but I cannot recommend it

Steady 9:31 Sat May 29
Re: Weight loss
Cut out booze, no snacking, cut out crisps and crap, smaller portions, starve yourself

simon.s 9:22 Sat May 29
Re: Weight loss
No booze.

Tough I know, but the only real way to lose it and keep it off.

Mad Dog 9:14 Sat May 29
Re: Weight loss
In all seriousness I needed to shed some timber but refuse to go onto salads.

What I have done is cut out beer and cut down snacks and junk food. Ie moved onto a slightly stricter diet.

I also gave cardio a go for a few months but it did fuck all. So I've gone the other way and over last few months I've hit the weights. Hard.
Putting on muscle burns far more calories at rest. Cardio only burns whilst you're doing it.

I'm still the same weight (15 stone) but now down to 17% body fat. Still a little to lose around the middle but looking much much better.

Mad Dog 9:07 Sat May 29
Re: Weight loss
I went to the doctors to ask him about I could lose weight.

He said don't eat anything fatty.

I asked "what, you mean like chips and cake?"

Has said "no don't eat anything... fatty"

BRANDED 9:05 Sat May 29
Re: Weight loss
If you look at a lit of indigenous old men they have a pot belly. Nothing too much, just a sign that they no longer have to put in the real hard work as they have already. Perfect.

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