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Barty 8:35 Tue Jun 1
Alex Kral
West Ham Fan Zone
Spartak Moscow midfielder Alex Kral has agreed personal terms with West Ham, ahead of an anticipated move to the club.

(via @ExWHUemployee)


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camel-with-3-humps 4:26 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Looks a very decent Moyes signing.

Moyes is excellent.

All those people who slagged me off so bitterly for my staunch Moyes support are looking rather silly now...

stepney hammer 4:16 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Arsenal would not sell Guendouzi at that price to another Premier League club. And as mentioned they're getting shot of him because they think he is a massive cunt and don't want him around anymore.

Nagel 4:10 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Breaking news: Sully's kid just saw that Kral's Wiki page says that he scored 190 goals in 18 games for the Czech Republic U17s. They've now decided to buy him as a striker.

Nagel 4:07 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
I'll tell you why the Kral deal is off. Sully's kid looked up his Wikipedia page, saw this and told his Dad that he knew for a fact that we couldn't afford his wages:

"On 1 September 2019, he signed a five-year contract worth £5 million a day with the Russian Premier League club Spartak Moscow."

Vexed 2:15 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
If he sorted out that barnet he'd be worth 20m. As it is now Kral's worth 15m tops. Guendouzi's barnet is a whole level gayer than Kral's so Marseille are probably on the money with their valuation and are probably stipulating that they have to shave his head immediately upon joining. Both will suffer from Luiz Syndrome which manifests itself by opposing players targeting the player due to their visual similarity to the appalling car crash David Luiz on the assumption that they are shit and will make a catastrophic game losing howler at any moment.

FYI talking about player barnets is entirely normal and not at all weird or cunty.

Manuel 2:14 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Apparently the free loading sack of shit Yarmalenko played well last night, can only help. I'm actually confident some mug in Russia or Ukraine will take him, and good fucking riddance too.

Sven Roeder 2:09 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Was some mention of them being interested in Yarmolenko
Sending him to Russia in part exchange would be a great deal

Lee Trundle 1:27 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
I'd prefer Kral over Guendouzi. But I think £20m is too much in today's market for him.

Takashi Miike 1:17 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
haha, no not calling Alan a liar but sadly he has no say in it, and as Vexed said Marseille are trying to get him on the cheap. for what Kral can do, he's worth the money and would be able to play in a three with RIce/Soucek if Moyes went down that route. we just need to move on Anderson even if it's just for £8-10m and his wages gone

Vexed 1:06 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
What you bellends have failed to read is that the figure of 8.6m is what those cheating slags at Marseille have offered rather than what Arsenal are prepared to take for him. Arsenal are apparently threatening to extend his contract just to be cunts, which sounds amusing if unlikely to be possible legally or something.

Regardless, Guendouzi is a mardy cunt that was deemed even too fucking mardy for the home of french cunt mardiness that is Arsenal. Not sure this level of cunt would please 'Don't run Dave'.

BillyJenningsBoots 1:02 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Looking at the way he plays he's definitely a box to box type player.... I reckon if we do get him he plays and we won't be getting Lingard..

Lee Trundle 12:50 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral

From Alan's newspaper thread.

Arsenal are ready to offload French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi, 22, for just 10m euros (£8.6m). (Le10Sport, via Calciomercato)

Are you calling Alan a liar?!

Fifth Column 12:48 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Takashi Mike

It's reported online that Guendouzi is available for £9 - £10 million. Whether that's accurate or not I don't know but that is the online media speculation.

Also it appears that he's an ill disciplined, mouthy twat so not sure that Moyes would want him anyway.

Takashi Miike 12:44 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
lee, guendouzi would cost about the same as kral. you're dreaming if you think he'd be available at 9-10m

Takashi Miike 12:42 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
why wouldn't you want to strengthen a position where the third & only other option at the moment is noble? yes, I know lanzini came in for a game and a half there, and proved he's about physically stable as that cunt ♿

Hallerinthemorning 12:41 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
So exwhu was talking shit then?
Cant wait until he starts his Chelsea info page. Hopefully he will leave West Ham well alone then. Snidey cunt.

Athletico Easthamico 12:39 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
Balbuena wants to fuck off and the youngsters are probably not good enough.

Lee Trundle 12:38 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
I know it's all cocks out for the Czechs at the moment, but I'm not sure I'd be shelling out £20m for him, when you can get someone like Matteo Guendouzi for less than half of that... and they both look similar!

Hermit Road 12:38 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
I don’t understand why we would pay 20m for a central midfielder at the moment given the quality of the people playing there at the moment.

We should be looking to spend in other areas first

Takashi Miike 12:36 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
alf, I don't get why CB would be heading the list of priorities unless the dwarf has a player lined up via one of his chums. this is in part explains why they're apparently reluctant to spend £20m on a guaranteed success at CM which will be closer to £30m after the euros. for C&H to be spun in to action, the meddling has clearly started and it's another reason Moyes would be wise to speak with everton. the sensible/obvious thing would have been renewing Balbuena's contract or promoting one of the younger players in the u23s/pl2 squad

Mr. Burns 12:30 Fri Jun 4
Re: Alex Kral
I don’t get the obsession with people thinking of this bloke signs he’s a back up or someone’s replacement. I’m thinking he may pay with Rice and Soucek if he’s that good. Gives us much more options as well and better quality if one of the three get injured. As for Tammy Abraham, fucking hell he’s shit. I loved his effort in clearing the ball off the line when Soucek scored against them last season.

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