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Far Cough 6:49 Wed Jun 2
Isle of Man TT




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munkyfunk 1:00 Sat Jun 12
Re: Isle of Man TT
Nice lid chim.
My favourite lid was my old arai mick doohan replica.

Far Cough 12:37 Sat Jun 12
Re: Isle of Man TT
Apparently, Barry Sheene did the course once and said never again, just cut out the middle man and shoot yourself in the head

Anyone know why the riders blank out their speedo?

Dicko75 5:15 Thu Jun 3
Re: Isle of Man TT
They drive like utter cunts up there generally. More than once I have told a taxi driver to slow the fuck down as he’s dangerous

chim chim cha boo 10:55 Thu Jun 3
Re: Isle of Man TT
If the pro racers don't die during the race or practice there's always Mad Sunday where they open the track to anyone and everyone outside of the little villages and towns.

It's guaranteed carnage in the real sense of the word.

Just be happy your surname isn't Dunlop. How Michael is still alive is one of those mysteries life throws up from time to time.

It's hard not to take your hat off to them (in my case an Arai Corsair).

lowermarshhammer 9:16 Wed Jun 2
Re: Isle of Man TT
Last three years with no fatalities

2001 - foot and mouth
2020 - covid
2021 - covid


Proper in the moment mentalism.

Vexed 8:47 Wed Jun 2
Re: Isle of Man TT
I like the bit where they're getting air over a bridge going 200mph in the wet. Looks pretty fucking dangerous being a spectator at this madness.

Does people peg it every year doing this shit or is it more of a rarity now?

Far Cough 7:29 Wed Jun 2
Re: Isle of Man TT
Love people like Guy Martin and Fred Dibnah, one offs

El Scorchio 7:16 Wed Jun 2
Re: Isle of Man TT
Yeah, it's funny to think he never did, isn't it! Probably the Jimmy White of the TT. Fascinating bloke though.

Dead right about the 3D. Amazing! The only other ones i can really think that benefitted were Gravity and Jackass 3D(!)

zebthecat 7:13 Wed Jun 2
Re: Isle of Man TT
El Scorchio 7:10 Wed Jun 2

It is a very good film indeed, Guy Martin never did get that win he was after.
One of the few films that used 3D properly - the on-bike camera footage is terrifying.

El Scorchio 7:10 Wed Jun 2
Re: Isle of Man TT
TT: Closer to the edge, although 10 years old now, is a great film if you haven't seen it.

Vexed 6:50 Wed Jun 2
Re: Isle of Man TT
Lemmings on motorbikes. Breathtakingly mental most of them.


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