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Stubbo 10:11 Sun Jun 6
Has anyone had this and successfully got rid of it.

Had it on and off for months now and whilst had the odd good week of sleep here and there, it only takes one bad night to get bad again.

Sometimes manage to get to sleep ok or sometimes can take an hour or more, but then wake up after anything from 60 mins to a couple of hours...and that's it.

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mashed in maryland 8:17 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
Go the gym

Get more stuff done during the day

Avoid watching telly/using phone for an hour or so before bed

Occasionally take a zinc supplement (works 100x better than any sleeping tablet in that its not a drug with side effects)

Used to get it terribly but since doing the above it never happens. If you suggest this to people though they ignore it and prefer to go down the routes of booze, weed or valumes/zopiclon etc.

Barty 4:24 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
The Mars Hydro FC 6500 destroying competition vs Spider Farmer SF4000 which costs much more and has been until now by many considered one of the best LED lamps around


Barty 4:13 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
Mars Hydro have just put on the market the best lamps in the world today according to some experienced growers

Barty 4:06 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
Pick a light


Pick a tent

Buy some of these


And sweet dreams to you

nychammer 3:49 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
A lot of Alcohol the night before has me awake early for some reason, even if hungover i find it hard to go back I have to lay there and suffer. That and Sunday nights If I know Monday is going to be a bitch.

Barty 3:47 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
I've got the solution that works for me

Check the link



Hello Mrs. Jones 3:38 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
If I have my usual 2 g and ts I sleep ok. If not, wide awake at 2am. Problem?

bruuuno 3:23 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
*lights spliff*

Stubbo 3:10 Tue Jun 8
Re: Insomnia
Total fucker tonight. Went to bed at 10...still awake. Such a weird phenomenon when you've spent 40 years falling asleep within 10 mins of head hitting the pillow.

Hallerinthemorning 10:37 Mon Jun 7
Re: Insomnia
The latest article by Irish hammer on the second chance academy will put u into a coma mate. Job done ✔

icwhs 8:21 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
A sleep diary is important for all types of reasons?

It’s up there with the masturbation diary 📔 re importance

Swiss. 3:18 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Snort a line and stay up and party. You'll thank me later.

OccupyGreenStreet 3:15 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Magnesium, or even better zma capsules. Some cbd oils work too, especially home brewed.
From what I’ve heard, nobody is sleeping well in 2020/2021.

joyo 2:45 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Sometimes l wake up grumpy, other times l let her have a lie in

chim chim cha boo 2:39 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Go to bed and consciously try and stay awake. Our bodies have a way of defying what we want them to do.

Start keeping a pad and pen next to the bed and note down when you wake up. A sleep diary is important for all kinds of reasons.

When you wake up GET up and move to another room and do something like reading (even the internet-that 'no screen time' is a bit out of date) until you get sleepy again.

Some of what I have said might sound a bit counterintuitive but it really does work.

Good luck. I wouldn't wish sleep deprivation on anyone.

wanstead_hammer 2:31 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Blimey Mike, time yer wake up, there’d be no time to have breakfast, nip out for an oily rag or ave a bit of tea, before going up again!

ChillTheKeel 2:09 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Read Oxsnore's posts

Mike Oxsaw 1:21 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Ban all technology from the bedroom.

Don't eat/snack after 6pm - 8 at the VERY latest.

Try and have the lighting in your pre-bed room mimic natural light in a sunsetty way to trigger sleep hormones in your brain. I have a set of uplighters with reading lights halfway up each pole - the main lights go off and reading lights on at various times until the reading lights - all illuminating the floor are all that's on.

If you have any deadlines, plan the work for tomorrow before retiring then (try to) forget it.

Roby 12:57 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Get insomnia every so often but it’s caused by stress from work where I wake up in the night and then can’t stop thinking about stuff I’ve gotta do at work the next day.

After 15 or 30 mins of this I know full well I’m not falling back asleep so normally get up and take a blanket and the iPad downstairs and try not to wake the wife.

Then after a couple of hours of looking at YouTube or browsing forums I get tired again and sleep from 5-7am or 6-8am on the sofa.

Stubbo 12:40 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
On the plus side the same condition in some causes major vertigo and balance issues, as well as hearing your own eyeballs moving and I've not got to that yet, so every cloud I guess!

Stubbo 12:36 Sun Jun 6
Re: Insomnia
Not really doing any exercise currently...got diagnosed with a condition that causes Pulsatile Tinnitus (hearing your heart beat/pulse) and anything that raises the blood pressure or heart rate really gets that pounding in the ear. Have at the same time acquired normal tinnitus too (and the only possible chance of resolution apparently is brain surgery to repair a bone with all the inherent risks that brings).

Have tried audio books which sometimes help and sometimes I just end up listening to some old shit for hours. Same with sleep stores, mindfulness apps, guided meditation etc etc. All help sometimes, particularly to get to sleep to start with, but rarely help once have woken in the middle of the night.

Thanks for the ideas. All very frustrating though and not really conducive to operating at peak level.

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