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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

northbankboy68 10:39 Mon Jun 7
England Captaincy
Am I alone thinking that the inarticulate Kane and shockingly poor leadership and playing skills of Henderson should be replaced by Declan Rice. Both Dicksy and Mooro shared at a young age the obvious leadership qualities posessed by Rice. The difference then was that big bollocks managers had the nous to buck the trend. Southgate plays everything too safely for my liking. Henderson is a downright liability in this tournament.

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El Scorchio 2:00 Wed Jun 9
Re: England Captaincy
WHUDeano 10:31

Lucas Neill was a really good captain. And also I remember being amazed at his play as the first proper decent right back we’d had for several years when he joined.

At one point we had the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish captains in the same squad. Lomas, Melville and Dailly.

Dandy Lyon 12:15 Wed Jun 9
Re: England Captaincy
You’re saying Henderson is not a leader and I’m the one out of my depth. He not only leads his club brilliantly but he leads all the other captains in the league.

It was clear from every response you’ve given to posts that disagree with you that you’re a bit of a plank just angling for an argument. Very weird.

northbankboy68 11:13 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Dandy Lion

This is fucking tiresome.

Agree you dont have to be a captain to be a leader

BUT - You DO have to be a leader to be a captain ergo Henderson, Kane should not be captains and neither should any of your suggestions. You are obviously out of your depth.

Get a beer!

northbankboy68 11:07 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
WH Deano - spot on

Dandy Lyon 10:42 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
And of course club captain is a bigger job that country captain which as said before, is just a title, call the coin toss and lift the trophy

Dandy Lyon 10:41 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Nolan was a terrible captain in my opinion

WHUDeano 10:34 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Of course we still had Alvin
In 1990 plus Stuart Pearce, Bilic, Winterburn, Stimac etc but Alvin was an old boy in the early 90s and the others were way past their peak, so can’t be counted as proper captain material.

WHUDeano 10:31 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Anyone who doesn’t care about who is captain didn’t play football pre 2010. To be captain is an honour and should only be given to a leader who does the best by the team.

The whole idea of it being given to the star player is playground nonsense that has somehow bypassed club level and gone straight to international. I loved Di Canio, but he was the opposite of a captain, to lesser extent it was the same with Joe Cole.

What proper captains have we had since 1990? Not many. Dicks is my all time favourite player but he wasn’t a captain.

The only proper captains we’ve had have been:

Steve Lomas
Lucas Neil
Scott Parker
Kevin Nolan
Mark Noble - even noble isn’t quite of the same level of leadership of the others

Declan Rice will far surpass all of them. In my lifetime we’ve never had such a natural born leader.

Harry Kane is not a captain at his club and ridiculous Southgate chose him for country. Henderson is the captain and Maguire is the vice captain.

Dandy Lyon 8:41 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy

Who said anything about age?

As for leadership, there is nothing to say you have to be Captain to be a leader.

Also, I’ll ask again, why did you start this thread if you just want to be confrontational when someone posts a different opinion to yours?

El Scorchio 8:20 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Manuel 6:34

I just don’t agree with taking players who aren’t match fit to tournaments, unless it’s one of those rare talents you just can’t live without. It’s either a waste of a spot or you force someone not fit into the side who is a detriment to the rest.

Little knocks aside, the selected squad should all be match fit and ready to play the first game.

A non fit Henderson or a fully fit Ward Prowse/Lingard? I know who would be more use.

arsene york-hunt 7:48 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Kane's attributes are

- iInarticulate.
- Not vrey bright
- Fouls a lot
- Dives for penalties
- Claps the ref when an opposing player is sent off having been a victim of a team mates dive.
- Does highly dangerous and deliberate attacks on
opposing players when jumping for the ball risking giving the player serious injury.
- Plays for the yi... sorry spurs.

Yes an ideal England captain. Get Grealish in for his deputy

northbankboy68 7:27 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Dandy Lion

Nonsense! So you would never have made Mooro or Dicks, or Rice come to that, captains.

You just dont get it do you? Leadership is not age related.

Dandy Lyon 6:52 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
I agree it’s a ceremonial role so should go on seniority for me. So this order depending who is playing.

1) Sterling
2) Henderson
3) Walker
4) Kane
5) Stones

Texas Iron 6:39 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Henderson looks Gormless to me...

Manuel 6:34 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
El Scorchio 4:04 Tue Jun 8

Do you really still not understand that there are 3 extra players than normal so you can take a punt on 1 or 2 with regards to injuries??

El Scorchio 4:08 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
I feel with international captains, it's just 'ceremonial' really and given to the most famous player in the side.

There are proper captains all over the pitch, really.

stewie griffin 4:04 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
he's painted himself into a corner with the Kane situation. Watched one episode of that all or nothing thing, and he is absolutely not a captain of anything. He's embarrassing.

El Scorchio 4:04 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
southbankbornnbred 3:50

Agree. Henderson shouldn't even be in the squad, in my opinion. It's a shame for him he's injured but he's not worth taking if he's not 100%. Same with Maguire. Southgate should have been braver in leaving those two out for players who are more able to contribute. They are essentially both dead weight. Just take them as part of the wider party as 'cheerleaders' if that's the idea of them being there. It's not like they are players we literally can't function without and there is no viable replacement for.

Kane is the ONLY player I'd take a slight gamble on fitness wise. But even then he's have to be pretty bloody close to match fit. You just can't get away with using unfit players at an international tournament. There are no games anyone can coast through or use as preparation.

southbankbornnbred 3:53 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
I know Southgate is uncomfortable with certainty, and the defined outcomes that come with it (hence his many 'hedge my bets, they play in several positions' selections). But he'll need to decide who his on-pitch skipper is around now and stick with it.

For that reason, surely it should be Kane for this tournament, given the fitness concerns around Henderson?

Not that I care much. But the players, including Kane and Henderson, will want some certainty around that. It does make a difference to them - not least in terms of avoiding that embarrassing situation with the penalty the other night.

southbankbornnbred 3:50 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Yeah, when he's fit.

Henderson has barely kicked a ball for four months. He might not even start against Croatia - how would he captain the side in those circumstances? Please tell me we're not going to have that ludicrous 'team captain' and broader "club" (squad) captain malarkey at international level, too?

only1billybonds 10:59 Tue Jun 8
Re: England Captaincy
Henderson all day long.

Bloke is an out and out leader.

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