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Hello Mrs. Jones 4:42 Thu Jun 10
Just starting my new walking regime. Need to know of any Podcasts that will occupy my mind. Any cerebral suggestions are welcome.

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Irish Hammer 11:17 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
Timmy Breacker 1:05 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts

Yep. It’s brilliant. I’m only on episode 29 !

Me and two mates listen to it all the time. Have booked tickets to their live show in Belfast. 🍺

Browno22 10:58 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
Bob Mortimer is quality but the bloke he does it with is fucking awful and seriously unfunny.

Cum Town is good

lenjy 8:48 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
Dad wrote a porno
Peter crouch
Athletico mince (Bob Mortimer silliness/strangeness)

yngwies Cat 5:36 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
We have ways. The second world war pod cast with James Holland and Al Murray is good.

13 mins to the moon and Tunnel 29 are great

Finally if you are like Iron Maiden. Wayne Maidens pod cast is very funny

El Scorchio 5:32 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
I love(d) Gossip Mongers, but I thought it was really shitty of them to just oust Poppy Hilstead for basically no good reason. (although I'm guessing money- as it was about the time they started trying to monetise it)

It's definitely lost something since, Wilkinson and Earl have gone down a bit in my estimation, and it's shit they just wiped the whole back catalogue at the same time because seasons 1-2 were a lot better than season 3

Welly Baby
Space Worm
1980s BP Clive
The Wizard of Duncraig
Scottish Widow

w4hammer 2:31 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
we are west ham is the best west ham podcast by a mile

west cork
what most people think- geoiff nortcott is a weekly and is ri=ght up my strasse
nice white parents
gossip mongers
where is george gibney
freshwater five

all highly recommnded

Vexed 1:55 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
nich the d 1:45 Thu Jun 10

Nice one, will do.

El Scorchio 1:52 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
Dear Joan and Jericha- very funny.

Mystery Hour- really interesting listen (just FYI I know James O'Brien isn't everyone's cup of tea, but the concept and content is great)

Star Wars minute- REALLY geeky but it's quite a lot of fun. Each episode is them analysing exactly sixty seconds of one of the star wars films, going off on all sorts of weird tangents like 'when C3P0 kicks R2D2, why does it sound like he's completely hollow?'

nich the d 1:45 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
Vexed - I would add The Bomb to your list of BBC ones.

Hermit Road 1:21 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
Two I’ve enjoyed are the History of Philosophy Withiut any Gaps.


And the gold standard of history podcasts, The History of Rome.


Timmy Breacker 1:05 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
The Socially Distant Sports Bar is my favourite by far.

Vexed 11:21 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
As Coffee says the documentaries on BBC sounds are very good.

13 Minutes to the Moon
The Missing Crypto Queen
Death in Ice Valley
Tunnel 29
The Lazarus Heist

There aren't tons of them but the ones there are seem to be very good.

Northern Sold 11:14 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
Marler and Haskell House of Rugby... highly entertaining...


Dandy Lyon 10:56 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
They’re all good ones to listen to while working as you don’t need to fully concentrate on them.

Peter Crouch one is the same.

Troy McClure 10:56 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
For humour - some of the early Gossipmongers podcasts were very funny

Football - there is some brilliant podcasts from the magic sponge which is Rob Beckett and Jimmy Bullard with some great guests. Funniest ones being Graham Stack and Tony Warner.

I always download the weekly Frank Skinner podcast to from absolute radio that’s usually funny.

Dandy Lyon 10:56 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
A few I like, not particularly cerebral but fun.

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster - food based podcast where they interview different people about their dream meal. They work well together and it’s usually pretty funny

You’re Dead to me - bloke behind Horrible Histories has a comedian and a historian on each episode as they talk about different characters from the past

Evil Genius - Also looking at characters from the past and deciding whether they were evil or a genius by going through facts that aren’t always what they’re known for.

Lee Trundle 10:49 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
I'll give those episodes a go, thanks ivan. I'm sure it's good, and I just caught a bad one.

Athletico Mince is worth a listen to if you wanted a laugh. Bob Mortimer and some other guy.

Takashi Miike 10:45 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
check out 'Crime In Sports'. they're on most platforms and always very interesting & funny

ivan 10:38 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
for sure , good ones with snoop , steve o from jackass , maybe not the most intellectually stimulating but passes the time

Lee Trundle 10:34 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
I've only ever watched the Mike Tyson - HotBoxin Cheech and Chong episode. To be honest, I found it a bit weird watching him stoned up to his tits, saying random things in awkward moments of silence.

Are other episodes better?

ivan 10:29 Thu Jun 10
Re: Podcasts
mike tyson -hot boxing

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