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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
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c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

Barty 10:08 Mon Jun 14
Marko Arnautović in trouble
Jerrad Peters
So we realize Arnautovic flashed the "white power" symbol and then went on a racist (allegedly anti-Albanian) rant, right? #EURO2020


Jerrad Peters
Replying to
Link to Informer, Serbia's most popular daily...Arnautovic said "I'm fucking your Albanian mother." He used the slang term "sitparsku," and then simply would not shut up.
@UEFA must surely ban him.


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Westham67 5:56 Fri Jun 18
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble

Dandy Lyon 12:09 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Yup, pretty clear it can mean many things.

Context dear, context.

Dandy Lyon 10:28 Mon Jun 14
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
I can’t stand the man, but calling it a white power symbol seems strange when it could mean a number of other things seems weird, especially as he was doing it towards a white Eastern European.

Yes the hand signal can be racist, but can also mean ‘spot on’ or ok or the number three. In context of what he shouts however it’s more likely to mean vagina

ironsofcanada 11:30 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Yes that's what you said.

Dandy Lyon 11:18 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
You mean the one where I said Arnie wasn’t doing the white power symbol?

ironsofcanada 11:05 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Dandy you are living proof. Look at your posts.

Dandy Lyon 10:58 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Except it hasn’t

ironsofcanada 10:51 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
The fact that 4chan has convinced the world that every - OK/circle game/sexual symbol in many cultures/"on target" - occurrence must be examined solemnly for its racial context surely has it celebrating its power over humanity.

Dandy Lyon 10:32 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Context my dear, context.

ironsofcanada 10:26 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
If what Arnautovic did is a white power symbol, Canada recently released a promotional image for the upcoming stage of World Cup qualifying with a player doing a similar offensive sign.


The player is of Jamaican descent, incidentally (and worth a look as one of our striking/Lingard replacement options).

Dandy Lyon 10:18 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Mike Oxsaw

That’s actually a very good point. Similar stuff has been said in a cricket field and laughed off.

I suppose the windows way it was said and the ‘racial’ language that was used was the problem.

The one match ban wasn’t for racism of course, but ‘insulting language’ which let’s face it, is a bit poncy. What ever happened to sticks and stones?

I’m glad he’s banned but not because of what he said, just because he’s a nob.

Eerie Descent 10:08 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
ChillTheKeel 9:47 Thu Jun 17


Mike Oxsaw 9:47 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Wouldn't this just have been brushed away as mild sledging in cricket?

ChillTheKeel 9:47 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Did (Dr)eerie seriously just label someone else 'sanctimonious'?

Rossal 9:14 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
The way he treated our football club proves he is a twat

The incident the other day proves he is a twat with not much of a brain

Eerie Descent 8:50 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Mark Noble, who knows Arnautovic personally, said he was brilliant around the club behind the scenes, a top lad, and everyone loved him. In fact a few of them still keep in regular contact with him.

Dandy Lyon from WHO, who is a proper sanctimonious, virtue signalling bellend, thinks Arnautovic is a twat.


El Coucho 2:03 Thu Jun 17
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
And when exactly did you see any footballer performing a black power salute after scoring?

Dandy Lyon 10:49 Wed Jun 16
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Better read on him:

What is Marko Arnautovic’s problem?

He’s a twat with an inflated opinion of himself


Irish Hammer 10:14 Wed Jun 16
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Decent read on him :

What is Marko Arnautovic’s problem?

Some footballers like to play with a bit of fire. The problem with Marko Arnautovic is that he strays dangerously close to the point of self-combustion.

When Arnautovic came off the bench to score Austria’s third goal against North Macedonia on Monday, it was tempting to think his show of anger was simply his reaction to being left out of the starting line-up.

We had, after all, seen these little explosions of temper before.

Maybe you remember the time for West Ham against Southampton (in 2018) when he was so determined to escalate a war of words with Mark Hughes, formerly his manager at Stoke City, he scored twice, celebrated in front of the man he had come to regard as a sworn enemy and left the pitch eyeballing him.

Or maybe you recall Arnautovic’s best game for Stoke being against West Ham (in 2015) when he was so aggrieved about two goals being disallowed he was virtually unstoppable for the rest of the match and eventually scored the equaliser in stoppage time.

A journalist from the Stoke Sentinel offered to make him angry before every game if it inspired the same kind of performance. Arnautovic’s reply borrowed a line from Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk. “Don’t make me angry,” he said. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Now, though, we know differently about Arnautovic’s outburst during Austria’s opening game of Euro 2020 and the goal celebration — if celebration is the right word — that has earned him a one-match ban and compelled David Alaba to put his hand over his team-mate’s mouth to try to force him to be quiet.

Don’t make him angry because it turns out Arnautovic — a player Jose Mourinho once described, having managed him for a season at Inter Milan, as “a fantastic person but with the attitude of a child” — might resort to what the North Macedonia football federation has called a “nationalistic outburst.”

Arnautovic will now be banned from Austria’s game against the Netherlands on Thursday after a hastily convened UEFA investigation heard evidence of him making what has widely been reported as an anti-Albanian slur towards Ezgjan Alioski, the North Macedonia player who is better known to Premier League audiences for his role at Leeds United.

To be precise, the allegation was that he shouted, “I’m fucking your Albanian mother” towards Alioski, who has Albanian roots, after his 89th-minute goal in a 3-1 victory.

Arnautovic has admitted there were “some heated words” in an apology that was not just directed to the people of North Macedonia but, tellingly, also those of Albania. However, he denied being racist and it is important to note that UEFA did not invoke Article 14 of its disciplinary and conduct regulations, which refers to discriminatory allegations and would, in theory, have involved a ban of at least 10 matches.

Instead, UEFA punished him under Article 15 relating to “insulting players or others present at the match” but did not specify or corroborate the offending words that led to North Macedonia requesting the “harshest punishment” for a player who spent six years in the Premier League before heading to Shanghai Port FC and the riches of the Chinese Super League.

The background here is that Arnautovic is of Serbian descent and there is decades-old tension between Serbia and Albania, predominantly around the Kosovo War in the late 1990s. Serbia does not recognise the independence of Kosovo, their former province, after all the years of conflict in the Balkans.

Initially, UEFA had decided not to investigate the incident from the Group C encounter in Bucharest. That changed, however, after an official complaint was submitted by North Macedonia and the player issued his apology.

“There were some heated words yesterday in the emotions of the game for which I would like to APOLOGISE — especially to my friends from North Macedonia and Albania. I would like to say one thing very clearly: I AM NOT A RACIST! I have friends in almost every country and I stand for diversity. Everyone who knows me is aware of that.”

UEFA appears to agree, too. All the same, it is another stain on Arnautovic’s reputation that will not be easy to wash out — and not the first time he has encountered damaging allegations relating to a clash with an opponent.

In 2009, he was accused of calling Ibrahim Kargbo, a Sierra Leone international, “a n*****” during a game for Twente against Willem II. Arnautovic, who was 20 at the time, had scored in a 2-0 win but was accused of making the offensive remark at the end of the match.

“I wanted to shake hands but he told me to fuck off and said some racist things,” Kargbo, who noted Arnautovic has black team-mates, told Brabants Dagblad. “I’ve been playing in the Netherlands for three years now and something like this has never happened before. It’s absolutely unacceptable.”

Arnautovic denied the allegation — “I’m no racist” — and an investigation led by the Dutch football authorities was eventually dismissed.

Twelve years on, Arnautovic is now a senior international who could conceivably finish his international career by overtaking Andi Herzog, who made 103 appearances, as the most capped footballer in Austria’s history.

His 90th appearance will have to wait, however, until after his team-mates have played the Netherlands. And in the meantime, Arnautovic might want to reflect that maybe the next time he scores a goal he could just smile and punch the air, the old-fashioned way.

Dandy Lyon 7:50 Wed Jun 16
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
No. Wasn’t done for the gesture was done for what he said

Vexed 7:37 Wed Jun 16
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
Did he actually get done for doing something that looked vaguely like a white power sign for about a quarter of a second?

I trust they will be dishing out similar punishments to anyone chucking a black power salute as otherwise it might be a bit hypocritical.

ChesterRd 7:32 Wed Jun 16
Re: Marko Arnautović in trouble
He's obviously a brick short of a full load but we knew that anyway. TBH I didn't mind him, can't remember what away game it was but during the match after we were about 3-0 down he came over to the away fans and started apologising to us. Also was happy to have pictures and sign autographs on the way back from Huddersfield I think he was. He stopped off at Watford Gap services for burger at the same time a load of West Ham fans were doing the same thing.

I didn't even know there was a white power sign, I thought you just dressed up in a white sheet. No idea why he'd want to be boasting about shagging some Albanian pensioner either, I'm sure he's got better insults in his locker.

I'd have him back if Moyes and the players were OK with it. They know him better than any of us on here.

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