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Bishopsfinger 11:48 Mon Jun 14
Daniel Morgan Report

Anyone remember this ? Any insider knowledge or opinions.

Daniel Morgan, 37, was a private detective based in south London. Together with his business partner Jonathan Rees, he ran an agency called Southern Investigations. Morgan had some police contacts, and his work was mainly low-level. He had a wife and two children.
On 10 March 1987 he went for a drink at the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, south London. Later he was found dead in the pub car park, with an axe embedded in his head. Two sticky plaster strips had been wrapped around the axe handle to prevent fingerprint evidence from being left behind.



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Dagenhammer 4:50 Thu Jun 17
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
The thing is whilst the previous Commissioners named in the report should be taken to task as it took place under their watches, Dick also has questions to answer. From my understanding of the report her office, and be default her tried every trick in the book to delay and obstruct the Inquiry team.

It may have been to try and preserve the reputation of the Met, but by obstructing things she has made it worse.

Petty Patel, friend of Murdoch, whose News of the World reporters were implicated in this corruption as much as some of the corrupt officers will hang her Dick (The Home Secretary can hire and fire Met Police Commisioners) out to dry before too long.

cholo 2:06 Thu Jun 17
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
riosleftsock 4:17 Wed Jun 16

The case had interested me a while before you posted about it so that's how I remembered.

Crassus 2:01 Thu Jun 17
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Met Police corruption was heavily insinuated in the Brinks Mat case and subsequent investigations of Jonathan Palmer and Kenneth Noye
With no specific information than that in the public domain, it is clear that there was huge senior police/masonic skulduggery at play
Given that in both, external forces were covertly investigating/surveilling without Met knowledge it is obvious that suspicion at the very least was held in the corridors of political power
My logical conclusion runs along the lines of it being a can so full of worms, fat ones too, that the greater 'public good' be best served by burying the lot
Would not be a shock to hear that the Morgan case is interwoven along the way, or at the very least is symptomatic
As of Dick, well aside of the fact that I despise the incompetent clown, I am with Chester, she can't be held responsible for the action of those before her and any political imperative that may well run through to current times

Hallerinthemorning 9:05 Thu Jun 17
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Toe Rag - Whomes has been out for about 3 months. Not sure if you know but there has also been a confession from Nipper Ellis that his Dad did it in the past few months too

Toe Rag 12:41 Thu Jun 17
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Rettenden “killers” will be released soon as well as noises being made re the Gooderham/Arnold murder in Epping Forest. Those in charge of the Met and Essex Police at the time will be dribbling down their fronts in old people’s homes and won’t have to face up to their own complicity.

Crime doesn’t pay?


Hallerinthemorning 11:03 Wed Jun 16
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
My old dear worked with Rees girlfriend who turns out was the girlfriend of Morgan before. On the day of the documentary, she came into their work and was saying "oh I should be on TV tonight, there is a documentary about Johnothan and I'm on it"......the next day there was no sign of her, she fucked her job off out of the blue and nobody heard from her again.

I guess she hadn't seen the edit before it was aired and had no idea how incriminating it was gonna be!

ChesterRd 10:53 Wed Jun 16
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Morgan was murdered in 1987 and some are focussing on Cressida Dick who was appointed Met Police chief 2017. What about all those male maybe gay Met Police chiefs in the preceding 30 years? Aren't they just as deserving of a bit of good old WHO spew too?

I hope Dick's role is fully investigated as well as those who came before her. They shouldn't escape scrutiny just because they are now retired.

twoleftfeet 4:33 Wed Jun 16
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
His business partner did it and got away with it, all over drugs. He found out and he was silenced.

Trust me the modern police force is not corrupt! You can’t even fart without getting reprimanded these days.

riosleftsock 4:17 Wed Jun 16
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
cholo 9:24 Tue Jun 15

Bloody hell mate, you've got a good memory. I did, maybe somebody could find the original, I said at the time that this was an absolute scandal and had politicians and senior police shitting themselves.

What's not being talked about is what Morgan had discovered and where all of his notes etc are

terry-h 4:15 Wed Jun 16
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Yes,all 4ft 5in of the lesbian policewoman is clinging on to her job. She's already got an innocent Brazilian's blood on her hands.

If you ever bump into her down a dark alley in London,be very careful,she might kick you to death and cover it up.

Come On You Irons 1:30 Wed Jun 16
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
The report found that the Met is institutionally corrupt. Hardly a surprise.

Will be interesting to see if DICK clings on to her job given she was personally criticised in the report.

Vexed 11:40 Tue Jun 15
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Saw a thing on the telly about this a while ago. Weird case but the business partner clearly involved and a massive cover up for whatever reason by the filth.

southbankbornnbred 11:27 Tue Jun 15
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
I know Alastair and his family well. Can't say I covered the case, always been on the fringes of it and edited the work, but I know many good journos who have.

The Morgan family have been obscenely let down by a Met which simply refuses to acknowledge its role in the murder and cover-up.

Too many vested interests involved now. Everybody knows who did it, and why, yet nobody will be prosecuted.

Come On You Irons 11:20 Tue Jun 15
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
I read about this many years ago. An absolute scandal that this murder was covered up and remains "unsolved" to this day.

, 11:14 Tue Jun 15
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
The murder does not need solving but the cover up after it does.

Manuel 9:30 Tue Jun 15
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Had never heard about this, but it reminded me of bygone days when I sometimes went to Sydenham, as I had a MATE there that always hosted good BBQ parties in the summer when their was a big fight on in the States, so I use to go sometimes. Remember the walk to the station uphill past a load of kebab/chicken shops. Absolute fucking khazi.

cholo 9:24 Tue Jun 15
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
I remember reading about it and recall it being discussed on here years ago, I think riosleftfoot brought it up.

Met police corruption was absolutely rife in those days. Not surprising at all it was never solved.

joyo 2:14 Tue Jun 15
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Rees was 100% involved, was a great documentary on it last summer

Briano 11:54 Mon Jun 14
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
Well documented in the book ‘Bent Coppers’ by Graeme McClagan

When I left school I worked with one of the Ringleaders (before he was old bill)

Dandy Lyon 11:50 Mon Jun 14
Re: Daniel Morgan Report
I remember seeing a hairy axe wound in a South London pub car park. Still have nightmares about it

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