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iphammer 12:10 Sat Jun 19
Who would be a good replacement for him?

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⚒️ 10:30 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
It might suit us to go and play somewhere else, to be fair.

Kearley 10:25 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Worth noting that the only one we can play our next game at Wembley is by winning the group.

Iron Duke 9:39 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
England can only finish third if Scotland win and England lose. Croatia can’t finish above England because it goes on head to heads.

Wils 9:32 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Russ of the BML 6:37 Mon Jun 21

Very useful and time-saving post. Should post it in the Official Euro 21 thread too

Russ of the BML 6:37 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
We need to avoid defeat to qualify.

But if we do win then the runners up of Group of F await which could be Germany, France or Portugal. Not ideal opponents for any team so early in the knock out phase.

If we draw and finish second then that's a much better proposition as we then face runners of Group E which, at this stage, could be anyone from Sweden, Slovakia, Spain and Poland. And with Spain looking a little toothless I fancy our chances a lot better from that lot.

If we get beat and the Croats or Jocks win by a big margin then we could slip to third and its looking like 4 points could see you through as one of the best third place teams of which there are four positions. That then provides us with a variety of opponents which could contain Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Finland or Russia.

I think just see out a nice little draw with the Czechs and take on whoever from Group E.

Dandy Lyon 4:25 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
How would we not qualify from here

Is it just a big thrashing that puts us on a minus goal difference and even then other results need to go against us?

Anyone the know permutations?

southbankbornnbred 4:17 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
I think we'll get through - I'm not worried about that. Let's face it, both England the Czechs have an interest in a dull draw tomorrow.

If England fail to qualify from here then Southgate - and every player in the squad (except Rice, who should pop home quietly) - should never show their faces again.

Razzle 4:07 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Kane does not play as a lone striker a Spurs, which is what he is doing for England. If you play Lewin up top with him and Grealish behind they will be able to swap positions.

With the tournament, you get judged on results, we are still in it if we whimper out tomorrow the knives will be out, move forward and optimism will rise. You want to peak at the right time.

⚒️ 3:52 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Middlesbrough have never won the UEFA Cup.

Rossal 3:51 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
He got a tune out of an inferior squad at the World Cup, we had a clear style of play and played attacking football

So far we look clueless and lack creativity and Kane spending most his time near the halfway line looking for the ball

Come On You Irons 3:32 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
It hardly takes a genius to recognise that a dullard, personality vacuum who's only 'achievement' in management was to relegate a Middlesbrough team that had won the UEFA Cup three years before, is a totally out of his depth, useless cunt, Vexed!

Vexed 3:28 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
I did tell you all this pre tournament. You people should really listen to me more often.

ted fenton 3:27 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Southgate has already stated that Kane will start on Tuesday as he is their best player !

Really ?

Rossal 3:20 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
The opening 2 performances really at any tournament would be underwhelming but both games have been at Wembley.

Southgate has managed to take an array of blistering attacking talent......get them to stop doing what they do for their clubs that got them there and make us look hopeless and shit going forward

He also picks the wrong teams and taken the wrong squad

As usual the slightest bit of optimism or expectation and the team crumbles

White Pony 3:19 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
I can recall Rice venturing into the opposing half only once on Friday, and when he did, he created a half chance. He’s clearly been told to sit and protect the back line and only pass sideways. That’s actually quite embarrassing for Southgate, as it suggests he’s ignoring many of the attributes he shows when he plays for his club.

southbankbornnbred 3:08 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Against the likes of France, you probably want Rice doing that.

But Scotland? Really? They haven't scored a goal in the tournament yet.

Southgate always says he's about 'horses for courses' and picks his team to match-up against his opponents. Quite how he envisaged Scotland being so attacking that he'd need Rice and Phillips so deep is beyond me.

southbankbornnbred 3:06 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
WP - totally agree.

It's hard to say that Rice has put a foot wrong. And yet, equally, he hasn't been up to his usual high standard for us. His role in this England set up seems to tightly defined and limited that, even when he delivers what's asked of him, people want so much more.

Basically, he's just been asked to sit in front of the two centre halves and be that 'shield'. Which involves a lot of his 'crabbing' (a term he jokingly uses) - going sideways to make tackles etc.

He's good at it. But it's a very limited way of using such a good player.

White Pony 2:41 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Read a piece in the Sunday papers yesterday that said Rice had had a bad start to the tournament.

To be honest, I think he’s just been doing what’s been asked of him.

It’s what’s being asked of him that’s wrong.

⚒️ 1:59 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Two defensive midfielders against Scotland is unforgivable.

Side of Ham 1:58 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
Against Scotland his formation took us down to a level Scotland could easily compete with......our only hope was to go for second in the group and avoid one of the big guns that our young squad apparently have no fear of.......except he doesn't play the right fearless youngsters at the right times.

ChillTheKeel 1:36 Mon Jun 21
Re: Southgate
i agree with the that he's been too conservative, and it's his job to omit the obvious fear in the team, and sort out the current shambles that is Kane and Sterling, but i still hold more hope than resignation.

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