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ironsofcanada 5:10 Mon Jun 28
Video nasties
Your memories?

I remember rumours of Faces of Death, apparently about ten years after the fact roaming the halls of my elementary school. But wasn't there to experience the rest, obviously.

There is a current film - Censor - recommended to me as it is set in era of a lot of bad films (I enjoy so-bad-their-good films which is not quite the inspiration for this one).

Anyway the main character (Niamh Algar) is a censor in the video nasties era and it descends into a horror story. It is streaming in the States already (hence the recommendation) but comes out here on 2 July.

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Takashi Miike 1:58 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
I'm a big horror film fan but the torture open stuff does nothing for me. I also won't watch a lot of the cannibal films because of the animal cruelty involved when making the films. I'm convinced the cunts making shit like the purge are social engineers, rather than film fans

Nagel 12:27 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
A Serbian film is actually quite well made and isn't just trying to be entertainment for people into torture porn splatter films. It's probably the best film that I'd recommend nobody sees. Ever. Seriously, don't watch it.

Of the 70s/80s video nasties I've seen quite a few and the worst was probably Island of Death, a repulsive film about a perverted young British couple doing dirty deeds in Mykonos.

Sydney_Iron 9:35 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
The Human Centipede

A mad scientist kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to reassemble them into a human centipede, created by stitching their mouths to each others' rectums

Mad Dog 9:18 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
Chim I felt disgusted after even reading the Wikipedia plot summary of Serbian film

And I'm not easily shocked.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:04 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
chim chim cha boo 1:39 Wed Jun 30

Really? Another good reason not to bother then, cheers.

Funny as I've seen The House That Jack Built and it wasn't that disturbing to me. Maybe for the quality of Lars von Trier, I guess. Also I like Matt Dillon, of which if you've not seen Pawn Shop Chronicles, It's well worth a watch. Not horror but a dark comedy with a horror twist.

zebthecat 1:48 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
yngwies Cat 12:54 Wed Jun 30

Love The Damned - they can still do it live.

Never fancied the video nasties (although Bad Taste is a classic) so avoided them. Love horror though.

The only film I have actually ejected was Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer. There was something so matter of fact about it that made my skin crawl.
Man Bites Dog Has THAT scene which is so shocking as the film had drawn you in and the entire thing pivots. It has drawn you in with the black comedy and then suddenly presents you with the human reality. It is brilliantly done.

chim chim cha boo 1:39 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
A Serbian film is fucking rubbish. Cut about five minutes out of it and it would just be a shit, ridiculous try-hard piece of shit.

My missus is a massive horror film fan so I am sometimes forced to watch them and she said A Serbian Film was supposed to be really shocking. Shockingly shit. I hardly remember it.

The most horrible film I have seen since we've been together was The House That Jack Built. I had to wait untill the end credits for them to announce that no animals had been harmed making the film as the bit where he cuts the duckling's feet off really upset me.

I've actually been surprised what a wide genre horror actually is.

Mad Dog 1:13 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
I'm a driving instructor.... from Johannesburg


yngwies Cat 12:54 Wed Jun 30
Re: Video nasties
fell in love with my video nasty
Catch, catch a horror train
A freeze frame goin' to drive you insane
Catch, catch a horror taxi

Jaan Kenbrovin 11:50 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Not a great fan of the genre but still curious to them.

There is a film called Pig (2010) which was grim but somewhat interesting as it’s shot as one continuous scene. It’s never been released for sale and is somewhat difficult to get.

The worst I’ve seen is August Underground. Just thoroughly sickening, and utterly regrettable.

The one film I flat out refuse to watch is A Serbian Film.

Mad Dog 10:13 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Lab = harry the bastard

gph 9:18 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Even Shakespeare was at it.

A realistic version of Titus Andronicus would qualify as a pretty nasty video.

ironsofcanada 6:00 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties

Interesting discussion and panel.

There is a lot of stuff I missed when young and really don't have huge desire to see them now honestly. That said there are some on those list that have a place in cinema history. Evil Dead and I Spit on Your Grave and some of Giallo adjacent stuff or even Jess Franco's work are interesting to me in a historical sense.

Northern Sold 3:51 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Just could not get my head around what people saw in them… badly made… shit acting… real turkets apart from shit loads of gore… if you wanted to see out and out mutation of real bodies watch a few episodes of the World at War rather than the shit that was around at the time…

Zico… yeah remember cannibal Holocaust… I think a giant sea turtle got chopped up and eaten while warm… some sacrifice that was said actually happened (un true) gave the film some notoriety

Think we ended up selling all our under the counter `nasties' to the same bloke... Nigel he was called...probably ended up murdering a whole village the fucking weirdo

Crassus 3:24 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Anyone remember that Savages and Animals or some such

Caused a right old stir when it came out and was banned but accessible through places like Soldo's gaffe uncut

lab 3:22 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
It’s a video nasty .....it’s a carpet farty .

Jonah Lomas 3:17 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Have a look for Meet The Feebles, another of Jackson's early films.

Mad Dog 2:56 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Evil dead trilogy is also "groovy". Son's middle name is Bruce in part because of Bruce Campbell from the trilogy.

Mad Dog 2:52 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Branded and bad taste are fucking amazing films.

chim chim cha boo 2:45 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
I went to a Q&A showing of Basket Case (dreadful) and there was an expert on horror films (Kim Newman), the director of the new film Censor and some old posh bird who's job it was to censor video nasties in the 80s.

Newman started rubbishing the police for confiscating certain films and telling everyone that they secretly loved watching them and the old bird virtually ripped him a new bumhole about it.

It really interesting that it wasn't the horrible scenes that worried the censors, it was the fact that for the first time normal people could watch scenes completely out of context.

They simply didn't know what watching the same bit of film over and over again would do to some people so everything was up in the air. The press tended to link everything bad that happened like Jamie Bulger to video nasties which didn't help.

It's happening again with video games now even though it's well proven that they have no impact on poor mental health.

zico 12:38 Tue Jun 29
Re: Video nasties
Remember watching the uncensored "The Burning" years ago. Suspect it looks quite tame now. Never seen Cannibal Holocaust and have no desire too but did read that it got banned because of cruelty to animals on film and there was a rumour at the time it was all real.

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