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martinbritt_63 12:53 Sun Jul 11
Not sure that's a word.

Just pissed off that the media ( led as always by the BBC )
are banging on about the inclusivity of this current England side.

OK I'm an old fart and my reminiscence does not concern the National team, but where were all these people when Greenwood played Charlo, Best & Coker in the same team of the mid 60's ?

What about the England teams that included the likes of Anderson, Regis, Barnes, Cunningham etc. ?

Don't remember them being so lauded.

Ah well, rant over - back to my cocoa.

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Mike Oxsaw 8:50 Thu Jul 15
Re: Wokeism
Clearly not enough elements of colour in the Pride's rainbow.

Hermit Road 7:37 Thu Jul 15
Re: Wokeism
"Can we just take a minute and laugh together about this? BLM attacked Boston Pride, a gay activist group that's been around for 50 years, claiming that they're too white. Boston Pride responded by apologizing and disbanding its entire organization in shame. Just fantastic stuff."

Hammer and Pickle 1:50 Thu Jul 15
Re: Wokeism
Do I have to boo the knee to prove I’m not a Marxist?

mashed in maryland 1:34 Thu Jul 15
Re: Wokeism

Toe Rag 11:54 Wed Jul 14

BLM's stated goal, UK and USA, as stated on their websites, is to abolish the police.

The fact that their supporters are currently calling for the police to arrest people, is an irony seemingly lost on everyone.

Darlo Debs 2:43 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
**knockout ffs

Darlo Debs 2:42 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
Hahaha I hope you don't pass any resemblance to Stuart Hall,

If anyone falls unconscious at the poolside you'll.have.the whole place in a panic when you shout It's A Knickout.

Sir Alf 2:35 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism

Darlo Debs 2:31 Wed Jul 14

:-) Not me "tena pants" !!!

Next it will be my Speedos you want to burn? I've had them since the 80s, shame the "S" fell off. Get funny looks at the local pool these days.

Darlo Debs 2:31 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
*** hides Sir Alfs walking stick and chucks his cod liver oil tablets and tena pants in the bin ***


Eerie Descent 2:21 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
BRANDED 12:44 Wed Jul 14

That's just within your hostel.

Mike Oxsaw 1:34 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
BRANDED 12:44 Wed Jul 14

In the same way somebody who has necked 10 pints of wife-beater in 2 hours thinks they are safe to drive home.

Your though process is at fault, probably additionally impaired by genetically sub-standard hardware.

Sir Alf 1:28 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
I am still await reparations from the Romans, Vikings, Ango Saxon invaders who enslaved and exploited my ancestors to name but a few eras in history we need to cancel. I shall be pulling down statues of Julius Caesar, removing references to Eric the Red in books ( burning them preferably) . Then there are my Irish great grandparents being humiliated and exploited when they came to England, being belittled. The Jews, Italians too in LOndon. We need to topple statues, burn reference to the politicians of the time... of the turn of the century in Victorian times, smash the Albert Hall down, the V & A museum should be toppled etc. Seek compensation from corporations/companies of the time that still exist or who have a lineage that traces back to those companies !!! I demand it now and if you disagree you will be demonised by my comrades in the media who are struggling on 50 - 100k a year in their media jobs.

Being slightly more seriousm a lot of progress has been achieved with equality ( race, gender etc) in my life time through education and arguably the effect of globalisation / internet interconnectivity has seen much faster integration and acceptance of different cultures, races etc. But of course there is more to achieve and things need to be even better.. but it will take a generation or so for parents and grandparents views and indoctrinated/conditioned prejudices to fade and be replaced ( sadly new ones will emerge, many human beings psychologies need someone to look down on or blame for their own shortcomings or feelings of inadequacies).

All this Woke nonsense seem to be a misguided desire to change everything in an instant / immediately in the life time of (mostly) younger people but also the life time of narcissistic/virtue signaller types in the media ( including actors). They want, by artificial means change right now ( revolutionary not evolutionary and they want it now. Instant gratification society with pumped up self importance fuelled by the "narcissism encouraging" social media.

The goal for equality is something we all agree with but the approach of revolution is wrong. The human mistake of pushing the pendulum too far the other way or over compensating for mistakes of the past thus creating another inequality.

The irony in all this being the intolerance of the Woke types for anyone who disagrees with them and the calls for punitive measures the likes of which were at the heart of the very history they want to expunge.

Unfortunately being younger, you do not have the life time experience to realise how little you know and have not developed humility needed ( some people never do). On the flip side, being older you are so jaded / lacking in energy to do anything about correcting the young and pointing out the narcissists that are making this issue really about them.

Of course, like many things in the modern, social media world, political correctness that the BBC and other media "de jure" standards these champagne socialists control, says you cannot question the nonsense of Woke or be labelled a racist. Tolerance eh?

All the above just another reason why we are becoming a "one party" state too. The shambles that is the Tory party is the only one you sadly can vote for. But its more "well I dare not vote for anyone else" or we will really be in trouble :-(

Rant over... :-) ( *** shakes walking stick *** )

BRANDED 12:44 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
I would think I’m in the top 1% of intelligence based upon any measure.

Eerie Descent 12:42 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
You are so fucking thick it's frightening.

BRANDED 12:37 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
I would have thought most people are anti racists?

Eerie Descent 12:30 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
ANTI MANTIS has got a nice ring too it.

One thing I definitely am is ANTI TWITTER. I might sign up to it just to let the world know.

Mike Oxsaw 12:25 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
I've always viewed this as people not being confident in themselves and thus seeking external assurances. Others then seek to exploit that lack of confidence to further their own agendas.

I'm both comfortable with and confident in what I think and how I do so.

If somebody else feels I should think differently that is their problem to address and solve and there is no way on earth that they will ever make it my problem.

stewie griffin 12:23 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
It does

And ANTI PRAYING MANTIS. Which is probably more controversial given that he’s TRUSTED by his coaches and is a good CHARACTER in the dressing room.

Eerie Descent 12:18 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
Does it make us all ANTI SPURS, Griffles son?

What a weird world.

deanfergi 12:09 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
Remember v Spurs - League Cup ‘81(?) Garth Crooks absolutely getting it from every corner of the ground… bananas 🍌 (which I’ve always seen as such a waste - also ideal for the players to pick up and get some energy from but few ever did)
I admit joining in the singing, as much for the strength and anonymity of the singing but come the future subsequent signing of a Mr Rosenior and the same crowd singing Leroy, Leroy after he expertly provided another crucial goal for us I remember laughing out loud at the fickleness and hypocrisy (Leroy being a popular and synonymous’black’ name)…

stewie griffin 12:05 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism
Don’t have a go at Brand0, jibbers, that’s what the cool kids on twitter say, he’s merely parroting people 40 years younger than him

You don’t appear to be up with the current line of thinking, so to help my solid buddy out – it’s not enough to not be racist, you must be overtly anti-racist. If you aren’t, you’re as bad as the racists. True story.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:04 Wed Jul 14
Re: Wokeism

If I gave the Nazi salute while protesting about halal and kosher butchery, would that be OK?

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