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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
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c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

dealcanvey 1:17 Wed Jul 14
Penalty Taking
Still wounded from the final. To come so close is tough to take.

The shootout got me thinking. Just as many penalties were missed/saved as were scored.

Both keepers done very well. Cant bring myself to watch the shootout back but some of the penalties were poor from both sides. Not hit hard, or in a corner, weird run ups etc.

Then stumbled across this. Cant quite believe these stats if true?


Now I cant remember much football from the 90s. But one of my earliest memories is Julian Dicks taking a penalty and belting the life out of it. No chance for the keeper whatsoever.

1993 season. Out of 82 penalties only 1 was saved.

2019 season. Out of 84 penalties there were 21 saves.

Have goalkeepers really got that much better? Or has the art of penalty taking got that much worse?

If it is the later, we are missing a trick here.

Being a good penalty taker is an art. Noble himself is one of the best in europe. But are players now days over complicating them?

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Sniper 9:11 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
What I found bizarre is that grealish has since gone onto Twitter to defend himself saying that he wanted to take a penalty but Southgate chose saka

Saka is a good little player but he doesn’t strike me as someone with the confidence or steel nerve to be in the situation he ended up in. Remember that Owen at 98 and Rooney both took penalties as teenagers but we’re early on in the shootout. Grealish should have been 5th. Saka, bless him, was clearly shitting it and probably just didn’t want to say no when they were putting the list together

Also, unless you’ve got a random player who is whacking every penalty away in training like Maguire did in the shootout, don’t use training as a gauge of how someone will do under that amount of pressure against the best keeper in the world

Should’ve been grealish

BBondsBootlaces 8:46 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Ray Stewart's penalty taking was a joy to watch. Cualm as a calmcumber

mashed in maryland 7:35 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
"Have goalkeepers really got that much better? Or has the art of penalty taking got that much worse?

If it is the later, we are missing a trick here.

Being a good penalty taker is an art. Noble himself is one of the best in europe. But are players now days over complicating them"

That is a shocking stat tbf

Unpopular opinion... i put it down to the latter. More and more players seem to try and do what Rashford tried (and failed) to do.

Back in the day I'm sure most of the time they just whacked them in.

Lato 7:21 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
I think Southgate lost the plot.

1)He replaces Dec with Henderson, l saw that as him being one of the penalty takers. Then the sub gets subbed.

2) He brings on Rashford for his only action of the tournament....a Max Wall impression and a missed penalty. Both bizarre.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but l would have gone Henderson, Shaw and Grealish after the two Harry's.

Cony Tottee 1:38 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Goalkeepers must have been tiny in the old days as the goals look massive!!

Northern Sold 12:48 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking






zico 12:16 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Lee Trundle 6:19 Wed Jul 14

I always hit it low into the corner with as much power my little legs could muster! My theory was if I hadn't got a clue where it was going the keeper had no chance!

zico 12:12 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Stewart took some real pressure ones as well. League Cup Final, FA Cup Semi Final and I think two or three in the last few games of the 85/86 season including last minute at Ipswich and at West Brom last day I think.

BubblesCyprus 10:49 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Ray Stewart IMO best we have had over the years always felt confident he would score.

Mad Dog 7:54 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
As good as dicks and Stewart were at pens, noble is the 2nd best on the planet in terms of % over the past 20 years.

After some of the shit penalties this euro, I showed my son dicks one v man u. That's my preferred method. Just smash the fucker.

Mex Martillo 7:48 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Ray Stewart is the best penalty taker I’ve ever seem.
The thing that hit me about the penalty shot out is that it’s a crap way to end a game. I think it’s not fair, has little to do with who played best and physiologically it’s no good for the losers, screws then up.
I’d rather they had judges that put up points, like in ice skating. It would be controversial as well, but better for everyone.

Mart O 1:56 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
That ignorant cunt Van Gaal brought on Tim Krul in the 120th minute of the WC quarter final beween the Dutch and Costa Rica (I think). Worked out nicely for him. He's still a cunt though, obvs.

factory seconds 1:40 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
i don't get how nobes always sends the keeper the wrong way. he doesn't have a fancy run up or delay it till they go down, he just trots up and knocks it in the opposite direction without any fanfare.

yngwies Cat 12:53 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
gph 12:50 Thu Jul 15

Radical! I like the cut of your jib;

Can't recall it being done apart from injury.

master 12:52 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Van Gaal did it a few years ago with Tim Krul

gph 12:50 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Have managers ever looked at this the other way around, and brought on a keeper who is good at saving spot kicks in the last few minutes?

A good stupid question often keeps things going,

Of course, not all stupid questions are good...

Alex G 12:40 Thu Jul 15
Re: Penalty Taking
Presuming you meant missed there, the web has done some further thinking and decided that actually he did miss some for us...



Grumpster 11:57 Wed Jul 14
Re: Penalty Taking
According to the Web, di canio never issued a pen for us.

You're either a legend at them or you're not.

Messi and ronaldo have missed a whopping 56 pens between them.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 8:41 Wed Jul 14
Re: Penalty Taking
Re the Banks - Hurst pen.

I read an interview with Banks who said he knew from playing with him so often that Sir Geoff would hit it high and right so he just stuck his hand up there and hoped for the best. I presume there was an element of modesty involved, bless him.

Still a great save, though and nothing wrong with the pen.

Pedro 7:53 Wed Jul 14
Re: Penalty Taking
I also gone on the idea that if you hit the side netting of the goal the keeper can’t save it.
This works even if the keeper knows when you are putting if. He can’t reach it.

In euro 96 David platt said to practice Venables asked the pen takers to take 3 kicks each. Each time hit the ball in exactly same place and tell Seaman what way it was going.

Theory was that if you hit ball where you want the keeper won’t save it.

Platt scored 2 out of 3 in practice which is good going against seaman.

I assume Southgate must have been away in practice day!

Pedro 7:49 Wed Jul 14
Re: Penalty Taking
Not sure what the rules are now. Am pretty sure it does stay you can’t stop before kicking the ball ; which does make a mockery of the hop / skip and jump approach we see or even the slow stuttered run.

Players tend to wait for the keeper to move and I thought there was a chance jn the final that you would get to a point where the goalie just stands still and the penalty taker also ends up standing still waiting. Could end up waiting for 10 minutes. A bit like the boxer face offs! First one to blink etc.

Rashfords technique has worked before but he took far too long. Am one stage I wondered if he hadn’t heard the refs whistle.

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