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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

daveyg 11:22 Wed Jul 21
Anyone Isolating ?
Back from Portugal and it's Amber lights.
Ridiculous really.
10 Days of sitting on my balcony and wandering round the garden trying to accumulate 10,000 steps.

DPD Didn't deliver my package until the 4th day. So really should be able to be released from this sentence.
Didn't go with the 5th day option another £79 required

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Hammer and Pickle 9:15 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Good story, well related. Hope Pat is alright.

Would you consider doing Euro match commentary, chim?

chim chim cha boo 9:03 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
It's certainly a fucker, isn't it?

Before I got it (or knew I had it) my 84 year old neighbour Pat who I sometimes do little jobs for asked me up as her gutter was in danger of overflowing during all that flooding we had recently.

I had to lean out of the window and bail the water out and as she's an old bird of course she had to look too so we were together for about half an hour. Then she told me she had a chesty cough she couldn't get rid of.

Next day I tested positive so as she doesn't have the internet I ordered us both PCR tests and they arrived the next day. I put one outside her front door and phoned her but she said 'no I'm okay I don't need a test - anyway I'm going to the bingo'.

I gave her a gentle bollocking and made her swear that when she saw her daughter she'd do the test as I had it bad at that point.

When I was isolating I saw her daughter in the street below where I live, told her I had covid and had she tested her mum yet? 'No' she said, 'but you know how stubborn she is'.

I phoned Pat yesterday to remind her to do the test and her daughter answered the phone and told me that Pat had gotten giddy in the street (another symptom of covid in the elderly) fallen over and cut her head open quite badly.

The ambulance took her to The Royal Free and it of course turns out she's got covid and they're keeping her there.

It's a fucker of a disease. I'm really worried for her as I love the old girl and we've been neighbours for 20 years.

Helmut Shown 7:41 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
chim chim cha boo 4:35 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?

Feeling a lot better, thanks for asking.

Norflundon 7:24 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Yeah I’m not vaccinated
I just went and did can’t take the risk of getting stuck here for 10 days I’m losing my marbles after 2 days and work is a disaster £200 for the 2, 5 & 8 days absolute liberty

El Scorchio 5:16 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
I just can't see going abroad as being worth it at all at the moment.

Stepney.Ammer 5:10 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Norf - it's a pisstake mate

How comes you booked three tests? Is it because you're not double jabbed? We only need the one.

So you booked your test and got a reference number without paying? I'd fuck it off and just order one for free from the NHS. Can't see how you can get tugged if you've taken a test as directed. The fact you haven't paid for it shouldn't matter.

chim chim cha boo 4:35 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Helmut Shown 4:14 Fri Jul 23
Re: Anyone Isolating ?

How are you doing mate?

Norflundon 2:32 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Does anybody know what happens with the three tests when you come home ??? I booked the tests and they gave me a reference but didn’t pay so I got back but I have shit loads of these things do I actually need to go and pay the £200 or can I just do it myself, surely as they are self test kits they don’t upload the results???

Norflundon 2:28 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
You DEFINITELY need a test to get into Ibiza went Sunday to Sunday. The info on the government sites is very confusing it read to me you could have an Antigen but when I got to stanstead they said you couldn’t it also said if you’ve had the antibody test and can show immunity that was ok which I also had but Jet2.com said they wouldn’t except that either . I showed the fella the Spanish and British government sites and he said it does look like you’re right but I still can’t let you on the flight without a lamp or PCR, the most farcical bit is they have a test centre in the airport but it doesn’t open till 7 and our flight was at 8 so we had to buy another flight. I haven’t seen anything that cheap. It’s a Fucking Liberty that they are letting companies profiteer when they are giving packets of 7 tests away in Asda and on the high street for free and letting people chard £240 for the three tests when you come home

On The Ball 1:28 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Norf - you needed a test to get into Ibiza? That doesn't sound right. When was this?

And if you do a bit of research it can be done quite easily and cheaply, and it's getting cheaper. I've seen £10 'fit to fly' tests and £35 'day 2' tests, so that's £45pp if you hunt about. Don't be put off!

Norflundon 1:23 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Don’t get me wrong we had a great time whilst we were away once we realised we could got to the beach and we wouldn’t have to wear a fucking mask. But we couldn’t get on a our flight had to take another test in the airport by the time the results came back our flight had gone and I had to buy new flights. By the time we got to Ibiza I needed a holiday to get over the journey. Done nearly a monkey on test just for me I’m guessing will be £1000-£1500 if all four of us went

Stepney.Ammer 1:05 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
It is much more ag but we're doing it for the kids. Now we're here it's been worth it...have free use of my in-laws place in Mijas. Day after day of pure sun playing in the pool. Nice cheap places to eat out. Can't get that in blighty. Kids are only young once so don't want them to miss out on yet more of their childhood due to this bollox.

If it was just me and the missus I'd be more than happy with Cornwall, as I'm happy to go on long costal walks come rain or shine.Think if it pissed down all week and had the 3 kids we'd end up killing eachother!

Norflundon 12:36 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
I’m in prison till Saturday what a load of bollox
Won’t be going on holiday again with all this shit was very stressful and I don’t think they could make the process more difficult if they actually tried. Thank fuck it was just me and the missus if I’d had the kids think I’d of had a nervous breakdown

Stepney.Ammer 12:26 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Cheers OTB - will check out Randox.

Not booked the test for being able to fly yet but have been given details of a couple of places locally that are doing them cheapish. Only the eldest out of the 3 nippers needs that one but then all 3 need the PCR when we get back - go figure! Of course, if the government decide to Spain moves to amber + then we have the joy of needing an extra test and being put under house arrest for 10 days!

On The Ball 12:10 Tue Jul 27
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
From what I've read (on a frequent flyer blog), you can't - but who really knows? They've definitely been linking more aspects of the travel stuff together. There's plenty of thought that you don't actually need to take them, mind you! But once you'd paid you might as well, just in case it's an issue.

Anyway, I can't recall who I last used, but Randox definitely do them for £40. Check the Government site - they list the acceptable companies. Check your airline site too - they have deals with certain companies.

Have you booked your 'fit to fly' test?

Stepney.Ammer 11:34 Mon Jul 26
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
OTB - cheers, was hoping to be able to blag it!

There is 5 of us they need one - where can you get them for £35?

On The Ball 7:48 Mon Jul 26
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Stepney - apparently, yes. How many of you are there? It can be done for £35 each easily enough.

Stepney.Ammer 7:34 Mon Jul 26
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Does anyone know if you need an actual real booking reference when completing the UK locator form?

I'm in Spain at the moment and fucked if I want to lay a few hundred quid to pay for PCR tests for me and the family, especially when the things are free to have at home.

Fifth Column 6:40 Mon Jul 26
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Why would we need to pay for the tests? We're not living in the 3rd world.

Jasnik 6:24 Mon Jul 26
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Do you have to pay for the tests?

Fifth Column 12:47 Mon Jul 26
Re: Anyone Isolating ?
Day 8 isolating with the family.

Going for a family trip out to the PCR test centre at lunchtime for our second test - did one on Day 1 of isolation that was negative. Hoping today is also fine and we don't get any symptoms between now and day 10 so that we can at least get the second half of the 20 day visit to family in London that we'd been planning.

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